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Greetings from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Northern Ohio and the Cleveland Area Upscale Outdoor Lighting and Landscape Lighting Design & Installation Company

Welcome to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cleveland and Northern Ohio. For over a dozen years, we have been serving homeowners throughout the Northern Ohio area providing LED outdoor lighting and landscaping lighting for homes, landscapes, gardens and more. Read below to learn more about our outdoor lighting design, installation and service.

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About Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio (read below)

  • Benefits of outdoor lighting
  • Why LED outdoor lighting?
  • Outdoor lighting design
  • Outdoor lighting fixtures, retrofits and upgrades
  • Outdoor lighting installation & service
  • Outdoor landscaping lighting
  • Patio lighting
  • Deck lighting
  • Pool and water feature lighting

Benefits of outdoor lighting for your Cleveland and Northern Ohio area home

There are numerous benefits of outdoor lighting. Facade lighting provides a tremendous amount of curb appeal but also allows you to appreciate your most treasured investment every time you view your home’s facade after dark. Most of our clients tell us that their home looks even more beautiful at night than during the day. The lighting accentuates the architectural lines and unique architectural and finish details.

Outdoor lighting adds safety and security. Studies show that intruders are less likely to target well lit homes. Outdoor lighting adds a large measure of security as it beautifies and adds safety as it provides for safe footing. Lighting your pathways and walkways makes it safer for family and guests alike.

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Why Energy-Efficient Outdoor Lighting for your Cleveland-area home?

Most of our new clients choose LED outdoor lighting. Homeowners who have an existing system may be looking to retrofit their existing system to LED for an energy-efficient system with bulbs that last tens of thousands of hours.

Financially speaking, LED technology uses 80%+ less energy saving you money on your electric bill and demonstrating environmental responsibility. The fact that you won’t need to replace the bulb for about 8 – 10 years or more means tremendous savings on bulbs as well as saving space in local landfills with the hundreds of bulbs you would switch out over compared to LED bulbs that work numerous years.

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Outdoor lighting design

As you can imagine, there are hundreds of features throughout your yard and landscaping that could be illuminated from the shrubs lining the front of your property to the large trees adjoining your driveway around to the trees or decorative elements at the back of your property. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our goal is not to illuminate everything. In fact, our goal is quite the opposite. Light is not only to bring an area into view at night, it’s also an art. Anyone can shine a spotlight but it takes an experienced and qualified designer to gently illuminate only the right areas and focal elements to create a pleasing scene that also accomplishes any functional objectives for the lighting.

In lighting your facade, our goal is the same. We do not want to shine a spotlight on your home. We want to illuminate what makes your home beautiful. Is it the stone facade or some of the architectural peaks? Is it the architectural reliefs that make your facade spectacular? Do you have grand columns that make your home’s facade look stately? We want to use light to make your home’s best features look even better at night. Don’t forget lighting for the side and back of your home’s facade. If your family and guests regularly enter from the side or rear of your home, you may want to consider having those sides of your home illuminated as well.

Outdoor lighting fixtures, retrofits and upgrades

As you can imagine, there is a lot more to fixture selection than selecting the best-looking fixtures. In fact, most of our fixtures are designed to not be seen. Our philosophy is that it’s about the light and not the light source. Granted, there are some spectacular fixtures that are made to be seen such as the decorative fixtures you see below or our copper dome path lights. But the fixtures that do the hefty lifting in your lighting design will likely be tucked under hedges or placed discretely around the base of trees. We may even install lighting in your trees if you are looking for a moonlighting effect to your outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting installation & service

Whether you have outdoor lighting you inherited with your home, old outdoor lighting from another company or outdoor lighting from us, we will service your system. We can upgrade part or all of your system or add to your system. Perhaps you have a good lighting system but have exposed wires, a cut wire or another service problem. We can take care of that also.

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Outdoor landscaping lighting

Landscape lighting includes surveying all the elements of your home’s landscape and determining which to illuminate based on your outdoor lighting goals. This can include hedges, fences, rock walls, tree lines, focal trees such as live oaks or Japanese maples, flower beds, pathways, walkways and more. As noted above, an experienced outdoor lighting designer will evaluate all the elements in your landscape, listen to your goals and create a design that’s customized just for you. Typical landscape lighting in the front of your home may include lighting the hedge row that lines the front of your home, lining the path to your door and lighting a focal tree. It’s all about your yard and your goals.

Patio lighting

One thing past customers tell us is they never thought they would enjoy their backyard spaces as much at night. When you’ve gone many years without outdoor lighting around your patio area, you expect that party to move inside when the sun goes down. After the sun dips for the evening, there’s so much romance and ambiance that well-designed outdoor lighting can create for your patio. There are many patio lighting techniques we can employ. If you have mature trees that cover your patio, moonlighting might be perfect for your yard. With moonlighting, we install lights in your trees allowing illumination to cascade down through the limbs creating the same effect as the moon does. If your patio is open and you have newly planted or low-lying landscaping or flower beds, we can utilize path lights to bring the color to life at night. This lessens your load of adding that pop of color for evening fetes. By illuminating your nearby plant beds, flower rows or hedges; you will have that pop of color and so much more.

