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This Fall (Now!) is the Time To Add Professional Landscape Lighting in Avon, Ohio

Don’t be surprised if you look at your watch (or phone) and, instead of the time of day, you see, “Time for landscape lighting!” While we still have several weeks before the time changes (November 3) the days are already getting shorter. It’s getting dark earlier. Your home and your lawn are disappearing into darkness earlier each evening if you don’t have landscape lighting in place yet.

How Do You Know When It’s Time for the Landscape Lighting Avon, Ohio, Loves Best?

If you haven’t already heard the call of impending darkness and responded, then it’s time. Now! Set an alarm to remind yourself to call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio as soon as possible. Things come up. You forget. It happens. Next thing you know our clocks will “fall back” and your landscaping will be plunged into darkness an hour earlier every evening.

What You Miss When Your Home Isn’t Cradled in the Beauty of Landscape Lighting

When your landscape drops off into darkness each evening, you miss the delicate, nuanced play of light and shadow among your featured trees and flowers. You miss arriving home to a warm, welcoming glow after a long day or a night out. You miss the thrill of nighttime curb appeal and the pride you could take when your yard is the most attractive one around after dark. Your yard may be the most attractive one on your street, but if it goes dark at night, who can tell?

What You’ll Love When Your Lawn is Awash in the Beauty of Landscape Lighting

When you have professionally designed and installed landscape lighting at your Avon, OH, home, you’ll love the pride you take in presenting a beautiful home. You’ll love seeing an extra dimension of beauty as some trees and plants step forward in the light and others drop back in shadow. You’ll love looking out over the back yard and seeing your lovely gardens illuminated. Whether you grow prize roses or reckless wildflowers, landscape lighting gently bathes them in light, framing them for your approval.

When your outdoor living spaces are enhanced with landscape lighting, you’ll love the temptation to linger on the patio or deck long after darkness falls. You’ll love the way your friends and family gravitate to your home because it’s so welcoming at night. You’ll love that sunset doesn’t dictate when you can or cannot enjoy grilling and dining outdoors. You’ll love the security of knowing your pathways and walkways are carefully illuminated with path lighting for the safety of your family – and visitors, too.

The landscape lighting Avon, Ohio, finds magically enticing is beneficial all year long, certainly, because it does get dark again every night. But with our days getting shorter now, and darkness setting in earlier, it’s time to check this item off of your to-do list!

Professional landscape lighting will bring your home’s trees, flowering plants and landscape to life after dark. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio today at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

What’s the Best Time of Year to Check Your Yard for Nighttime Safety?

Are guests and family members safe as they walk through your Avon, OH, yard at night, or will someone step in a hole and twist an ankle? When is the last time you checked your walkways for loose stones or pavers? Do you need to be concerned about tripping hazards around your property? One thing’s for certain: if you have professionally-designed and -installed outdoor lighting at your home, you can worry less and sleep better.

Most homeowners have a yearly or semi-annual schedule for outdoor maintenance tasks around the home, and likely that includes checking paths and walkways. While you may assume the ground along your pathways is unchanging, it’s possible a stone has become dislodged or a tree branch has fallen on the path. Tripping hazards are never good, but at least if your pathways are illuminated, your visitors have a safer path to walk at night. Combine outdoor safety checks with outdoor lighting “for the win!”

When do you walk your property to conduct a periodic safety check? Many homeowners consider this a spring task and attend to it after the last snow melts. What about Halloween, though? Do superheroes and princesses run through your front yard in darkness each October? Is your porch light bright enough to illuminate your front walkway all the way from the street or sidewalk to the house?

Recommended Intervals for Walkway Safety Checks in Avon, OH

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, we think spring and pre-Halloween are both excellent times to inspect walkways around your property. But don’t stop there. If you’re hosting a backyard wedding, birthday party, or other special celebration outdoors, your party prep should include an outdoor safety check then, too. Better yet, if the festivities will last into the night, why not invest in professional outdoor lighting to increase everyone’s safety?

  • Will visitors or family members be walking from your house through your yard after dark?
  • Will they use a walkway to get from the driveway or street to your front door?
  • Will they use stepping stones or pavers to walk around your house from the front to the back yard?
  • Do you follow a path to your pool for a midnight swim, and is that pathway illuminated sufficiently?
  • Is your outdoor fireplace set away from your house, requiring your guests to use a darkened path to reach it?

Increase Outdoor Safety at Home with Path Lighting Avon, Ohio, Will Love!

If “loving” your pathway lighting sounds a little extreme, consider this: you could spend money, instead, on path lighting you don’t love. Where’s the pleasure in that? If you’re going to illuminate your walkways for safety, why not choose lighting that will beautify your property at the same time? For nighttime outdoor safety and the beautiful allure of landscape lighting, your best option is to call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio. Our professional lighting designers and installation technicians are the specialists you can trust to illuminate your outdoors most beautifully and effectively.

Can you imagine scenarios where your outdoor lighting might not be effective? We can! When we talk about path lighting that you don’t or won’t love, we’re referring to three things:

  1. “Solar lights” lining your walkways
  2. All-purpose outdoor light fixtures you can buy at a home improvement store and install yourself
  3. Outdoor lighting installed by your landscaper or electrician

Are we biased? Yes! Why? Because none of those types of path lighting Avon, Ohio, homeowners may already be familiar with will give you a look you’ll love. None of these will come close to looking as great as the outdoor lighting we can install for you. Why is that?

  1. “Solar lights” do not last long and are a complete waste of your money.
  2. We use higher-quality brass and copper LED outdoor lighting fixtures, and that makes a difference.
  3. We don’t just install lights; our professional lighting designers will create a lighting plan to use light artfully and effectively to increase your safety outdoors at night.
  4. Professional outdoor lighting designers and installers will combine path lighting with other forms of landscape lighting. We’ll transform your yard, walkways, and outdoor living spaces – pool, deck, patio, etc. – with an effect that’s magical. It’s a look you will love.

Bring added safety, security, depth and character to your home’s walkways with professional path lighting in Avon, Ohio. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio today at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Chagrin Falls, OH, Homeowners: Are Your Pathways Safe to Walk at Night?

While pathway lighting may not seem sexy, never makes anyone’s list of hot topics, and sometimes feels like an afterthought, it may save your life.

Pathway lighting may save the life of someone you love – or at least keep them safer while they are outdoors at your home. We think that’s worth the investment.

Does it sound like we’re attributing an incredible amount of power to a handful of outdoor lighting fixtures and some energy-efficient LED bulbs? We feel pathway lighting deserves a great deal more credit than it receives.

The 2 Biggest Reasons Your Home Needs Pathway Lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH

1. It’s never a bad idea to prevent an injury before it happens.

Is household safety a priority at your home? If you’re a parent, you pay attention to safety hazards around the house. While it’s hard to anticipate all of the possible accidents your children could get into, you do what you can. It starts when they’re tiny and you “baby proof” all the electrical outlets in the home.

What about outdoors? At night, an unlit path or walkway through your yard might also be known as an accident waiting to happen. Whether your walkway is laid out with bricks, pavers, or concrete “stepping stones,” it may not be the safe route you think it is. The more “out of the way” a path is, the less likely you are to be aware of its condition. You may not know if any bricks or stepping stones on the path have come loose or been pushed up by a persistent root.

When you meet with one of the professional landscape lighting designers from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, we’ll evaluate your property for potential pathway lighting needs. Here are some of the typical locations for path lighting. If you have any of these at your home, we urge you to make nighttime path safety a priority:

  • The walkway from your driveway to the front door
  • A path leading from your garage to the back yard
  • A pathway from your deck or patio to your outdoor fireplace
  • The walkway from your back door to your swimming pool
  • A winding path through the various sections of your garden

We’re not only concerned with the safety of your children and their friends. As outdoor lighting professionals in Chagrin Falls, OH, and the greater Cleveland area, we know pathway lighting can keep adults safer as well. From late-night guests at your summer barbeques to neighbors who enjoy meeting around your fire pit … pathway lighting can keep them all safer.

2. These little lights along your walkways sweetly add beauty to your landscape at night.

When you work with us, your overall landscape lighting plan will include pathway lighting as part of a beautiful, cohesive design. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, our professional outdoor lighting designers and installers intentionally incorporate path lighting into our design for your home. We have your family’s safety in mind, yes, and we have more than safety in mind, too.

Path lighting is about more than safety because even the simplest pathway lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH, can be quite beautiful. These lights close to the ground draw the eye to your hostas and other plantings at ground level. While so much of landscape lighting features trees, with their dramatic branches and graceful canopies, we balance those elements by illuminating low-lying plants as well.

Our pathway light fixtures, made of high-quality brass and copper, are too pretty to hide. We never draw attention to the fixtures themselves, but it is possible you’ll see them. Over time, the fixtures will develop a soft patina that only adds to the allure of pathway lighting.

Bring added safety, security, depth and character to your home’s walkways with professional pathway lighting in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio today at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

There’s No Better Time Than Tonight to Enjoy Professional Outdoor Lighting in Shaker Heights, OH

Feel GREAT about accomplishing something big this week: Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio so you can cross Schedule outdoor lighting off of your to-do list!

Whether you’re interested in stunning architectural lighting or the subtle beauty of landscape lighting, the outdoor lighting Shaker Heights, OH, needs is just a phone call away.

We all have chores and home improvement projects we put off as long as we can. This is such a common experience in our culture we have jokes about our “Honey Do” lists. And it’s not always a spouse nagging you to complete a project around the house or the yard. It might even be a conversation you’re having with yourself.

Meanwhile, is your house hiding in the shadows?
Is a lone porch light all you offer to welcome your guests?
Does your home’s architecture look flat and plain at night?
Are your backyard outdoor living spaces dim and uninviting after dark?

Why You Might be Postponing Professional Outdoor Lighting

There are a variety of reasons we put things off. Often one of those reasons is feeling like we don’t have enough information to proceed. Does that describe how you feel about professional outdoor lighting right now?

If that’s what is holding you up, you may want to do some research before you call an outdoor lighting company. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio can make that task easier by directing you to the dozens of customer reviews on our website. Learn why our customers love us!

You’ll find our customer reviews in two places:

  1. Near the bottom of our Home Page. (Scroll down)
  2. Under the Contact Us tab at the top of the website, on the far right. If you hover over Contact Us, the Customer Reviews tab will appear.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, We Love Answering Your Questions About Professional Outdoor Lighting

The absolute best way to research professional outdoor lighting is to set up a call with one of our lighting designers. We don’t charge for the initial outdoor lighting design consultation, and it’s the perfect opportunity to ask any and every question you can think of. You have our undivided attention.

Our staff is extremely customer-service oriented, and educating homeowners about professional outdoor lighting is a service we are happy to provide. You are under no obligation when you meet with us to learn more about exterior lighting at your home. We want you to be completely comfortable with the service we offer. We expect you to have questions! Outdoor lighting technology has changed somewhat with improvements to LED outdoor lighting, and we love talking about it!

Here are a few of the questions we answer every day:

  • What’s the difference between LED and other kinds of lighting?
  • What’s low-voltage outdoor lighting?
  • What’s lighting control automation (LCA)?
  • Why might I need an annual maintenance plan for my outdoor lighting?
  • Can I get color-changing lights around my pool or patio?
  • Will I need to take down my regular outdoor lighting when it’s time to put up holiday lights?
  • How much better would your lights be than the ones I could purchase at a home improvement store?
  • Why shouldn’t I just install outdoor lights myself?
  • What is landscape lighting?

What You’re Missing Every Night When You Don’t Have Professional Outdoor Lighting

If you’re spending too much time on this research, you may have “analysis paralysis.” You can reach a point where additional research is no longer productive. It’s time to move forward! Give us a call now: (440) 247-6300

  • Every day you put off installing the professional outdoor lighting Shaker Heights, OH, homeowners love brings another night your home could have been breathtaking to see. Why wait to make your home the envy of the neighborhood with beautiful, elegant architectural lighting and landscape lighting?

  • Further delays also mean another night will pass when your property could have been safer with path lighting. Why wait for someone to trip over a loose paving stone in the darkness? Path lighting prevents accidents around your yard and gives you peace of mind.

  • Each night without landscape lighting around your outdoor living space is a night you could have enjoyed your deck, patio, or pool a little longer. If darkness drives you indoors before you’re ready to call it a night, you’re missing out on fun every night. Every. Single. Night.

What are you waiting for?

We’re your premier outdoor and landscape lighting experts in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio today at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

How Do You Know if You Need Landscape Lighting in Solon, OH?

If you think landscape lighting in Solon, OH, is just for homes grander than yours, you might be right, and then again, you might be wrong!

landscape lighting in Solon Ohio

Here’s a quiz that will help you determine if landscape lighting is right for your home:

  1. Does your Solon, OH, yard have trees and shrubbery that can be seen from the street?
  2. Does your property have any walkways or paths that are not illuminated at this time?
  3. Do you have a deck, patio, pool, or other outdoor living spaces?

If you answered “Yes” to even one of these questions, you need landscape lighting at your home in Solon, OH.

Solon Ohio landscape lighting

You Need Landscape Lighting for Nighttime Curb Appeal

If your front yard goes dark at night, you’re missing out on a wonderful experience. When your Solon, OH, home is transformed by professional landscape lighting, the feeling you get when you pull into your driveway at night is hard to describe. We have clients who’ve said the scene took their breath away the first several times they returned at night after having landscape lighting installed.

Why limit your home’s curb appeal to the daylight hours only? Curb appeal isn’t just for selling a home. Nighttime curb appeal is a gift you can give yourself. Like gazing at a beautiful piece of art you own, seeing your home elegantly illuminated at night brings sheer joy. And don’t be surprised if your neighbors turn green with envy.

elegant landscape lighting

You Need Landscape Lighting for Safety

Many homeowners don’t realize landscape lighting increases safety around the property. Anywhere you have paths and walkways, specific path lighting can prevent tripping and other accidents. It’s so easy for a guest – or even a family member – to trip over an uneven stepping stone or brick in the pathway. Why let a dark path or walkway remain an accident waiting to happen?

