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Cleveland Decorative Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Decorative outdoor lights have become a popular item for Cleveland area homes. With the variety of decorative outdoor lighting fixtures expanding every day, it can be tempting to indulge in the trend. People can now choose from tulip lights to other decorative fixture designs. Hanging lanterns for path lights are becoming more common. Artistic colorful glass designs are also starting to show up on store shelves. While these lights are beautiful, we can’t recommend them for long lasting outdoor lighting systems.

Trends Come & Go

Decorative outdoor lighting fixtures are contrary to outdoor lighting design’s #1 rule: good outdoor lighting is about the light itself and not about the fixtures. The goal of outdoor lighting is to illuminate the beauty of your home and landscape for nighttime use & viewing. With decorative fixtures, all the focus goes to the fixture itself leaving the illuminated structure, path or landscape as an afterthought. Your home and landscape offer timeless beauty, whereas a novel designed lighting fixture will eventually go out of style.

Great Outdoor Lighting Design is Timeless

For a timeless outdoor lighting design, we recommend lighting fixtures that blend into their surroundings so that your home and landscape become the focus. Our gorgeous copper path lights and focal lights will weather perfectly for a finish that will go unnoticed amongst your lovely landscape. We intentionally tuck our lights in places where the only thing you’ll notice is the texture, depth and beauty of the illuminated structure or facade.

Caveat: Attraction Lights as a Focal Point

With every rule comes an exception. There are some areas of your landscape and grounds that demand a stellar centerpiece. And what better centerpiece is there than one that shares its shadows with all it illuminates? Their high-quality materials and Made in the U.S.A. craftsmanship make them perfect for long term enjoyment. With a variety of classic designs & sizes, these decorative outdoor lighting fixtures make a perfect substitute for garden sculptures or water features to add some daytime character as well. When the sun goes down, attraction lights offer further artistry with designer shadows and stunning beauty. We recommend using a singular attraction light in your garden or landscape to add focus and personality where needed.

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