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Deck lighting

Your deck is a perfect place to enjoy everything from an early evening dinner to girls night to late evening get togethers. Often this entertaining and living space goes overlooked because it is not usable after dark. With deck lighting, utilize your space any time of the day your heart desires. Don’t forget early morning. Just turn on your deck lighting, grab your cup of coffee and head outside in your slippers to relax before a busy day. Deck lighting techniques can include illuminating from the trees above, illuminating the stairs and rails, illuminating the landscaping surrounding the deck, illuminating your spa or hot tub and task lighting. Task lighting includes ensuring you have enough light where you prepare food, cook food and where you move about your deck.

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Northern Ohio pool and water feature lighting

There’s nothing like an evening swim after a hot summer day or after a long day of work. If you have a water feature, the only thing more soothing than hearing the water is being able to see and enjoy it at night also. We illuminate pools as well as water features. Each lighting installation is custom designed to fit your unique lighting needs. Are you looking for enough light to walk around the area at night? Are you looking for just enough light to enjoy the view? Are you looking for underwater lighting for a spectacular view of your water feature? Just let us know in the design consultation and we will make it happen for you!

Call us today or use the form to the right to sign up for a free consultation. We look forward to your call.

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Satisfied customers: The strongest proof of our performance

It’s one thing to say “The Night Is Ours.” It’s far more convincing to hear what our customers are saying about us. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we’re proud of our success in achieving customer satisfaction and honored to be considered a Best in Class company in the outdoor lighting industry. We’d like to share a few of the many testimonials we’ve received from delighted customers. Nothing would please us more than having you included in this very satisfied group.

Tim, thank you so much. My husband was extremely impressed with your "engineering" expertise, and the quick response from your office today on a couple questions we had. We are excited to enhance our home & property & look forward to working with your team. Thank you, also, for your kind considerations on the deck lighting and multi-light discount. It is deeply appreciated. I will phone your office this afternoon to place our down payment for the job.

Bonnie Caesar

I accidentally hit a 9 instead of a 10 when I was doing the survey....you folks truly deserve a ten...if you can resend the survey and a link to do a rating I will gladly re-due it and make sure it's a ten.

Ken Paradise

Please tell the guys (and their boss!) they did a wonderful job!! Merry Christmas!

Brenda Manley

The new lights look amazing! I was away this weekend and didn't see them until last night-perfect!

Colleen Greenway

The lighting on the building looks AMAZING!!!:) I absolutely love it! Next year, hopefully we can do all 24 instead of 12😊

Jackie V.

Tim, Wow! The lights look AWESOME now! I couldn't be happier! Thank you soooooo much

Betsy, Hudson, OH

Called about uplighting and pathway lights. After discussing what I wanted an appointment was setup to demonstrate what the home would look like. All lights were setup (not installed) after dusk so I could see what the final product would look like. This was the only place to accurately quite how many lights I really needed and didnt try to upsell me on LED just for the sake of it. They were knowledgeable about the product and annual operating costs. On the higher end for cost but worth the extra bit of money. They even installed a new outlet just to handle the lights.

Homeowner, Avon, OH

Hi Tim, your guys did a great job updating our outdoor lighting this summer. We are now interested in your holiday lighting service.

John and Linda S., Northern OH

Excellent work from start to finish. Very professional and tasteful recommendations.

Maria S., Cleveland, OH

The pole light located in our front yard near the driveway is gas but hasn't worked for a couple of years. The mantles no longer work and the gas cannot be turned off at the pole because the screw has become frozen or rusted. The gas company no longer services these type of lights so we decided to convert to electric. After calling a couple of companies I discovered Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can perform the complete conversion without requiring a plumber to cut off the gas line. The worker was able to cap off the gas line; run an electric line from the pole, under ground, along the driveway to the garage, along the wall of the garage then up to the electric outlet. A transformer was attached to the wall underneath the outlet then plugged into a programable timer which turns on the pole light at dusk and off at the time we program. The worker manually dug narrow holes along the driveway to the garage to lay the electric line. When finished you can't even tell the line was laid. The job only took about 2 hours. All in all this was a wonderful experience for me.

Barbara G., North Olmsted, OH

The experience was great overall! The technicians cleaned up afterwards and did an excellent job. A few bulbs did burn out, but they were responsive in coming out to replace those. Other than that, we had no problems at all!

Pamela C., Lyndhurst, OH

They installed lights around my home. They also come out and check them annually. The experience has been great overall. It’s a good company.

Joan W., Pepperpike, OH

They installed lights on the ground outside. They also put up our Christmas lights, which were incredibly nice. They did a beautiful job. They were right on time and came out immediately when I needed them. I would highly recommend them!

Kathy Y., Broadview Heights, OH

Tim and his crew were very professional. Tim did a night time demonstration for us and performed our tweaks as we requested. OLP came back on 6/21 to complete the install to our satisfaction. Tim returned on 6/24 to make some minor adjustments. Upon installation in newly planted beds you could not even tell they were there. Cleaned up and returned the beds to their original condition. Very good company. Would recommend and use again. Thanks OLP!


We just wanted to thank you. Steve was able to check the lights after midnight....sorry, we didn't get a chance to do it earlier. Everything looks great!

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