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Are you considering adding outdoor lighting to your small business in the Cleveland and Northern Ohio area? There are many benefits to adding outdoor lighting but here are the top 5:

  1. safety
  2. security
  3. noticeability
  4. differentiation
  5. a warm welcome

Safety and security lighting

The first two items on this list are critical to any business owner. You want your evening patrons and guests to be able to safely traverse your grounds, parking lot, and entrances in the evening. Ensuring safe footing makes your place of business a safer environment at night. Security is also critical. It’s a known fact that intruders are less likely to intrude upon an illuminated space vs. a dark space. After all, what intruder wants to be seen trying to break in or cause damage? We design your commercial outdoor lighting for the utmost safety and security.

Getting noticed

The next 2 items on the list are equally as critical. On any street that has business locations, if you drive past it at night, you will notice that some of the businesses have outdoor lighting and some do not. Actually, in reality you just won’t notice the businesses that don’t have outdoor lighting. As a business owner, you know that bringing your storefront to the attention of passers by is critical to your business. Even when your business is closed for the evening, you can gain the attention and awareness of your place of business through artful exterior illumination.

A warm welcome

If your business is open during the evening, you know how important a warm welcome in. If you’re a restaurant, you have hostesses that greet each patron with a warm smile. If you’re a small retail store, you may even have a bell on the door so your store personnel can make sure to give each guest a warm welcome. In fact, the welcome starts before your patrons ever enter the door. Is your sign illuminated? Is your front entrance artfully illuminated? Does your outdoor lighting welcome people in?

If you have a small commercial business and you’re thinking about adding outdoor lighting, sign lighting, entrance lighting, parking lot lighting, or more, give us a call for a free consultation. Enjoy some pictures of our commercial lighting installations below.

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northern ohio commercial outdoor lighting

stree lighting northern Ohio

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