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If you could illuminate only one tree in your yard, which would it be?

What if we challenged you to select only one tree in your yard for professional illumination. Which one would you choose? Many homeowners have a prized ornamental such as a Japanese Maple or a stately live oak that they would choose. Focal tree lighting makes a statement and creates a mood. Purposely intertwining light with darkness is one strong technique for lighting your landscaping.

In designing professional residential and commercial outdoor lighting, our goal is neither to limit lighting nor to illuminate everything. Our goal is to tell a story, to create a mood. Strong design should feature some of the focal elements within the landscaping but should also assist with tasks. These tasks can include anything from safe footing to being able to see your cutlery when eating under the pergola. For a commercial property, your outdoor lighting goals may be closely aligned with your safety and security plan. This could include illuminating the areas with most frequent foot traffic and illuminating areas that need more security.

Outdoor lighting is all we do. We design outdoor lighting to meet your needs and desires. Each and every residential and commercial landscaping lighting plan is designed for that particular home or that particular commercial property. If you are considering adding outdoor lighting to your Northern Ohio area home or business, give us a call for a free consultation.

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