For path lighting, we use brass or copper light fixtures that are low to the ground with illumination directed downward. The appearance is designed as part of your overall landscape lighting plan. Path lighting makes all the difference when it comes to safety. It transforms your walkways from dark and mysterious to delightful. Driveway lighting, another form of path lighting, welcomes your guests warmly.

You Need Landscape Lighting for Outdoor Living Spaces

professional landscape lighting installer Solon Ohio

Landscape lighting around your deck, patio, or pool accomplishes two significant things. First, it increases the amount of time you’ll spend outdoors after dark. Without sufficient lighting, you may linger for a short while after sunset, but pretty soon darkness drives you indoors. Why not have landscape lighting that’s designed precisely to make your outdoor spaces totally enjoyable after dark? Instead of fighting the darkness before giving up to go indoors, you could be enjoying your time with friends, outdoors, for several more hours in the evening.

The second purpose of lighting around your outdoor living spaces is to draw guests to these areas. Illumination encourages them to venture out and enjoy the spaces you have created for entertaining outdoors. And even when no one is using these favorite areas, with landscape lighting they become quite beautiful and create a view you didn’t have before.

Solon Ohio landscape lighting designer

Our professional landscape lighting designers have several ways of illuminating your outdoor living spaces, so we’ll consult with you about your preferences. Subtle lighting along the perimeter of your patio, deck, or pool area could be sufficient for a minimal approach. We work with your trees, shrubbery, and flower beds – whatever landscaping you have around these areas. Illumination here creates a magical effect. If you desire a festive atmosphere, we can include string lighting as a fun part of your landscape lighting in Solon, OH.

Bring your Solon, OH, home to life after dark, as well as your landscape. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio today at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Top 5 Reasons You Need Outdoor Lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH, This Summer

For our Chagrin Falls friends, adding outdoor lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH, can give you a new outlook on the time you spend outdoors after dark.

Are you still hesitating, perhaps undecided about installing outdoor lighting at your home? Consider the Top 5 reasons to take that leap, then give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® of Northern Ohio a call at (440) 247-6300. Don’t wait any longer!

outdoor lighting in Chagrin Falls Ohio

Top 5 Reasons You Need Outdoor Lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH, This Summer

5. Extend Your Home’s Nighttime Curb Appeal

Sure, it’s getting dark later, but there’s still a period between dusk and bedtime when your home fades into darkness without an effective outdoor lighting system. It takes more than a porch light and a post light to achieve the desired effects. Professional outdoor lighting in your front yard requires a skillful combination of architectural lighting and landscape lighting carefully planned by a professional outdoor lighting designer.

Professional outdoor lighting will transform the view of your home as seen from the street or sidewalk. This is what we call “nighttime curb appeal.” Your Chagrin Falls neighbors who don’t have outdoor lighting at their homes will be impressed and envious. Those who already do will wonder why it took you so long to realize what a huge difference outdoor lighting can make.

outdoor lighting Chagrin Falls

4. Welcome friends, welcome yourself home after dark!

Communicate to friends and family that they’ve come to the right house; they are welcome here; you’re waiting up for them! When your home greets your in-laws with warm and inviting outdoor lighting, you don’t have to work so hard to make sure they feel welcome. When your (young) adult children pull into the driveway after midnight, an illuminated home shows them you’re watching for their safe return. When you return home after a dinner party, late ball game, or evening out on the town, welcome yourself home with a cheery display of light.

Chagrin Falls Ohio outdoor lighting

3. Enjoy the beauty of your own yard when you look outside at night

How often do you look out through the windows of your home during the day? Frequently, is our guess. At night, do you draw the curtains and lower the blinds as though you have nothing to look at after dark? What if … your back yard was a visual delight after dark where landscape lighting showcased your favorite gardens, ornamental trees, water features, statues, and outdoor fireplace? The same beautiful sights that draw your eye during the day would please you at night, too, if they were properly illuminated.

outdoor lighting in Chagrin Falls Ohio

2. Show family and friends you care about their safety outdoors at night

As a homeowner, you feel responsible for doing whatever you can to make your property safe so guests, workmen, and even family members don’t injure themselves at your home. This is important during the day, so what about nighttime, when walkways are even harder to see and a lose paver could cause a fall? Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® install subtle but effective path lighting to enhance the safety of all your walkways and steps, including deck stairs if they’re not already illuminated. Nighttime outdoors doesn’t have to be hazardous.

Chagrin Falls Ohio outdoor lighitng

1. Make the MOST of outdoor living spaces after dark, all summer long

We want you to be able to soak up every delicious minute of your leisure time this summer. We all spend a good portion of the year looking forward to summer’s return. Now that it’s here, get more out of summer evenings by making your outdoor living spaces more usable after dark with outdoor lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH.

Do you want your deck, patio, and pool areas to function as a soothing refuge – or “party central” – at night this summer? Professional outdoor lighting designers from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® of Northern Ohio will create the mood you want to set outdoors at night. Don’t let those beautiful sunsets force you indoors when the big orange globe sinks beneath the horizon.

You’ll get hours more enjoyment from your outdoor living spaces each night with the right outdoor lighting system. Our outdoor lighting designers and installers will tailor your lighting system to achieve the effects you want for your outdoor spaces at night.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® is the most trusted, professional outdoor lighting company in Chagrin Falls, OH. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® of Northern Ohio today at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Summer is Almost Upon Us. Is Your Deck Ready for After-Dark Entertaining?

Deck lighting in Avon Lake, OH, is an absolute “must” for summer. Make this the year you get it done.

No matter how much time you’ve had to prepare for the arrival of summer, chances are you’re not quite ready. The calendar tells us summer is only weeks away, which means it’s time now to call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio if you haven’t done that yet.

This time of year, many Avon Lake homeowners are in a hurry to bring in Northern Ohio’s best professional outdoor lighting installers. You’d be wise to place that call today! If you want your deck to be as ready for summer as you are, call (440) 247-6300 as soon as possible.

deck lighting Avon Lake OH

Why the Urgency to Call for Deck Lighting Today?

Truth is, you’re not the only one who has left this task undone until the last minute. Plenty of your neighbors and the parents of your kids’ softball and baseball teammates will also be calling us this week for a rush job on deck lighting. We can’t be everywhere at once, so the sooner you call, the sooner we can schedule your free outdoor lighting consultation.

Or perhaps you meant that question differently. Perhaps you’re wondering this: What is the urgency about deck lighting?

During the summer season, the most important outdoor lighting at your home will be the lighting around your outdoor living areas. If you have a deck, and don’t have outdoor lighting installed yet, you may not realize what a difference it will make. It’s hard to overstate how much more you and your family will enjoy your deck this summer once you have outdoor lighting installed. We’ll simply say this: In the summer, deck lighting in Avon Lake, OH, is essential.

patio lighting Avon Lake OH

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting Around Your Deck

  • Safety

If you don’t have riser lights on your deck stairs, your deck could be considered a safety hazard. Every homeowner should have deck stair lighting on the household safety checklist. Whether you have children bounding down the stairs recklessly, older folks who can’t see well, or an agile guest carrying too many plates, put safety first. Deck safety lighting is just one part of a comprehensive outdoor lighting plan.

  • Enjoyment

With outdoor lighting installed around your deck, you’ll find you enjoy spending more time there after dark. As owners of a professional outdoor lighting design and installation company, we say this with absolute certainty. It’s not that we have a crystal ball focused on your activities. Our clients tell us, one after another, they’re amazed at how much more time they spend outside on the deck now that they have outdoor lighting. It’s one of those things you don’t fully realize or appreciate until you experience it first-hand. You will actually get more use out of your deck this summer – with outdoor lighting – than you ever have before.

If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, the right amount of lighting around your deck will help immensely. Specifically, we’re talking about professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting. Our talented lighting designers use light the way painters use color to create the ambiance you’re looking for around your deck and other outdoor living areas.

Whether you want low light for intimate gatherings or festive party lights for everyday celebrations, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is your best resource. And who says you have to choose between installing a subdued or festive ambiance? Our lighting installers can set both styles up for you permanently. You can decide each evening which mood you want to set on your deck.

outdoor patio lighting Avon Lake Ohio

  • Beauty

What do you see when you look out at your deck through your windows at night? Your deck is like any other element in your yard – skillfully-designed outdoor lighting will add depth, nuance, and drama wherever it is applied. In the front yard, your neighbors will see this as nighttime curb appeal. In the back yard, the dramatic beauty of outdoor lighting is all for you and your guests to enjoy. In addition to the deck, we recommend a comprehensive outdoor lighting plan for other outdoor living spaces as well as gardens, fountains, and other water features or outdoor art.

Bring your Avon Lake deck to life at night with elegant, subtle illumination with professional outdoor lighting. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio today at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Making Avon, OH, Irresistible After Dark – One Yard at a Time

Is your home one of the irresistible ones? When you drive through Avon, OH, after dark, the homes with the most pleasing outdoor lighting designs are the ones that draw your eye. They grab your attention and won’t let go. The best lighting designs make a home irresistible. You can’t help but stare, trying to understand what’s special about that particular home.

All of this is subliminal, of course. And if you’re driving, the experience may only last a few seconds. But you remember. Oh, yes, you remember.

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio weave a spell around your home with the most beautiful outdoor lighting design in Avon, Ohio.

Avon OH outdoor lighting

How Do You Make Your Home Irresistible After Dark?

It starts with having a beautiful house and a beautiful, well-maintained yard. We’re going to assume you have already met these two requirements. Your home was probably designed by an architect. Who designed your landscape? Did you do that yourself, or did you hire a professional landscaper?

The next step is to engage a professional outdoor lighting company to create an amazing outdoor lighting design for your home. You need someone who knows how to work with light the way an artist works with a paintbrush. You need Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio to create your outdoor lighting design in Avon, Ohio. Our custom lighting design for your home will be unique, and your home will be irresistible after dark.

outdoor lighting Avon Ohio

Using Landscape Lighting to Collaborate with Nature

The magic of outdoor lighting design does not occur in a vacuum. Our professional landscape lighting designers start with raw materials: every tree, shrub, flower, and statue or fountain is a candidate. We’re very selective, though, because we don’t want to illuminate all of them. Effective lighting design works by creating a delicate balance between the objects we bring forward with light and those we send into the shadows.

Knowing which items to showcase and which will offset them is an art. Our lighting designers use the technique of perspective to create depth with light and shadow. Your yard is the canvas.

Not only do we collaborate with nature, we prefer to invite you into this collaboration, too. Which trees or plantings are your favorites? Which elements do you want to see brought forward and bathed in a wash of pleasing light? When you return home after dark, which tree, shrub, or piece of outdoor art would you have step forward to welcome you home? Together we will decide what to feature as we make your home and your yard irresistible to everyone who passes by.

outdoor lighting company Avon Ohio

Guests Will Find Your Outdoor Living Spaces Irresistible, Too

Guests aren’t the only ones who will be drawn to your deck, patio, or pool deck. You will be affected as well. Even though we include you in the collaboration, when our work is done you will be helpless to resist. Your outdoor living spaces will become seductive each evening as the sun sets and the magic of our carefully-planned lighting design calls you outside.

We’ll bathe your outdoor fireplace in a dramatic swath of lighting. Not bright or glaring, but alluring. If your landscaping includes water features – fountains, a pond, your pool, a waterfall – your guests will escape to the outdoors as quickly as they can politely do so. We’ll intertwine light with the shrubbery surrounding your patio to beckon you and your guests outside. The only way you’ll be able to release the spell is to turn off all of your outdoor lighting … but why would you do that?

elegant outdoor lighting Avon Ohio

Make sure to rely on the local outdoor lighting design experts in Avon, Ohio. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio today at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

When Your Shaker Heights Yard Cries Out for Outdoor Lighting, it’s Time to Listen!

Springtime temperatures bring your Shaker Heights yard to life again every year. Professional outdoor lighting can bring your yard to life again every night, all year long.

outdoor lighting in Shaker Heights Ohio

Do you know who to call for the best professional outdoor lighting design in Shaker Heights, Ohio?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is the go-to lighting company for homeowners and commercial property owners in the greater Cleveland area, including Shaker Heights. We have installed and maintained so many outdoor lighting systems in your area, we may be nearby right now. You can’t just flag us down, though; you will need to call our office to schedule an appointment. (See our number below.)

What Part of Your Yard is Calling to You at Night?

For some homeowners, it’s the front yard, especially the area that frames your home’s façade. Architectural and façade lighting can boost your home’s nighttime curb appeal instantly, with the flip of a switch. If nighttime curb appeal is something you haven’t thought about, maybe it’s time you did!

Take a drive through your neighborhood, or through other Shaker Heights neighborhoods you admire. If you see homes with minimal or mediocre outdoor lighting, keep driving; keep looking. What you’re looking for are the homes with the most elegant illumination, the kind that looks planned, coordinated, and balanced. The word for this effect is designed. The most beautiful outdoor lighting design showcases a home and front yard as a complete picture. You can bet these homeowners called a professional outdoor lighting company to be sure the job was done right. They probably called Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio!

Shaker Heights OH outdoor lighting

Not to Be Excluded, the Back Yard Calls for Outdoor Lighting, Too!

Perhaps you’re one of the Shaker Heights homeowners whose back yard that calls to you at night, saying, Come outside and play! How can you resist? Think of the fun you’re missing if you’re stuck inside on a beautiful spring or summer evening! Professional landscape lighting is the ticket to a back yard that’s fun and inviting after dark.

You won’t believe how much more you’ll use your outdoor living areas after you have landscape lighting installed there. The professional designers with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives know how to create a lighting effect that shows off the most beautiful parts of your yard. At the same time, they’re skilled enough to provide the illumination you need to enjoy outdoor activities. You won’t have to choose between beautiful illumination vs. practical lighting to see by. These two facets of outdoor lighting are intertwined.

outdoor lighting in Shaker Heights Ohio

Your Deck, Your Patio, Your Pool … Where Will You Spend Your Time After Dark?

