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We are delighted to announce that we are adding Conserva Irrigation to our company here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives serving the same Northern Ohio market.

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Conserva was based on 3 core values: professionalism, innovation and responsibility

Our professionals arrive in a Conserva uniform, are reliable and communicate properly. When we arrive at your home, we perform our 12-point System Efficiency Score® evaluation. From your free evaluation, we create and prioritize a plan to get your system operating and utilizing water efficiently. If repairs are needed, we offer flat rate repairs on a published price sheet. Our published prices are all you pay.

Our approach is innovative. We are partnered with Toro, a company over 100 years old. Toro brings the best and most innovative system components to our complete solution.

We take our environmental responsibility seriously. You get the most efficient components on the market. If you system has broken components, we replace them with the most efficient components available.

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