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Medina OH Outdoor Lighting

If you call the beautiful town of Medina home, you take pride in your town and in your home. Medina is a growing community that prides itself in mentions and placement in large magazines and prestigious lists for “best of” throughout the United States. Most importantly, Medina residents pride themselves in their homes and communities.

LED facade lighting for Medina brick-faced ranch home

The image above shows a beatiful brick-faced ranch with gentle LED exterior illumination. While the home lighting fully illuminates the entire facade, the lighting is also gentle creating a serene feeling. This lighting welcomes the homeowners and their guests to the door throughout the evening. Notice how LED landscape lighting picks up the hedges, trees that frame the home’s facade and the decorative landscaping in front of the house. With Medina outdoor lighting design, it’s important to look at the whole scene from your front entry, down the path, past the landscaping and up the steps to your home.

LED landscape lighting and path lighting in Medina OH

In Medina, we love our parks, greenways, hiking trails, bike trails and especially the tranquility of our own yards. Utilize garden lighting and landscape lighting to illuminate the pathways around your home, your landscaping and even the unique landscape architectural features of your yard such as stone walls.

Medina exterior home lighting and landscape lighting

The home above is a great example of how we will design outdoor lighting specifically for your home. Notice that the entire facade is gently draped with illumination. From end to end and throughout all the beautiful and unique home lighting architectural features, you can appreciate the shutters, dormer, architectural reliefs and even the subtle texture of the stucco facade.

Taking another look at the home pictured above you’ll notice the beautiful tree over to one side, a couple other ornamentals and you’ll even notice some of the landscaping that lines the driveway. This is by design. Great landscape lighting and architectural lighting design bring unique and differentiated elements of your home to light. It’s not about lighting everything but rather about accentuating what makes your home beautiful.

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