As the weather warms up, why resist the temptation to linger outdoors after the sun has set? Cooking outdoors and dining al fresco take backyard enjoyment to a whole new level when you have the right lighting installed. Our experienced lighting designers incorporate light fixtures into your Shaker Heights landscape skillfully so the effects of the lighting are what capture your attention, not the fixtures themselves.

Of course, if you have a deck, patio, and pool, we suggest an outdoor lighting design that includes all of these areas for a cohesive effect. Do you entertain large groups? You’ll have the option to illuminate all three outdoor living areas to stimulate a flow of guests from one area to another. When you host an intimate dinner on the patio, you can choose to illuminate that one area and let the other two sections remain dark and mysterious. With lighting control automation, you’re in complete control of which fixtures are illuminated, and when.

landscape lighting in Shaker Heights Ohio

Let us Take the Mystery Out of Outdoor Lighting Design in Shaker Heights, Ohio

If you’ve been hearing about low-voltage outdoor lighting, LED landscape lighting, or lighting control automation, and have questions about how these fit together, give us a call. We’ll be happy to meet with you and answer your questions. We offer a free design consultation to talk about what kind of outdoor lighting you might need, based on how you use – or would like to use – your yard after dark. The best outdoor lighting design in Shaker Heights, Ohio, the most reliable and professional outdoor lighting installation, is with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. When you meet with us, you’ll understand why.

To bring your Shaker Heights home and landscape to life after dark, rely on the local outdoor lighting professionals. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio today at (440) 247-6300 or email us email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

How Fast Can You Say, “Free Transformer”? With an Offer this Great, You Need to Call Soon!

It’s not every day we can offer a free transformer (a $500 value) with the purchase of a qualifying outdoor lighting system. This outdoor lighting system special in Solon, Ohio, will end when supplies are gone. Why wait and take a chance on missing such a great offer?

special offer outdoor lighting in northern Ohio

Now that you know about this special offer, there really is no good reason to wait. Does the idea of outdoor lighting at your Solon, OH, home sound great, but you’re not sure if you’re ready? Here’s the question we have to ask: Are you waiting for something in particular, or are you just hesitating before you act on this desire?

If you’ve seen homes in your Solon, OH, neighborhood with professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting, architectural lighting, or landscape lighting, you know how stunning the effects can be. Professional lighting like this transforms a home after dark. The important word here is professional. Outdoor lighting that was designed and installed by a homeowner, a grounds crew, a landscaper, or even an electrician who is not a skilled lighting designer won’t compare. You can tell the work of a professional outdoor lighting designer from the others with a quick glance. It’s that much better.

special outdoor lighting discount Solon Ohio

Here Is What You Should Know About This Limited-Time Special Offer of a Free Transformer:

  • If you’re waiting for the price to drop, that has happened. That time is now. With this special offer, you will save $500. The prices will not drop lower than this.
  • The free transformer we’re offering with this special is a top-quality stainless-steel transformer with a lifetime, transferrable warranty. It is valued at $500. That’s a sweet deal.
  • When supplies are gone, this offer will no longer be available. If you wait even a few days too long, you will miss it. You won’t be knocking yourself in the head because you could have had a glass of vegetable juice. You’ll be knocking yourself in the head because you could have had a free transformer.
  • If you don’t take advantage of this outdoor lighting system special in Solon, Ohio, while it’s available, you’ll still want an outdoor lighting system for your home. And you can still have that; it will just cost $500 more than it does now.

outdoor lighting special offer Solon Ohio

Call to Let Us Know if We Haven’t Addressed Your Concerns Here

We understand sometimes an offer like this sounds “too good to be true,” so you hesitate. You may be wondering if you actually need a transformer or if it’s some kind of add-on, perhaps optional equipment. You may be wondering if there’s a catch in the wording of our offer, “with the purchase of a qualifying outdoor lighting system.” Let us take a moment to address these concerns.

Not sure if you need a transformer? Actually, you do need it if you want an outdoor lighting system installed. The transformer is a key component of that lighting system. You could call it the heart of the system. Not only does it power the system, it includes integrated circuit breakers for directing precise power allocation to different lighting fixtures. We can’t run your outdoor lighting system without it. Since you need this thing, this $500 transformer, why not get it for free?

Wondering what “with the purchase of a qualifying outdoor lighting system” means? A qualifying outdoor lighting system, for the purposes of this special offer, refers to a system with 10 or more fixtures and with a maximum wire run of 150 feet. To get a complete system, it’s a safe bet you’ll want at least 10 light fixtures. The custom lighting design we create for your home will include fixtures in the front yard for architectural lighting and landscape lighting. In the back yard we recommend lights to increase usability of your outdoor living spaces – your deck, patio, and pool areas. We also recommend path lighting if you have any paths or walkways around your property. For these needs, 10 lighting fixtures is not excessive.

If you have questions not answered here, please give us a call at (440) 247-6300 tomorrow so we can answer them in time for you to act on this special, limited-time offer.

Solon Ohio outdoor lighting designer

Make sure to claim your free transformer while supplies last. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio today at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

The art and magic of professional waterfall and water feature lighting

waterfall lighting Solon OH
This rock waterfall becomes the focus of the backyard with lighting.

Nothing is more soothing, or more beautiful than the dance of water and light as they mingle together. The number of homeowners that include water features, fountains and even koi ponds, in their landscape is steadily increasing. By adding lighting to the water feature you can transform the entire space into a tranquil oasis that plays on all the senses.

waterfall lighting Solon Ohio
This Cleveland waterfall comes to life under the spell of lighting.

There is an art to properly lighting a waterfall or water feature that is more complex than just placing lights around the feature. We use specialized techniques to enhance the area in and around the water feature. The goal with waterfall lighting is to provide a soft wash of light. The light should be placed away from the chosen target so that it has enough room to spread. This is achieved through a combination of one or more techniques such as up lighting, back lighting, spot lighting and underwater lighting. We often focus on the surrounding aesthetics of the water feature as well. Rock ledges and even trees or planting that are used to buffer your water feature make the perfect spot to add lighting.

pool lighting Solon OH
This pool lighting features colored lenses for added drama.

With low-voltage underwater lighting the key is to use high quality fixtures. Our fixtures are made of solid brass and designed with waterproof and watertight gaskets. The solid brass construction delivers the right amount of weight and the high-quality construction details ensure no water enters thus harming the fixture.

pool waterfall lighting Solon OH
Lighting the water feature and the surrounding landscaping produces a cohesive outdoor lighting design.

When illuminating Koi ponds we also use the high quality submersible light. There is no danger of the light becoming damaged or the fish being harmed while these lights are in use.

koi pond lighting Solon OH
This waterfall comes alive at night with the addition of lighting.

We use the same low voltage quality fixtures when up lighting or backlighting a water feature. Placing a source of illumination behind a waterfall can create a mesmerizing effect. In some cases, if the water is deeper in some areas we will illuminate the flowing water by using precision up lighting from rocks or turf within close proximity to the waterfall.

landscape lighting Solon OH
Notice the romance that tree lighting adds to this landscape’s focal point

The final result achieved through our water feature lighting is quite magical. We can take your unique feature and by adding our outdoor lighting expertise and high quality fixtures we can create the perfect spot for backyard enjoyment. If you are looking for a way to add visual interest to your water feature in the evening, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio today (440) 247 – 6300 Email: [email protected].

Soffit lighting as a single source of outdoor lighting just doesn’t stack up

When done right, outdoor lighting illuminates your home in a way that makes it look even more beautiful at night than during the day. Well designed outdoor lighting casts a soft warm glow across your home’s facade.

Soffit lighting can be important but it is only a small part of the outdoor lighting equation.

soffit lighting Solon Ohio

Above you see 2 different types of outdoor lighting. The home on the left has soffit lighting or down-lighting. The home to the right has an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives system using up-lighting. This is an example of effective architectural lighting versus ineffective architectural lighting.

Another thing you’ll notice by looking at the home to the left is how narrow the lighted area is. At first glance, you might even think there are illuminated columns instead of soffit lights. The beam spread of a light source creates a cone of light. Using the proper beam spread is an important design consideration, as is the placement of the light source.

In the home to the right, light fixtures are strategically placed close to the home, illuminating upward. You cannot tell where the fixtures are. Your eye is only drawn to the beauty of the home’s facade. Texture, color, depth and detail become prominent features of the nighttime scene. The full height and scale of the facade is defined. For example, even in the small image above, you can see some of the detail of the home’s siding in the gable at the top of the home. The result of well-designed lighting is magic.

outdoor lighting installer in Solon, Ohio

For a free demonstration at your home, give us a call. We look forward to coming out to show you how your home will look with well designed outdoor lighting. Give us a ring at (440) 247 – 6300 or drop us an email to set up your free demonstration.

Outdoor Living and Outdoor Lighting Go Together for Maximum Enjoyment

outdoor lighting Solon Ohio

Let an outdoor lighting professional in Solon, OH, increase the usability of your outdoor living spaces in time for summer.

If you could add outdoor lighting to just one outdoor living area at your home, which would it be? Here are our suggestions, but remember, choose just one:

  • Deck
  • Patio
  • Porch
  • Pool
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Other (fill in yours)

Of course, this exercise is simple for homeowners who have only one of the above. So let’s say you have more than one, or that you will have more than one. What if you could only select one of them to illuminate seductively with professionally-designed-and-installed outdoor lighting? Which area would you choose to enhance with outdoor lighting, and which would you allow to go dark at night?

outdoor lighting in Solon OH

It’s not so easy to choose, is it? Each one of these outdoor living areas begs for outdoor lighting. With effective lighting around your outdoor living areas, you can get more usage out of them in the evenings. Heck, even into the night – as long as it’s not a school night.

Alright, let’s weigh the pros and cons – but wait. Someone has a question. Why did we use the word seductively? “To illuminate seductively?”

What we mean by that is outdoor lighting – especially around your outdoor living areas – can be seductive. Outdoor lighting that’s designed to be subtle and inobtrusive will beckon anyone within sight to come on over, take a seat, have a beverage, and relax.

You might have been on your way to the neighbor’s house to return the tennis racket you borrowed. If your deck or patio or porch is lost in darkness, you won’t give it a thought. You’ll continue on your errand and complete it.

On the other hand, say your patio has a pleasing ambiance created by the addition of subtle landscape lighting. We’ll assume you know where you can easily put your hands on a warm cup of tea or a cool glass of lemonade. You might be tempted to stop and sit on the patio for a while.

patio lighting in Solon OH

Let’s ratchet this situation up a notch. Say you have 6 or 8 friends over for a barbeque. You have a grill on your deck, but in the past the entire deck area became dark when the sun set. Now that you’ve had Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio design and install outdoor lighting for your deck, everything has changed.

How Outdoor Lighting Will Change the Way You Use Your Deck or Patio

In the past you would have grilled the food outside with the aid of a work light. You would have taken the food back indoors for everyone to eat, because your friends wouldn’t put up with dining by candlelight on the deck. “I can’t see my food,” they said once when you suggested eating outdoors after dark. Actually, the women were interested in dining by candlelight, but their husbands or significant others balked. No one wanted to dine in the glare of the work light, either.

Now, with subtle but effective deck lighting installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, everything has changed. Everyone wants to dine outdoors now. You can still set up some candlelight for the women, but now the guys won’t complain about not being able to see the food. And the LED task lighting installed on the deck railing beside the grill is much better than the 500-watt work light you had been using.

Solon OH outdoor lighting company

How To Extend The Usability of Your Outdoor Living Areas into the Night

Step 1: Call your outdoor lighting professional in Solon, OH, and schedule a free lighting design consultation. That would be Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, (440) 247-6300.
Step 2: Meet with your outdoor lighting professional at your home at the appointed time.
Step 3: Enjoy.

Observation: Professional outdoor lighting, custom-designed for your outdoor living spaces,
extends the usability of those spaces exponentially. From Day 1, you will find your family spending more time outdoors at home after dark.

How You Benefit from Custom-Designed Outdoor Lighting in Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Deck: You can see your food when you dine on the deck. You can see where you set your beverage. Your friends won’t complain that it’s too dark. You can have task lighting specifically installed where you need it most, for example, next to the grill. You can entertain friends on the deck and not care what time the sun will set. You can have Outdoor Lighting Perspectives install festive string lighting in the area over your deck so every night outdoors feels fun and festive. Using lighting controls on your smartphone, you can dial back the party lights when you want to set a more romantic mood. Tiny riser lights on your deck steps will greatly increase safety there.

Patio: See Deck, above.

Porch: Porches are different because they usually include ceiling lights or indoor lamps. Outdoor lighting over the porch steps will make them much safer. Landscape lighting around the base of the porch will add a feeling of spaciousness because the light will extend beyond the porch.

outdoor lighting company in Solon Ohio

Pool: Everyone’s favorite, right? Outdoor lighting in the pool area can be amazing. Just don’t try to do it yourself. Pool lighting designed and installed by amateurs is pool lighting gone wrong, so leave it to the pros. We can use landscape lighting techniques in the pool area to create hypnotic effects of light dancing on water. Path lighting will increase your safety on the walkway from the house to the pool and back.

Outdoor kitchen: Task lighting is invaluable for safety and efficiency in an outdoor kitchen. If you have bar seating there, a bit of strategically-placed LED light will create ambiance without overpowering your guests.

Outdoor fireplace: Did this one throw you? We have found that landscape lighting can create dramatic effects around an outdoor fireplace, and this holds true whether or not the fireplace is being used.

Extend the beauty and the usability of your outdoor living spaces after dark with professionally-designed-and-installed outdoor lighting by the true outdoor lighting professionals in Solon, Ohio. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is today at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Create an Oasis of Pleasing Outdoor Light around Your Avon Lake, OH, Home

With beautiful landscape lighting in Avon Lake, OH, you can enjoy your yard more than you ever imagined.

If you see darkness when you look out across your yard at night, or when you stand at the sidewalk and look toward your home, you have a problem. It’s not just a visibility problem, although that is part of it. It’s an enjoyability problem. Do you enjoy looking at your home and seeing a mass of darkness punctuated by a porch light – and perhaps a few light-filled windows? Do you enjoy looking across your back yard at … darkness?

We don’t expect you to enjoy these dark views, we simply want to point out the contrast between homes with and without landscape lighting in Avon Lake, OH. If you don’t have professional outdoor lighting installed at your home, you may not realize how much better it could look. You become accustomed to seeing your home the way it is. You don’t realize how amazing the effects of nighttime curb appeal could be.

outdoor lighting Avon Lake OH

If you’re one of the many homeowners here who’ve already had outdoor lighting installed at your home, you know what we mean! You’re thrilled to return to your house each evening and see it showcased by elegant outdoor lighting. You love driving up your own driveway. You love going out back to enjoy the deck or patio in the evenings now that you can see your way around out there. And the yard! With the quality landscape lighting only Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio can deliver, your yard looks like a magazine photo.

In the Front Yard, Impress Your Neighbors with Nighttime Curb Appeal

Exterior lighting, also called architectural or façade lighting, is the place to start if you want to show the beauty of your home at night. Whether your home’s façade is stone, brick or siding, exterior lighting highlights texture and adds dimension to its appearance after dark. We also showcase your home’s most interesting architectural features. Does your home have columns, arched windows, or dormer windows? Does a front porch welcome guests to your door? Exterior lighting extends the elegance of your home to neighbors and friends at night, greeting them before they even ring your doorbell.

Front Yard Landscape Lighting Sets the Scene in Avon Lake, OH

Your Avon Lake home, even beautifully illuminated, needn’t stand in a sea of darkness at night. Your Outdoor Lighting Perspectives designer can help you select which trees would be most beautiful with a subtle splash of light to lift them from darkness. When we illuminate a few trees, not only do we bring them forward but we create a sense of depth throughout the entire front yard. If you have any fountains, they make beautiful subjects for outdoor lighting. The combination of architectural lighting and landscape lighting at the front of your home will create a pleasing tableau you’ll be proud of.

outdoor lighting in Avon Lake OH

Landscape Lighting for Your Avon Lake OH Outdoor Living Areas

As we move to the back yard, we take stock of your deck or patio, everyone’s favorite spot for outdoor lighting. With landscape lighting around your outdoor living areas, we create the ambiance you want for maximum outdoor comfort after dark. Would you prefer a soft, romantic patio ambiance or a festive scene with strings of party lights over the deck? We work hard to create the look you want. When your outdoor living space calls you outside and whispers for you to linger beyond sunset, you’ll enjoy spending much more time outdoors.

What do you see as you look across the yard from your deck or patio? If your answer is “total darkness,” then we’ll need to scatter some landscape lighting across that expanse of yard as well. We say scatter, but you know all of our outdoor lighting is carefully planned. We only give the illusion of scattering points of light across your yard. The effect here in the back is much like in the front yard. Illuminating select trees or gardens around the back gives your yard depth and seems to extend your property lines after dark.

outdoor lighting company in Avon Lake Ohio

What do you want to see when you look out over your back yard? If you have an outdoor fireplace, a water feature, or a garden bench, we can make it visible to you and perhaps create some magic around it. You’ll find you can enjoy your outdoor fireplace even on the nights you’re not actually using it. As part of the backyard landscape you see each night, it reminds you of good times past and good times to come. It also reminds you to invite friends over for one last batch of s’mores before warm weather sets in completely.

outdoor lighting company in Avon Lake OH

Bring added depth and character to your Avon Lake, OH, property after dark with professionally-designed-and-installed landscape lighting. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio today at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Welcome to Chagrin Falls, OH, Where Beauty and Practicality Thrive in Tandem

Homeowners shouldn’t have to choose between beauty and practicality. With outdoor lighting in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, designed and installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you won’t have to.

Some Chagrin Falls homeowners think outdoor lighting is all about making your home look amazing, and others think it’s all about adding safety – so who’s right? In this case, everyone’s right! Let’s not pit neighbor against neighbor. Why argue?

When your Chagrin Falls home is graced with professionally-designed and installed outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, everybody wins. The beauty of your home and the safety of its occupants and guests are both enhanced. No argument.

outdoor lighting Chagrin Falls OH

Investing in the Beauty Outdoor Lighting Brings to your Home

There’s an interesting phenomenon around residential outdoor lighting you may not be aware of. Whatever look you want your home to project, that’s precisely the aspect that’s enhanced when we install professional outdoor lighting. If you want your home to look elegant and formal, the addition of custom-designed architectural and façade lighting accomplishes that. If you want to emphasize your home’s charm, the right lighting design will bring out that aspect. It’s not by happenstance. It’s because we listen to you when you describe what you want outdoor lighting to achieve at your home. Our lighting designers are skilled in the art of using light to bring out the qualities you value.

Architectural and façade lighting do more than illuminate your home. These lighting techniques showcase your home’s most interesting architectural features, and not in a showy or ostentatious way. We create dimension through the use of light and shadow in areas that would otherwise appear flat in darkness. Whether the front of your home has columns, arched windows, or ornamental trim, our expert illumination draws those features out to increase their impact at night. Our lighting plan is custom-designed specifically for your home and its features.

outdoor lighting in Chagrin Falls Ohio

Safety is “Designed into” Your Custom Outdoor Lighting Plan

As professional outdoor lighting designers, we constantly think about our clients’ safety at home. We see lighting as a tool that can be used for more than one purpose at a time. While we’re creating elegant or charming illumination to bring out your home’s best features, we can also enhance your family’s safety – and that of your guests, too!

When you think of home safety, what comes to mind? For us, the term applies to two very different events. First, it means increasing your safety by deterring crime. Second, it means creating safe passage by eliminating tripping hazards along your walkways.

When we design illumination for your Chagrin Falls, OH, home, we take the time to find the dark spots where would-be intruders might hide. Then – without the forcefulness of a glaring spotlight – we gently remove those dark areas.

For the second aspect of home safety, we assess the need for path lighting around your property. Anywhere you have a path or walkway from your home to a pool, a workshop, or an outdoor fireplace, for example, we recommend path lighting. Stepping stones or pavers can shift or come unlodged unexpectedly. Debris can make a path unsafe without warning. Your decision to add a series of low-voltage LED lights along your walkways falls into the category of better safe than sorry.

outdoor lighting company Chagrin Falls OH

The Practical Side of Landscape Lighting: Extending Hours of Enjoyment Outdoors

Before electricity, humans used firelight to extend the time they could see outdoors. Before we perfected landscape lighting, Chagrin Falls homeowners used candles, tiki torches, and even flashlights when darkness fell on their decks and patios. When you’re enjoying an evening outdoors with friends, everyone resists giving in to the darkness as it persists in driving you indoors. We have the solution. Darkness is no match for landscape lighting around your deck or patio. What’s more, the right deck or patio lighting can create a relaxing, romantic, or festive ambiance. Let your Outdoor Lighting Perspectives lighting designer know what ambiance you prefer. We have the right fixtures and the necessary training and skills to accomplish it for you.

outdoor lighting company Chagrin Falls Ohio

The Beauty of Landscape Lighting Gives Pure Enjoyment

Outdoor illumination doesn’t always have to be practical. We highly recommend outdoor lighting for the sheer enjoyment of your favorite outdoor sights. Whether you have a formal garden or the splendor of individual flower beds here and there, why let them go dark and flat at night? If you have any water features or outdoor artwork – fountains or statues, for example – the end of the day might be the only time you have to enjoy them peacefully.

Beauty or safety? Enjoyment or practicality? With professional outdoor lighting, you don’t have to choose. For nighttime curb appeal in the front yard and private enjoyment in the back, let us bring both charm and practical illumination to your home after dark. Put outdoor lighting in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, to work for you.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio to find out how professionally-installed outdoor lighting can transform your Chagrin Falls, Ohio, home after dark. Call today at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Call Today to Claim this Springtime Signup Special: Free Transformer Valued at $500

Top quality outdoor lighting in Avon, Ohio, has never been this affordable. Act now, because this is a limited-time offer.

What does saving $500 on professional outdoor lighting at your home mean for you? It means you’ll have $500 to spend on something else, and your home will look amazing at night! Whether you’re in Avon, Solon, or Shaker Heights, OH – or anywhere in the greater Cleveland area — don’t miss this chance to save on premium outdoor lighting.

outdoor lighting discount pricing Solon Ohio

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is offering clients a free transformer, valued at $500, with our springtime signup special. Spring only lasts so long, so you do want to take advantage of this offer as soon as possible. Call us today to set up your free outdoor lighting consultation.

You Can Be One of the Smart Clients to Claim a Free Transformer This Spring

The transformer is a key component of any outdoor lighting system. You’ll need it when you add professional outdoor lighting at your Chagrin Falls or Pepper Pike home. The transformer powers the system and includes integrated circuit breakers for precise power allocation to different lighting fixtures.

All of the equipment we use at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is top-of-the-line, so you can count on receiving a high-quality transformer. We’re not passing off inferior equipment. That is not how we treat our customers.

outdoor lighting discount Shaker Heights OH

The Best Time of Year to Start Your Outdoor Lighting Service is Now

Any time is a great time to add landscape lighting and architectural lighting, but we think spring is an especially good time of year to begin. As the snow melts and you see your landscape again, why not enhance the beauty of your Aurora or Lakewood, OH, home with professional façade lighting and landscape lighting?

outdoor lighting discount Cuyahoga Falls OH

What Will You Gain When You Have Outdoor Lighting Installed at Your Home?

  • Gain nighttime curb appeal in your front yard.
  • Gain more hours each night to use your outdoor living spaces.

You know your home will look more elegant – even stunning – with professional outdoor lighting and landscape lighting. You know Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is a reliable company with a stellar reputation for high-quality outdoor lighting design and installation. Now we are sweetening your experience when you select us to design and install outdoor lighting at your home this spring.

outdoor lighting discount pricing Chagrin Falls Ohio

Don’t miss this special springtime signup offer of a free transformer valued at $500. If you’ve been thinking about outdoor lighting in Avon, Ohio – or anywhere in the northern Ohio region – this is your moment!

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio to claim your FREE transformer during our springtime signup special. Call today at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

If You Must Worry, Then Worry, But Not About Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

With the outdoor lighting system maintenance Solon, OH, has come to rely on, your lighting maintenance truly is worry-free. That’s added value for you.

Do you dread home maintenance when spring rolls around, or do you look forward to it as a way of welcoming a preferred season? Snow melts, plants thrust light-green shoots upward, and mud rules. Whether you welcome spring chores or put them off, there’s one you don’t need to worry about: maintenance of your outdoor lighting system. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio does that for you.

If you purchased your professionally-designed and -installed outdoor lighting system from us, this is not news to you. It may even be one of the reasons you chose us to design and install your custom outdoor lighting.

However, if you don’t know that much about Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, here’s one thing you should know: We do maintenance. We call our comprehensive outdoor lighting maintenance program the Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP).

When “Annual” Doesn’t Mean Just Once a Year

From the name, you might think we only come back out to your home once a year to check the condition of your lighting. Is that all? Not exactly! One thing you need to know is we include the first year of annual maintenance with the purchase of your outdoor lighting system. We design and install your lighting, and at any point during that first year if your system needs service, we take care of it. Just give us a call.

As the name Annual Maintenance Plan implies, we do focus on a list of maintenance tasks about this time each year. But there’s more to the plan than that.

First, let’s look at what our Annual Maintenance Plan covers …

  • Fixtures: Review the position of each fixture and straighten them as needed
  • Bulb replacement: Replace any bulbs that need to be switched out
  • Timers: Check and reset timers according to the homeowner’s desired schedule
  • Wires: Repair and rebury any wires that have surfaced
  • Connections: Check transformers, connections and voltage levels
  • Landscaping: Trim landscaping that has grown up around fixtures and is obstructing light
  • Warranty: Extend the warranty coverage on your system
  • Priority Service: Provide priority response and repairs at no charge

Notice that last item: priority response and repairs. This is where you grasp the full value of our maintenance plan. At any time during the year, if you discover something amiss with your outdoor lighting, call us. (1) We will assign your issue priority status. (2) We won’t charge you for repairs.

So, yes, we come out to your home once each year, at a minimum. And yes, if you need us, we will come back more often than that.

Year 2: What to Expect

After your year of free maintenance, we suggest you renew your Annual Maintenance Plan. The cost is reasonable and the service is well worth the expense. As outlined above, our professional lighting technicians return once a year and give your system a thorough going-over. We come back any time you call us with an issue or concern during the year. We have the best maintenance plan of any company in the outdoor lighting industry.

You may not see our technicians as often during the year as you would have in the past. That’s because we mainly work with LED bulbs now, and those don’t have to be changed as often.
Note: If you have a halogen lighting system, give us a call to talk about retrofitting your system to LED for significant energy savings.

If you’re looking for worry-free outdoor lighting maintenance, consider the outdoor lighting system maintenance Solon, OH, relies on. You will not find a better outdoor lighting maintenance plan.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio to ensure your outdoor lighting system hasn’t sustained any damage during these harsh winter months. Call today at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Illuminate Your Chagrin Falls, OH, Pathways for Safety’s Sake – Because You Care

Well-informed Chagrin Falls, OH, homeowners are requesting path lighting these days. Are you one of them?

While other types of landscape lighting get most of the glory, it’s path lighting that gives homeowners peace of mind at night. No homeowner wants a guest or family member to trip and fall while walking along a path at their home. You may have an insurance policy that covers just such an accident, but prevention is a far wiser course.

pathway lighting Chagrin Falls OH

Chagrin Falls Path Lighting Doesn’t Disappoint: Beautiful and Yet So Practical, Too

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio will create a comprehensive, custom lighting design for your Chagrin Falls, OH, home. Where do we start? We start by learning your goals for outdoor lighting at your home. Most homeowners focus on the beauty of nighttime illumination and the way it will enhance their property. There’s nothing wrong with that! But if a homeowner doesn’t request landscape lighting, especially path lighting, to make their yard safer, it’s a topic we will bring up during your free design consultation.

When landscape lighting provides such sweet, gentle illumination along walkways and paths at your home, it’s easy to forget how practical path lighting can be!

Chagrin Falls OH pathway lighting

The Importance of Well-illuminated Paths at Your Chagrin Falls, OH, Home

Landscape design often includes pathways clearly marked with stones laid out, step by step. A stepping stone path can lend a charming appearance to your property. Whether paths around your property are made of stepping stones, bricks or pavers, however, there is always the chance that a stone could shift. A pathway may become uneven over time. The longer a path exists, the more dangerous it can become.

Why take any chances with safety? Even if a path is rarely used – or especially if it is rarely used – the peace of mind you gain by adding path lighting is something every Chagrin Falls homeowner should consider.

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is the Premier Path Lighting Installer in Chagrin Falls, OH

We invite you to read the reviews our clients have written about our services! We can’t hold back from sharing them with you! Each review represents a relationship with a client, and we treasure every one of them. You can find these reviews on our website here – scroll down until you see Satisfied customers: The strongest proof of our performance – and here. If you’d like to speak directly with some of our clients, just let us know and we can provide the contact information. We want you to do your research, because we want to be your path lighting installer in Chagrin Falls, OH.

Bring increased beauty and safety to your Chagrin Falls, OH, home and pathways after dark. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is today at 440-247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Your Westlake, OH, Yard is Brimming with Possibilities for Beautiful Landscape Lighting

The truth is no matter how beautiful your Westlake, OH, landscaping may be, it goes dark at night without suitable landscape lighting. No matter the beauty of your ornamental trees and the splendor of your flower beds, they are difficult to see at night – without the help of outdoor lighting. And not just any outdoor lighting – we’re talking about the kind of landscape lighting that lifts a tree, shrub or flower into another dimension.

landscape lighting Westlake OH

Look to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio to bring your home’s beautiful landscape back into view after the sun sets. Whether you personally designed and nurtured your own landscaping or hired a talented team to handle it, there’s no need to let it disappear each evening. With the skills and experience of the talented professionals here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you can have a beautiful yard day and night.

Look to Go Pro – Professional Outdoor Lighting Makes All the Difference!

In so many areas of our lives – and businesses – we rely on professionals to do what they do best. You appreciate the skills, talents and experience of an accountant, an attorney, an auto mechanic, an interior decorator or a photographer … to name just a few. Let’s not forget the professional landscapers and the awesome work they do! Each of these professionals has invested in specialized training. They probably came to their specialty with a knack or natural talent for it. Professional outdoor lighting and landscape lighting are no different.

When you hire a professional Westlake, OH, landscape lighting team with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, you put your faith and trust into our training, talent, skills and experience. Outdoor lighting is all we do, which is one reason we’re so good at it. (Another reason is because we hire the best people!) And we don’t just install lights. We design a lighting plan specific to your yard, to achieve your lighting goals. Then we install the fixtures we have selected for you and adjust each one to maximum effect.

landscape lighting in Westlake, Ohio

If you want your landscape lighting done right, engage the professionals. Many a do-it-yourselfer has been dismayed and disappointed with the results of their own attempts at outdoor lighting. If someone tells you how much you could save by purchasing your own outdoor fixtures at a home improvement store, smile and walk away. If your landscaper tries to convince you they can install your lighting and match the results of a professional outdoor lighting company, don’t fall for that! Thank you … but no thank you!

Professional Landscape Lighting Westlake, OH, Homeowners Can Appreciate

What comes to mind when you think of landscape lighting? Holding that question, look around your yard, front and back, and consider what features on your Westlake, OH, property you would like to highlight after dark. Would it be a dramatic, tall tree with a grand trunk and branches reaching to the sky? Would it be an elegant Japanese maple with its canopy a glorious shade of crimson? Your rows of flowering shrubs along the driveway? The bohemian tumble of plants in container gardens on your patio? Your prized roses growing in carefully-designed flower beds? Let’s consider some of the opportunities for landscape lighting Westlake, OH, properties.

  • Trees, shrubs and flowers

Let’s show off your most beautiful trees, shapely shrubs and delicate flowers. If you have an especially tall tree, we may even install lights high up in the branches to shine down through the leaves like moonlight. You tell us what plantings you would like to feature. We’ll tell you, based on our experience, which ones can be illuminated most effectively based on their position in relation to each other and to your house.

landscape lighting company in Westlake Ohio

  • Patio, deck and pool

Outdoor living spaces benefit tremendously from landscape lighting. Suddenly you will have more hours each day (ok, each night) to enjoy your outdoor living spaces. When the weather is mild, you‘ll appreciate spending more time outdoors after dark. Your professional lighting designer will recommend tiny lights for safety on the deck stairs. If you have a pergola as part of your outdoor living space, we can illuminate it beautifully.

  • Water features and fire features

Double your pleasure when you can see, as well as hear, your waterfall or fountain after dark. And a carefully-illuminated outdoor fireplace or fire pit becomes a dramatic decorative element in your yard even when you’re not using it.

Westlake OH landscape lighting

  • Driveway, walkways, pathways

Anytime you have an uneven walkway or a change in elevation in your yard, we can design landscape lighting to increase safety in those locations. When a stone or brick path is illuminated by gentle lighting, you and your guests will have surer footing and fewer tripping accidents. You’ll also gain peace of mind.

landscape lighting installation Westlake Ohio

Bring your Westlake, OH home and landscape to life after dark with elegant landscape lighting. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio today at 440-247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Could You Use $500 Toward a New Outdoor Lighting System? Yes!

If we offered you $500 off the price of a qualifying outdoor lighting system at your home, would you be interested in hearing more about that?

Yes, $500 off! This is an incredible offer, and one that does not come along very often! Give us a call right away at 440-247-6300 to schedule a free design consultation. We’ll provide you with all of the information you need to take full advantage of this special deal.

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Why is This $500 Savings Offer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives So Special?

If you have recently shopped around for professional outdoor lighting services, you know a great savings opportunity when you see one.

What makes Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio so special is that outdoor lighting is all we do! We are experts in the field of outdoor lighting – and that includes architectural lighting as well as landscape lighting.

Do It Yourself, Or Have It Done Right …

Professional outdoor lighting, including landscape lighting, is one of those areas where you don’t know what you don’t know. It may look easy. The big home improvement stores want you to think you can purchase a handful of outdoor lighting fixtures and … what? Set them up in your yard? Plug them in?

It’s not that easy! … which is why professional lighting designers and installers specialize in outdoor architectural lighting and landscape lighting. As with any profession, the combination of training, skills, talent and experience make all the difference. If we were to show you outdoor lighting designed and installed by a do-it-yourself homeowner compared to a job installed by a professional, you would be able to see the difference. The difference is striking and would turn you would become a believer in the merits of professional architectural lighting and landscape lighting.

Save Once, And Save Again!

After you save $500 on the initial design and installation of architectural lighting and landscape lighting at your home, you will continue to save on your electricity bills. The custom low-voltage LED lighting systems we install are the most energy-efficient way to illuminate your home and your landscape. If you have had outdoor lighting installed at your home in the past, using older lighting technology, you will be amazed at the cost savings every month after you switch to LED lighting. The high-quality LED lighting we use bathes your home and landscape in exceptionally beautiful light. Earlier generations of LED lighting were not always attractive. LED technology has now improved so much it’s what we use for all of our outdoor lighting installations.

$500 off outdoor lighting Chagrin Falls Ohio

Why You Need Architectural Lighting and Landscape Lighting at Your Northern Ohio Home

The professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio believe you should be able to enjoy your outdoor living spaces no matter what time of day or year it is. We delight in providing outdoor lighting and landscape lighting to bring your home to life after dark with added character and depth.

While architectural lighting and landscape lighting increase the beauty of your property and add a new layer of richness and dimension to your home at night, our installations also increase safety. You and your guests will be protected by the addition of landscape lighting along paths and walkways at your home. We call this effect “safe passage.” Indeed, everyone is safer when they can see their way along a pathway at night.

Don’t Pass Up $500 Off on a Qualifying Outdoor Lighting System!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is Northern Ohio’s premier landscape lighting and architectural lighting company. While our outdoor lighting designs are exceptional, and our installations impeccable, there is more. We also service lighting systems installed by other companies. We can upgrade your system for energy savings if you are not currently using LED lighting.

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Architectural lighting installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio:

  • Architectural façade lighting
  • Column lighting
  • Uplighting
  • Detail lighting for eaves, dormers, turrets and other architectural details
  • Focal detail lighting for your home’s façade
  • Deck and patio lighting – all of your outdoor living spaces
  • Guest house lighting

Landscape lighting installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio:

  • Tree lighting including focal tree lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • Hedgerow lighting
  • Path lighting and walkway lighting
  • Water feature lighting
  • Outdoor fireplace lighting
  • Patio lighting

Call to Schedule Your Free Outdoor Lighting Consultation Today. Don’t Wait!

If you’re interested in claiming your offer of $500 off a new custom-designed outdoor lighting system, call us today at 440-247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

**We are offering a free, stainless-steel transformer ($500 value) with the purchase of any outdoor lighting system with 10 or more fixtures. Our transformers are stainless-steel and have a lifetime, transferrable warranty. The transformer is an integral component of any outdoor lighting system. It is essentially the “heart” of the system, in that it powers the entire system and includes integrated circuit breakers for precise power allocation to different lighting fixtures.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio Wishes You and Yours Happy Holidays!

We hope you’ve completed all of your hectic preparations and have settled in to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Whether you’re giving gifts, singing carols or feeding a hungry bunch, we hope this message finds you well and feeling blessed.

happy holidays from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

As we arrive at this time of year, we stop to reflect on what’s most important in our lives and our business, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio. The first thing that comes to mind is family. The season of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa brings family together like no other time of year.

Also at the top of our list are our relationships with our customers and suppliers. Whether you’re new to outdoor lighting and landscape lighting, or you’ve been our client for a decade or more, we appreciate you. Building ongoing relationships is the way we do business, earning your trust and making your home or business look amazing with the power of light.

We are proud of the work we do, designing and installing the best outdoor lighting that Cleveland, OH, and all of Northern Ohio have ever seen.

Our gift to you is the highest possible level of service and quality work. We strive to exceed your expectations daily – not just during the holiday season, but all year long.

All of us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio look forward to working with you in the New Year – just around the corner!
!https://bolt-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/526f3152146117c6d3d52feb76e642a7/happy-holidays-from-OLP.jpg(Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio!

One Day, All Homes in Chagrin Falls, OH, Will Feature the Beauty of Architectural Uplighting

If we offered you a way to showcase the most captivating elements of your home’s façade at night, would you be interested in hearing more about that? One of our most popular outdoor lighting techniques is called architectural uplighting. It’s really just like it sounds. The talented, skilled lighting designers with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio will focus on the architectural elements of your Chagrin Falls, OH, home. They’ll use a special lighting technique called uplighting. With this technique we place high-quality outdoor light fixtures on the ground to cast a wash of illumination upward across the front of your home.

architectural uplighting Chagrin Falls OH

Architectural Uplighting Adds Infinite Nighttime Curb Appeal

The effect is dramatic while also warm and inviting. Our professional outdoor lighting designers know how to use the precision of architectural uplighting to bring out your home’s unique and most interesting architectural details. One of our objectives is to create an effect so stunning that you won’t even notice the light fixtures. All you’ll see are the beautiful effects created.

We often combine architectural lighting with landscape lighting to feature the trees and other plantings you’ve nurtured to make your home more beautiful. Together, architectural uplighting and landscape lighting create a beautiful and balanced lighting effect. We will create the nighttime curb appeal at your Chagrin Falls OH home that other homes only dream of.

architectural uplighting Chagrin Falls OH

What architectural elements are visible on your home’s façade? Does your home feature columns, balconies or ornamental moldings? Do you have any bay windows, oriel windows or gable windows facing the front yard? Is your home’s façade made of stone, brick, stucco, cedar or siding? Your professional outdoor lighting designer will look for the architectural features, including texture, that will show up best with subtle illumination. You don’t need to worry about bright lights glaring in through your windows. Our lighting designers and installation technicians are trained, skilled and experienced. You can count on them to create a pleasing effect without disturbing glare.

For Your Outdoor Lighting Consultation, We Use Our Ears and Our Eyes

When you meet with us, your representative from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio will ask you about your goals for outdoor lighting at your home. We don’t just look around; we listen, too. Enhancing and showcasing the home’s exterior is usually high on a client’s list. One of the first things most clients ask us to do is accentuate the entrance to their home. Gone are the days of a single porch light beside the front door. For a warm and welcoming impression, we use better fixtures and more artistic techniques.

Who is the audience? Who will appreciate the enhanced beauty of your home’s façade when it is gently illuminated? First, you and your family! We want you to be pleased with your architectural lighting and appreciate its beauty and the dimension it adds to your home’s appearance. Then, your guests, friends and neighbors. Finally, anyone passing by on your street. With the dramatic effects of architectural uplighting, heads will turn! If your home looked ordinary before, it won’t when we are finished installing the lighting we design for you.

Chagrin Falls OH architectural uplighting

Architectural uplighting is perfect for every home, but it’s not the same at every home. That’s because each home is unique. After we listen to your outdoor lighting goals, we examine all of the architectural features along the front of your home. Is your home designed to look symmetrical or asymmetrical? Either way, we will use that design and enhance its effect.

Professionals Do It Best: Call Us for Architectural Uplighting Chagrin Falls OH Will Appreciate

We do want to caution you about taking a do-it-yourself approach to architectural uplighting. We know you’ve seen the outdoor lighting fixtures in the home improvement stores. You may have had someone tell you how easy they are to set up. What they don’t tell you is that if you are not talented, trained and experienced – specifically in outdoor lighting design – you’re bound to be disappointed with the results. This is one of those jobs you should leave to the professionals.

We are those professionals. We are the outdoor lighting specialists who design the kind of architectural uplighting Chagrin Falls OH has been waiting for. You don’t need to wait any longer.

When you hire Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to design and install your architectural lighting, you will appreciate our professionalism and our superior results. Our designs don’t just illuminate your home. They captivate the attention.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is the premier architectural uplighting installer in Chagrin Falls, OH, call us at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]</a.

Professional Landscape Lighting Showcases Your Medina, OH, Landscape All Year Long

Medina, OH, has more than its share of beautiful homes, and at night the most beautiful of all are the ones with professional landscape lighting. Year-round landscape lighting is one way to ensure your home maintains nighttime curb appeal! Even more enticing, though, is the warm welcome you receive when you return home to your beautifully-illuminated yard after dark. Whether you’re coming in from work, shopping or a holiday pageant, the cheerful greeting of landscape lighting never fails. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio wants you to have the nighttime curb appeal and warm greeting provided by professionally designed and installed landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting gives you more than curb appeal, though.

landscape lighting Medina OH

Landscape Lighting Showcases The Most Beautiful Features of Your Medina, OH, Landscape

  • If you have ornamental trees, uplighting into their leaves and branches can be exquisitely beautiful. We have different lighting techniques for different types of trees and other plantings.
  • If your passion is gardening, landscape lighting can feature your flowers in their glory. When you see your gardens illuminated at night, you’ll love the way their colors glow.
  • If you have any statues or other art pieces in your yard, landscape lighting can gently highlight them against the nighttime backdrop of darkness for a stunning effect.

Medina OH outdoor lighting

  • If you have a fountain or pond, add landscape lighting to create magic there.
  • If you love the effects of outdoor holiday lighting, you’ll love how landscape lighting can provide the warmth of holiday lighting all year long!

Landscape Lighting Gives You More Time Each Evening To Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Even if it’s too cold during the winter and you don’t give outdoor spaces much thought this time of year, think ahead to spring, summer and fall. During those seasons when you treasure the time you spend outdoors at home, landscape lighting can extend the number of hours you’ll enjoy the outdoors each night. Whether you have a deck, patio, pool or all of the above, landscape lighting makes all the difference after dark.

No longer will darkness send you indoors. Dining outdoors is more enjoyable when you have the special ambiance landscape lighting can provide. Entertaining outdoors is more fun with landscape lighting, especially if you include festive string lighting!

Medina OH landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting Increases Safety Around Your Yard At Night

Pathway lighting isn’t something people talk about, but it can be quite a valuable addition to your yard for safety’s sake. If you have any walkways or pathways laid out on your property, pathway lighting is essential. This includes a brick or paver walkway from your driveway to the porch front door. It also includes those stepping stones through your garden.

With pathway lighting you can provide safe passage for family and guests alike. No one likes the idea of taking a tumble because of an uneven paver or stepping stone. Eliminate that danger by providing illumination where people will be walking. Do you have an outdoor fireplace situated a distance away from your patio or deck? Pathway lighting will allow your guests to have sure footing as they gravitate to the magic of an outdoor fire feature.

landscape lighting installation Medina OH

Let Us Handle Your Landscape Lighting Installation in Medina, OH

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio has been designing and installing landscape lighting around Medina, OH, and all of Northern Ohio for more than a dozen years. Have you ever noticed a yard with landscape lighting that makes you say, “Wow,” and then noticed one that just makes you shrug? That is the difference professional outdoor lighting design and installation makes.

Our outdoor lighting designers and installers are one of the advantages we offer compared to other outdoor lighting companies. These lighting designers and technicians are talented and trained. With their skills based in experience, they will draw up and implement the perfect landscape lighting design for your yard. Every one of our lighting plans is custom designed for one home, because every home is unique.

Before we design landscape lighting for you, we will carefully study your property. We will also ask you to show us what features in your yard are your favorites. It’s important that landscape lighting be pleasing to you as well as to your friends and neighbors. When you call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio for your landscape lighting installation in Medina, OH, prepare to be very pleased!

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is the premier landscape lighting installer in Medina, OH, call us at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected].

While You May Take Pathway Lighting for Granted in Solon, OH, We Know it Creates Safety

Pathway lighting may be the most underappreciated form of professional outdoor lighting, but it’s a workhorse. It falls within the array of landscape lighting services we provide in Solon, OH, and throughout the greater Cleveland area. When we design and install landscape lighting for our clients, pathway lighting is almost always included in the project. Other forms of landscape lighting take center stage, though, usually because they seem more dramatic. In that situation, pathway lighting may feel like an afterthought, or nonessential. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

pathway lighting Solon OH

Making Safety One of Your Goals for Landscape Lighting at Your Home

Before Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio designs a landscape lighting plan for your yard, and before any lights are installed, we talk with you about your goals for outdoor lighting. Each home is unique, and homeowners have a variety of reasons they want to add landscape lighting to their property. The undeniable beauty of it is usually a primary motivation. Whether you call it nighttime curb appeal or just stunning, landscape lighting can make an elegant impression. And right there is where pathway lighting can be overlooked – by homeowners, but not by your outdoor lighting professionals.

When we first meet with you and talk about your goals for landscape lighting, if you don’t bring up pathway lighting, we will. It’s that important. Every Solon, OH, home should have pathway lighting. Gentle LED lights, low to the ground, should grace every walkway, driveway and path at your home. We call the purpose of these useful but overlooked lights safe passage. You want that.

path lighting installer Solon OH

While pathway lighting will contribute to the overall impression that you have a beautifully-illuminated home, its primary purpose is safety. Think for a moment about how easy it is to trip and fall on a brick walkway if even a tiny edge of brick juts out. Do you have stepping stones along a path in your yard? While they are quaint and make a lovely contribution to the garden, they can become uneven and dangerous. Finally, think about the driveway. Pathway lighting along your driveway will keep your guests – and your teenagers – from driving off the pavement and into the bushes by mistake.

Finding the Best Pathway Lighting Installer in Solon, OH

Right now you are looking at the website of the best pathway lighting installer in Solon, OH. We are Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio. We’ve been installing outdoor lighting, landscape lighting and pathway lighting in the Solon, OH, area for more than a dozen years. Outdoor lighting is all we do, and we are very good at it. Our lighting designers are skilled, trained and talented, and the same can be said for our technicians. When you specialize in a field like this, you become the experts that homeowners look to for a job done well.

Solon OH pathway lighting

Our approach to pathway lighting is to keep it subtle but effective. You don’t need a row of bright lights lining your driveway or the walkway to your front door. We will not try to install a runway at your home. No planes will land there as a result of our work. All we want to do is gently illuminate your pathways so your family and guests can see where they are placing each foot, one step at a time, as they walk through your yard. As your pathway lighting installer in Solon, OH, we feel responsible for your safety.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is the premier pathway lighting installer in Solon, OH, call us at (440) 247-6300 or email us or email us at [email protected] and we will get right back to you.

For Patio Lighting in Pepper Pike, OH … Would You Choose Ambiance or Party Lighting – Or Both?

What is a patio in Pepper Pike, OH, without patio lighting? A lot of quick answers come to mind. Dim. Dark. Boring. Uninviting. Uninspiring. A place you don’t really want to be in the evening …

Does that describe your Pepper Pike patio? Let’s see what we can do to turn it around!

patio lighting Pepper Pike OH

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, we love patio lighting! Nothing can transform your patio at night more than professionally designed and installed patio lighting. You can buy beautiful patio furniture and add colorful pillows and such, but without effective patio lighting it all disappears after dark. Candles are fun but they can’t quite carry off the task of lighting a patio beyond a flicker.

Time after time our clients tell us they were amazed at how much more often they used their patio in the evenings once they had patio lighting installed. We are never surprised to hear that.

What Kind of Patio Lighting Will You Select?

When our outdoor lighting designers meet with homeowners to talk about what kind of patio lighting they want for their home, we usually get two different answers – and then we have some clients who want both. Go for it!

outdoor lighting company Pepper Pike OH

  • Subtle Patio Lighting For Visibility, Ambiance and Safety

Many of our clients choose patio lighting for ambiance. Whether they want the mood to be romantic or just friendly and welcoming, they appreciate the effects of carefully-placed lighting.

Our lighting designers are just that, designers. Think of them as being like interior designers you might hire to decorate your home. Instead of working with fabric, floor coverings, furniture and art, they work with light. Your lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will visit your home and gather information by studying and measuring your patio.

Patio lighting is considered a form of landscape lighting. Your Pepper Pike, OH, lighting designer will take note of any nearby trees, especially if you have trees with branches overhanging the patio, where lights might be installed. They will also take note of shrubs or flower beds lining the patio, as well as container gardens on your patio.

Pepper Pike OH outdoor lighting company

Subtle lighting tucked here and there is so much more appealing than a few bright spotlights on your patio. Our goal is to provide just enough light, but not too much. We also make an effort to have the effects of the lighting draw your attention rather than the actual lights themselves.

When we achieve the right level of ambiance with lighting, we add visibility to your patio in the process. Just enough, but not too much. We also address any safety issues where lighting might make your patio safer at night. An example of this would be a multi-level patio where lighting will help you and your guests see a step down or a step up.

outdoor lighting installer Pepper Pike OH

  • Festive Patio Lighting for Special Occasions and Everyday Fun

When we talk about party lighting, we’re talking about strings of LED bulbs that we install to ring or criss-cross overhead to create a festive vibe around your patio. For this we look for places we can attach a string of lights, for example the eaves of your home, a pergola or a tree. We will make it work!

While you might have these festive string lights installed for a party or other special event, once they’re up, most of our clients don’t want to have them removed. Any evening can feel like a special occasion when you have festive string lighting around your patio. The good news is our high-quality string lighting is made to be permanent and can stay up year-round. These lights are made to withstand all kinds of weather.

Pepper Pike outdoor lighting design

  • Why Choose Just One? Have it Your Way … Have it All!

As your patio lighting installer in Pepper Pike OH, we have the technology to install landscape lighting for patio ambiance and festive party lighting, too, on two different switches. You can have both! On any given night, you can select subtle lighting for ambiance or festive lights for a party … or you can turn both on at the same time. It’s your home, so you can do that!

Look No Further for Your Patio Lighting Installer in Pepper Pike OH

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is local; we’re nearby, and we want to design and install your Pepper Pike patio lighting. We usually include patio lighting as part of a landscape lighting project for other parts of your yard, as well, so let us know if that’s something you’re interested in, too.

Our professional lighting designers and installers use the highest quality outdoor lighting fixtures when we install landscape lighting at your home. Because outdoor lighting is all we do, we are better at it than companies that specialize in other work, such as landscaping, and provide outdoor lighting as a sideline. Our lighting designers and installers are talented, trained and experienced, and their work is impeccable.

We use LED lighting because of its pleasing color and amazing energy efficiency. These outdoor lights will not burn up your electric bill! Finally, we provide the best warranties anywhere on transformers, LED bulbs and fixtures.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is the most trusted patio lighting installation expert in Pepper Pike, OH, call us at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected].

For Beachwood OH Landscape Lighting, Go LED and Low-Voltage with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio

Can’t you just hear your Beachwood, OH, home crying out for low-voltage landscape lighting? It wants to be seen, wants to be noticed, wants to be appreciated from the street.

Beachwood OH landscape lighting

If you don’t have landscape lighting installed at your Beachwood, OH, home, you may not realize how beautiful your property could be if it were gently illuminated at night. Spotlights judiciously placed to highlight the canopy of your most beautiful trees could turn your front yard into a magical showplace after dark. When landscape lighting looks that good, we call it “nighttime curb appeal.” You want that.

Besides showing off your home, landscape lighting would increase safety for guests as well as family with low-set path lights lining your driveway. In the back yard, landscape lighting around your deck, patio or pool would extend the amount of time you could enjoy your outdoor living spaces after dark.

landscape lighting Beachwood OH

Doing your research: Seek out homes with landscape lighting

This is what we recommend: Select a few of your favorite neighborhoods in the Beachwood area and drive through them searching for homes with landscape lighting. Each time you spot a good example of landscape lighting that grabs your attention and makes you wish your property looked that great, make a mental note of what you see.

Sometimes landscape lighting creates such a dramatic overall impression it’s hard to focus on the specifics. When that happens, it means the landscape lighting was designed and installed by professionals, not amateurs. Somebody knew what they were doing there. You’ve heard the expression, “more than the sum of its parts.” That’s the effect the best landscape lighting creates. You don’t see the individual parts as much as you see the overall impact of a job well done. Most landscape lighting installed by the homeowner without training or experience does not look that good.

Beachwood OH outdoor lighting installer

Understanding voltage: Why landscape lighting is referred to as low-voltage

Most U.S. homeowners are familiar with standard electrical current in our homes being 120 volts. LED outdoor lighting, however, uses only 12 volts of electrical current. You can think of volts as the electrical version of water pressure. With outdoor light fixtures made to run on 12 volts, you certainly don’t want to feed them 120 volts! Of course, you don’t need to worry about that; Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio will make sure you have the right fixtures powered by the correct voltage.

For today’s landscape lighting, we recommend low-voltage LED lights for several reasons. LEDs produce a warm, pleasing color, are durable and have a longer bulb life than older lighting technologies. However, the biggest reason to use LED for your landscape lighting is the energy savings. LED landscape lighting uses up to 80% less energy, which means your monthly utility bills will be much lower than if you used halogen or incandescent landscape lighting.

While transformer is the name of a popular children’s toy, in the business of outdoor lighting it’s the piece of equipment we use to convert 120 volt household current to 12 volts. Again, this isn’t something you need to worry about. You can trust that your professional landscape lighting designer and installer with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will properly convert the voltage for your Beachwood home’s landscape lighting.

low-voltage outdoor lighting Beachwood OH

Selecting your vendor: The best low-voltage landscape lighting installer in Beachwood OH

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is the company you want to design and install your low-voltage LED landscape lighting in Beachwood. We are local. We are highly experienced and well trained. We know how to design beautiful landscape lighting to show off your home most effectively. We won’t place excessive or glaring lights around your yard. Our talented outdoor lighting designers are truly artists working with light instead of paints or other artists’ materials.

For the most beautiful low-voltage landscape lighting in Beachwood OH, you need to call the best low-voltage landscape lighting installer in Beachwood OH. It’s just that simple. To understand how respected our professional lighting designers and installers are, be sure to read our customer reviews. You can find them by scrolling to the bottom of our Home page or looking at the Customer Reviews page on our website.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is the most trusted low-voltage landscape lighting installer in Beachwood, OH, call us at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected].

Proud to Assist with "A Night at Hiram Farm," Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio Gives Back to Our Community

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio was thrilled to help out with this annual fundraiser at Hiram Farm Living and Learning Community in Hiram, OH. In case you are not familiar with this organization, the farm is a nonprofit organization providing services for adults with developmental disabilities, with an emphasis on Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio

The annual fundraising event, called A Night at Hiram Farm: A Farm to Table Dinner, took place on Saturday, September 22 this year. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio provided all of the outdoor lighting for this dinner, a favorite event for community members from miles around. Altogether, we provided outdoor lighting for the driveway, the large festival tent and the parking area.

This year’s fundraiser sold out two weeks prior to the event! 260 guests were on hand for the unique farm-to-table dinner featuring organic foods grown at Hiram Farm. The meal was prepared by local chefs.

A Night at Hiram Farm

In addition to the delicious dinner itself, guests enjoyed live music by two bands, The Celtic Clan and Tinnitus the Knight. The crisp, early autumn evening was perfect; we could not have asked for better weather. Guests were able to participate in basket drawings, 50/50 raffle, a craft sale and a name-the-donkey contest. A bonfire completed the evening as only a bonfire can.

All proceeds benefit Hiram Farm Living and Learning Community and the farmers directly to support Hiram Farm’s mission. The farm allows adults with developmental disabilities to grow, learn, work and live in a setting focused on respect and support for individuals and the environment.

Funds raised help to ensure that the Hiram Farm Living and Learning Community will be able to provide employment opportunities and therapeutic activities people with autism so desperately need for many years to come. The farm also offers an art therapy program, a weaving program and a ceramics program. The farmhouse features a gallery where participants’ crafts are sold.

To contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio for a no-obligation outdoor lighting design consultation, give us a call at (440) 247-6300 or drop us an email and we will get right back to you.

Deck Lighting Installation in Brunswick, Ohio

Working all day means we only have nighttime to relax and enjoy what we’ve worked so hard to obtain. Do you have enough lighting to have a good time on your deck or patio? What can professionally installed lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio do for you?

deck lighting Brunswick OH

Extend the usability of your living space to the outdoors

Proper lighting means that instead of making a mess indoors, you can fire up the grill and fix a healthy dinner for your family with much less cleanup. You can even enjoy the meal on the patio table while soaking up the scenery and calming effects of nature. Maybe decompressing in the jacuzzi outside with your significant other or lounging on inviting patio chairs with your favorite drink is more your thing. In all cases, good lighting on your deck or patio means you can enjoy more of the simpler things in life.

patio lighting Brunswick OH

Our professional outdoor deck and patio lighting installer in Brunswick, OH can ensure you make the most of your space.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio’s customized lighting design experts make sure the level, angles and amount of illumination are just right for you and your family. And with us, you never have to worry about a thing because we provide maintenance and repair if needed.

deck and patio lighting installation Brunswick OH

Create a safe space to have fun

With the summer solstice long behind us and fall right in front of us, the hours of daylight continue to diminish rapidly. Fumbling around your patio in poor to no lighting makes it an uninviting and even dangerous place to be. Let our professional lighting installer in Brunswick, OH, and surrounding areas install your outdoor deck and patio lighting so it can be a safe haven and a natural extension of your home. When you have a celebration or dinner party, it’ll keep things interesting by letting your guests meander outside as the sun sets, instead of just dying out.

Brunswick OH patio lighting

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is the most trusted deck and patio lighting installer in Brunswick, Ohio, give us a call at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

The Right Outdoor Lighting Designer AND Installer Makes All the Difference in Westlake, OH

If your Westlake, OH, home doesn’t have professional outdoor lighting installed, your friends, neighbors and guests may know your home is there, but they can barely see it at night. They certainly can’t see its beauty, its architectural features and the landscaping that you proudly show off during the daytime. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio can help you turn your home around from nighttime invisibility to nighttime curb appeal and increased outdoor enjoyment.

Westlake OH outdoor lighting

Why You Will Love the Addition of Outdoor Lighting at Your Westlake OH Home

Having professional outdoor lighting installed at your Westlake home simply takes the good life to the next level. You’ve worked hard to create a beautiful home for your family with gorgeous landscaping and upscale lifestyle amenities. Adding high-quality, carefully-planned outdoor lighting enables you to enjoy your home even more. Now, share that joy with family, friends and neighbors.

Westlake homeowners experience many benefits when they add top-notch outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio. For now, we want to focus on two of those benefits: making your outdoors more enjoyable and welcoming guests at your home. These are two of the reasons your fellow Westlake homeowners mention most frequently when they tell us how thrilled they are with their new outdoor lighting installation.

outdoor lighting in Westlake Ohio

  • You’ve created the outdoor living spaces you wanted for your home … what if you could enjoy them even more than you do now? What if your patio had that inviting, relaxing ambiance that you can only obtain from artfully-designed landscape lighting around the patio? What if your deck had just the right level of ambient lighting that allowed you to enjoy dining outdoors where you could see your food and the faces of your guests? What if your pool had colorful lights dancing on the surface of the water and soft white light dancing among the landscaping surrounding the pool area? Your enjoyment of these special areas around your home would increase exponentially with outdoor lighting. Your guests would never want to leave when you entertained outdoors.

outdoor lighting design Westlake OH

  • “Nighttime curb appeal” is one way to describe the genuine welcome your guests will experience as they pull up to your home when it’s tastefully-adorned with elegant outdoor lighting. It doesn’t take a lot of illumination to show off the beautiful architectural features of your home. When our professional outdoor lighting designers create a lighting plan for your home’s exterior, your guests will feel like you’ve rolled out the red carpet for them. From the end of the driveway to the front door, and across the sweep of your front lawn, gentle illumination will draw them closer and make them glad to be among those invited.

Why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the Outdoor Lighting Installer Westlake, Ohio, Homeowners Should Call

To achieve the subtle effects described above for your outdoor living spaces, and the stunning effects of nighttime curb appeal, you can’t purchase your outdoor lighting just anywhere. Compare this process to having a talented interior decorator create a room-by-room design for your home that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Similarly, a professional lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio will walk your property with you and learn the effects you would like to create outdoors. Outdoor room by outdoor room, the custom-designed lighting plan we create for your home’s exterior will reflect your lifestyle and what’s most important to you at home.

designing an outdoor lighting system in Westlake OH

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been serving homeowners in the northern Ohio area for over 12 years. We create new lighting plans and we service lighting systems that were installed by other companies. We have the talent and experience to use various types of outdoor lighting fixtures where they will be most effective on your property. Because outdoor lighting is all we do, your home’s lighting design and installation will have our complete focus.

We use outdoor lighting fixtures of a higher quality than what you’ll find in the home improvement stores. If you have an older lighting system, we can retrofit your fixtures to use the most advanced, pleasing and energy-efficient LED technology. We are always up to date on the newest lighting technology, and you will be, too, with our advanced lighting control automation features. Finally, at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives we give our customers warranties on transformers, LED bulbs and fixtures. No other outdoor lighting company in the greater Cleveland area can match our knowledge, our service and our warranties.

outdoor lighting installation Westlake OH

We hope you see now why we are the outdoor lighting installer Westlake, Ohio, homeowners trust to deliver outdoor lighting custom designed with taste and grace.

To contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio for a no-obligation outdoor lighting design consultation, give us a call at (440) 247-6300 or drop us an email and we will get right back to you.

Buzzards and Outdoor Lighting in Hinckley OH Have More in Common than You May Think

We predict the township of Hinckley, OH, currently known for its relationship with the amazing buzzard, will one day also be known for the beauty of its outdoor lighting. Now, every year on March 15, the buzzards return. In the future, every evening, all year, the township will come together by turning on the outdoor lights each homeowner and business owner has had installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio.

A crazy dream? Maybe. But we believe with your help it’s a dream we can make come true. With your help, the natural beauty of every home in Hinckley, OH, will be enhanced by the gentle glow of outdoor lighting. Every landscape will feature subtle lighting on the most spectacular trees, shrubs and flower gardens. Every outdoor living area will be increasingly enjoyable as homeowners are not forced inside by the arrival of darkness each night. Every café and restaurant patio will beckon patrons with the magic and intoxication of special outdoor lighting.

Hinckley OH outdoor lighting

Where to Find Your Outdoor Lighting Installer in Hinckley, Ohio

To locate the best outdoor lighting installer in the area, word of mouth is usually an excellent indicator. If you have a friend or neighbor in Hinckley who has had outdoor lighting installed at their home or business, ask them who installed their lighting. If you don’t know anyone to ask, give us a call and we can share references, the names and numbers of people and businesses for whom we have installed outdoor lighting.

If you talk with several outdoor lighting companies in and around Hinckley, OH, ask each one the same questions so you can draw a fair comparison. How long have they been in the business of outdoor lighting? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio has been installing outdoor lighting here for more than 12 years. Does the company focus on lighting full-time, or is it an extra service they provide on the side? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives does nothing but outdoor lighting. We are outdoor lighting specialists.

outdoor lighting Hinckley OH

Does the company provide a broad spectrum of outdoor lighting services including design, installation and maintenance? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives does. We provide the first year of maintenance included with the cost of your installation, and we offer a reasonable annual maintenance plan after the first year. Does the company use high-quality light fixtures you cannot find in home improvement stores? Does the company give their customers warranties on transformers, LED bulbs and fixtures? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio does all of these things. When you find Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, you have found your outdoor lighting installer in Hinckley, Ohio.

Why You Need Outdoor Lighting in Hinckley, Ohio

Before long, you will need outdoor lighting if you don’t want to be one of the few homes or businesses in Hinckley without it. But until then, we can suggest several other reasons why you need to have outdoor lighting installed.

outdoor lighting in Hinckley OH

Welcome your guests. Nothing says “Welcome” better than gentle lighting around your driveway, your front door and your front walkway—and architectural lighting to enhance the beauty of y our home’s facade.

Create a safer environment. Visitors and family members alike will have an easier time making their way around your property if you have path lighting to illuminate the walkways and steps at your home.

Extend the hours of enjoyment you spend using your outdoor living spaces. That’s right, with landscape lighting around your patio, deck or pool area, you won’t need to go inside when the sun sets. If you want to make the most of our precious mild evenings in northern Ohio, outdoor lighting will be your new best friend.

outdoor lighting installer Hinckley OH

These reasons for embracing outdoor lighting only skim the surface of the delight our customers take in enjoying their yard and gardens after dark with landscape lighting. If you would like to hear more reasons for installing outdoor lighting, call us for a free lighting design consultation so we can talk with you in depth.

The return of the buzzards to Hinckley every year on March 15 heralds the beginning of spring in the area. The return of your professional lighting technician from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio each year will signal another year of customer satisfaction with outdoor lighting and our annual maintenance plan. We will be as faithful as Hinckley’s buzzards.

To contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio for a no-obligation outdoor lighting design consultation, give us a call at (440) 247-6300 or drop us an email and we will get right back to you.

Let Beauty and Magic Drive Your Outdoor Lighting Decision in Boston Heights, OH

Life is good in Boston Heights, OH, except for one thing: Too few homeowners have installed professional outdoor lighting at their homes. We’re not sure why, but we suspect it’s because everyone is so comfortable in this tight-knit village. With a low crime rate, perhaps homeowners don’t see a need for outdoor lighting.

There is some logic to that point of view, but if that’s the way you perceive life in Boston Heights, let us turn that around for you. The decision to install outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be driven by fear. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio can suggest several more pleasant reasons why homeowners in nearby cities and towns have embraced outdoor lighting. Following are just a few.

Boston Heights OH outdoor lighting

5 Reasons to Install Outdoor Lighting in Boston Heights, OH

  • Outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your home at night.
  • Outdoor lighting replaces darkness with nighttime curb appeal that is warm and welcoming.
  • Outdoor lighting creates safe passage along your walkways and steps, eliminating tripping hazards.
  • Outdoor lighting increases the number of hours you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces.
  • Outdoor lighting increases your enjoyment of your landscaping and special features in your yard.

We could supply you with additional reasons, but even with this shortlist you can already envision the possibilities of how outdoor lighting can transform your home at night.

One word of caution: Professional. When we refer to outdoor lighting, we are specifically referring to professional outdoor lighting, not lights that you would pick up at a hardware store. The difference is amazing. With professional outdoor lighting, a trained and experienced outdoor lighting designer will draw up a lighting plan for your property by visiting with you at your home. Our lighting designer will walk the property with you and talk about your favorite elements in your yard and your goals for outdoor lighting. Each lighting plan we design is unique.

Boston Heights Ohio outdoor lighting

After visiting your property, our designer will create an outdoor lighting plan specifically for your home. The lights are installed by experienced outdoor lighting technicians under the direction of the lighting designer. We aren’t playing around. This is serious business for us. When you trust us to enhance the beauty of your home and your yard at night, we will not disappoint you.

We love to see the look on the homeowners’ faces when we turn on their outdoor lighting for the first time. The transformation is remarkable. Outdoor lighting brings your home’s façade out of shadows and creates a magical interplay of light and dark in your yard. Focal features that we have illuminated throughout your landscape gain a new dimension.

Selecting Your Outdoor Lighting Installer in Boston Heights, OH

How will you select the company to design and install your outdoor lighting? We have a series of questions for you to consider. (If you want to skip the questions, jump ahead and call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio at 440-247-6300.)

  • How long has the company been in business? You want an outdoor lighting company that has been pleasing customers for over a decade in the Greater Cleveland area. That’s Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio. Locally we have been transforming homes and businesses for over 12 years. As a nationwide company, we have been illuminating homes and commercial properties for 20 years.

outdoor lighting in Boston Heights OH

  • Does the company focus full-time on outdoor lighting, or is it a side job for them? You know you can rely on the expertise of a company that focuses entirely on one business, outdoor lighting. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, outdoor lighting is all we do.
  • Does the company provide a full range of services including lighting design, installation and maintenance? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio offers an annual maintenance plan to keep your lighting installation looking as great as the day it was first installed. We also service lighting that was installed by another company, and we can upgrade older lighting to the more energy-efficient LED technology.
  • Does the company use high-quality brass and copper fixtures and provide warranties on transformers, LED bulbs and fixtures? The fixtures we use are professional grade and you won’t find them in a home improvement store. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ warranties are the best in the outdoor lighting business.

outdoor lighting near me Boston Heights Ohio

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is the premier outdoor lighting installer in Boston Heights, OH. We will be happy to provide you with references if you would like to speak with our clients about their experience with our work. Or drive around at night and look at some of our outdoor lighting installations. They are very convincing!

To contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio for a no-obligation outdoor lighting design consultation, give us a call at (440) 247-6300 or drop us an email and we will get right back to you.

Outdoor Lighting in Hudson, OH: The Intersection of History and Innovation

When we hear that Hudson, OH, blends history and tradition with innovation, what does that mean to individuals in homes and neighborhoods of this quaint but dynamic city? We can only answer from the perspective of an outdoor lighting company because that is what we are: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio. To us, blending history and tradition with innovation looks like well-appointed historic homes on tree-lined residential streets tastefully showcased with the most exquisite outdoor lighting technology can offer.

outdoor lighting Hudson OH

Hudson, OH, calls itself a thriving suburb with innovation on every corner. In the world of residential outdoor lighting, innovation means using the newest technology when it will improve efficiency and enhance the effects of outdoor lighting at your home. That is exactly how we use technology in our work as professional outdoor lighting designers. Who benefits? You do—the homeowner who wants a “smart” outdoor lighting system that, while using the latest LED technology, just makes the house and yard look amazing.

Hudson Ohio outdoor lighting

Beautiful Historic Homes Look Even More Beautiful with Today’s LED Lighting

It’s difficult to improve on a beautiful home, but with architectural lighting we can do that. We use artfully placed outdoor lighting to enhance the beauty that is built into your home’s facade. The combination of the home’s architectural features and the play of light and shadow can be quite stunning. Today’s LED technology for outdoor lighting must take some of the credit. Our professional lighting designers can pinpoint just the right level of light to bathe your home in a gentle, welcoming glow without overstating the intent or appearing brassy.

Now, we know that not every beautiful home in Hudson, OH, is historic. The city has its share of gorgeous new homes, too. The luxurious benefits of architectural lighting apply to homes of any era.

In addition to illuminating your home’s façade, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio has an entire repertoire of landscape lighting techniques to showcase the best features of your yard. Landscape lighting combined with architectural lighting will put your home on the map of beautiful places to drive by at night in Hudson, OH.

outdoor lighting company near me Hudson Ohio

Technology Brings LED and LCA Together for Savings and Convenience

Outdoor lighting technology is what brings Hudson, OH, and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio together. You probably know that LED stands for light-emitting diode. Did you know that LED is quickly taking over the outdoor lighting platform and replacing halogen lights? There are several reasons for that development. Here are a few:

More energy efficient: LED lighting uses at least 80% less energy than prior lighting technologies. If you switch from halogen lights to LED, you will see a drop in your electricity bill each month.

Longer-lasting bulbs: An LED bulb can last for 50,000 hours. That is 5.7 years IF the bulb is turned on 24 hours a day. At a more reasonable usage of 8 hours per night, the LED bulb could last up to 18 years, a substantial cost savings as you purchase fewer replacement bulbs.

More environmentally friendly: Energy-efficient lighting means fewer energy resources are used for lighting in our communities. Longer-lasting bulbs mean less waste. LED bulbs do not contain toxic chemicals like some light bulbs do.

Now, what about LCA? LCA stands for Lighting Control Automation, another way technology improves our use of outdoor (and indoor) lighting. With LCA, you can program your outdoor lights to turn on and off when you want them to. No more evenings when you smack your forehead at 11 p.m. as you realize your forgot to turn on the outdoor lighting. Here are a few of the tricks LCA can perform for your family:

• Create “zones” to control groups of lights inside and outside
• Dim lights in a specific zone
• Have your outdoor lights come on automatically at dusk and go off at dawn
• Turn off all of your lights from central keypads
• Set “zones” where your lights will turn on and off so your home looks occupied
• Reset your lighting for daylight savings time

outdoor lighting company near Hudson Ohio

Selecting an Outdoor Lighting Installer in Hudson, OH

By now you are probably convinced that every home in Hudson, OH, whether it’s historic or new, needs cutting edge professional outdoor lighting. Your next step is selecting an outdoor lighting installer in Hudson, OH. Let us direct your attention to this video about Selecting an Outdoor Lighting Company. Also, please take a look at the overwhelming testimonials at the bottom section of our Home page. We feel certain you will select Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio for the honors of illuminating your home each evening.

To contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio for a no-obligation outdoor lighting design consultation, give us a call at (440) 247-6300 or drop us an email and we will get right back to you.

It's A Great Night to Have Outdoor Lighting in Avon Lake, OH

We’ve all heard, “It’s a great day to be in Avon Lake!” … but what about nights? While the homes in Avon Lake, OH, are exquisite, can you see them at night? Can you appreciate and enjoy driving by them on your way home at night? Is your home one of those that goes dark at night?

There are still quite a few homes here whose owners have not yet discovered the wonders of outdoor lighting in Avon Lake, OH. This concerns us because each home that goes dark at night takes away a little bit of glamour from all of us. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, we really won’t rest until every homeowner in Avon Lake has discovered outdoor lighting.

outdoor lighting in Avon Lake OH

Why Every Home in Avon Lake, OH, Should Have Professional Outdoor Lighting

Yes, we do mean every home. From the grandest of the grand to those more modest dwellings, every home has intrinsic beauty that deserves to be shared. Whether your home has several attractive architectural features, or more than you can count, all of these attributes should be bathed in a warm, welcoming light. It’s not just for the neighbors and those driving by, it’s for you, too! When your home is enhanced with outdoor lighting, you feel a little lift each time you return at night to a beautifully illuminated home. We want everyone to know that feeling!

Every Avon Lake Home Needs Increased Safety

From a completely practical standpoint, outdoor lighting increases the safety of a home’s residents as well as its guests. Even if you’re familiar with the driveway, the walkway to the door and the steps, insufficient lighting leaves you vulnerable to tripping when you can’t see your way. Whether you have too much to carry or your head is in the clouds, adequate lighting can help you gauge the distance between one step and the next. Your guests who are not familiar with your walkways and steps will appreciate safety lighting immensely.

exterior home lighting in Avon Lake Ohio

Every Avon Lake Home Needs Its Beauty to be Appreciated

You have a beautiful home! At night, without professional outdoor lighting, we just can’t see it. Think of it this way: in the daytime, your house exudes curb appeal. With correctly designed and installed architectural lighting, your home retains its curb appeal after the sun sets.

Next time you see a home with outdoor lighting, slow down or even stop to admire it. What do you see? The soft lights bring out the texture of the home’s façade no matter what materials make up the exterior. An arch over the doorway, an interesting roofline, a bay window, arresting stone pillars—all of these architectural elements are brought forward with lighting for you to see and appreciate. Outdoor lighting in Avon Lake, OH enriches everyone who sees it.

Every Avon Lake Home Needs its Outdoor Living Spaces to be Enjoyed

Have you thought about how much more you could use your outdoor living spaces if they were adequately lighted? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio uses landscape lighting around a patio, deck or pool area to create a relaxing ambiance while also increasing safety in those areas. If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, the addition of outdoor lighting there will probably double the amount of entertaining you can do. So many times we hear of people trying to dine al fresco after dark without sufficient lighting. Your guests will enjoy the experience so much more if they can see their food, see who they’re talking with and see their way to walk around.

Avon Lake OH outdoor lighting

Why You Will Want Our Landscape Lighting to Transform your Avon Lake Property

Landscape lighting can be absolutely magical and will transform any yard. In order to produce that kind of magic, we go about the process very methodically. Instead of illuminating everything in your yard, we will be more selective. We always consult with the homeowners to see what trees or gardens they want to illuminate, and we may select additional trees and shrubs to light as well.

Even one tree, illuminated effectively, can transform an entire yard. If you have any statues or sculpture in your yard, don’t resist the opportunity to feature those with focal lighting. Fountains and water features are also magical when illuminated at night. The relaxing ambiance of subtle landscape lighting combines with the trickling sound of water to create a meditative experience you will not forget. Let outdoor lighting in Avon Lake, OH transform the way you experience your home’s landscape at night.

outdoor lighting company Avon Lake OH

To contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio for a no-obligation outdoor lighting design consultation, give us a call at (440) 247-6300 or drop us an email and we will get right back to you.

Come in From the Tiki Torch Era to Enjoy Professional Patio Lighting This Summer

Sometimes you enjoy sitting on your patio in the dark, but more often you like to see who you’re sitting there with and where you set your beverage down. Conversations are more enjoyable when you can see facial expressions. When you don’t have enough light to see your beverage, you’re likely to accidentally knock it over, which means you’ll have to go inside and get another one.

If the above scenario sounds the least bit familiar to you, it’s time to investigate professional patio lighting. Even worse, if you’re still trying to get satisfactory light out of tiki torches or citronella candles, it’s time to investigate professional patio lighting.

While patio lighting is available as a stand-alone service, most clients of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio select patio lighting as part of a mix of landscape lighting services. If you could choose just one type of landscape lighting, what would it be? For many people in Solon, OH, that would be lighting for the patio.

patio lighting Solon OH

What, Exactly, is Patio Lighting?

As we mentioned above, patio lighting is primarily landscape lighting in the patio area. How we design the lighting around your patio depends on what types of landscaping you have there and what other hardscape features you have. Let’s look at some of the possibilities:

  • Do you have shrubs encircling your patio? We can use small light fixtures at the edge of shrubbery to cast a bit of light around the outside of the patio. They’re the same fixtures we use for path lighting because they’re small enough to tuck right up next to the base of the shrubs.

outdoor lighting company Solon Ohio

  • Do you have any trees with branches overhanging the patio? Ah, the trees. We have a special effect we call moonlighting we can use when tree branches extend over the area to be lit. We install small lights high in the tree to shine down through branches and leaves. The effect is magical, hypnotic and dramatic. When the night is still, you’ll see flecks of light and shadow across the surface of the patio. When there’s a breeze, the tiny shadows will dance and sway. You’ll swear there is a full moon out every night of the year.
  • Do you have container gardens around your patio? Container gardens provide an amazing way to enjoy a mixture of plant textures and colors in a relatively small presentation. We can use lighting fixtures small enough to tuck into those container gardens. The result is a soft glow that helps to illuminate the patio without overwhelming the space with too much light.
  • Do you have a seating wall or planters built into your patio? By now you are realizing that we can use small lights placed strategically to create an overall effect. Our patio lighting techniques include placing small LED lights under bench seating and at each end of the seating wall itself. We light built-in planters the same way we do container gardens.
  • Do you have an outdoor kitchen built into your patio area? Now we’re getting away from landscape lighting, but that’s OK, we’re still talking about patio lighting. An outdoor kitchen not only presents additional opportunities for lighting installation, it also provides additional necessity for lighting. You want to be able to see what you’re doing out there.

deck lighting company Solon OH

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Patio Lighting?

The last thing you want around your patio is the glare of spotlights. A little bit of outdoor lighting goes a long way, so we are careful not to over-light. Our goal is to create a gently-illuminated area with a relaxing ambiance, a place where family and friends gravitate at the end of the day.

Is Nighttime The Best Time to Enjoy Your Patio?

It’s up for debate, but many people do believe the best time to enjoy a patio is at night. During the summer, especially, sometimes it feels too hot outside to enjoy the patio until the sun goes down. Those who work late or have a long daily commute may not even get home until after sunset. They are entitled to enjoy their patios, too! All they need is a little patio lighting to make it right.

Solon OH deck lighting company

Dining al fresco with friends on the patio? There is something incredibly relaxing about lingering over the end of the meal, enjoying tea or wine while the sun starts to set. When you have patio lighting, you won’t need to move indoors after dark. It’s our opinion—and we are biased—that patio lighting in Solon, OH, is truly a necessity. That goes for the rest of northern Ohio, too, by the way.

Where do you go to find the best patio lighting in Solon, OH?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, of course! You won’t find it at the home improvement stores or with a landscaping company that does outdoor lighting as a sideline. Outdoor lighting is all we do, and we’re passionate about doing it right. You won’t find a better outdoor lighting company around. We have served the northern Ohio area for over a dozen years and have a client base that would go nowhere else.

To contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio for a no-obligation outdoor lighting design consultation, give us a call at (440) 247-6300 or drop us an email and we will get right back to you.

Count on Professionals to Bring the Artistry of Outdoor Lighting to Your Aurora, OH, Home

Aurora, OH, has more than its share of elegant homes, to the extent that Aurora itself seems like a showplace of unique and beautiful residences. Have you seen the homes that are illuminated at night with outdoor lighting? Lighting done just right—professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting—can take your breath away. The word we usually hear from clients after we complete a lighting installation in Aurora is stunning.

Aurora OH outdoor lighting

Enhancing the Beauty of Your Home

We can’t take all of the credit. While Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio does contribute artistic design and technical expertise to that effect, the homes themselves are already beautiful. Our role is to artfully enhance that beauty by illuminating each home’s most interesting, beautiful or dramatic elements. Our lighting designers know how to tease the interaction of light and shadow when we illuminate the architectural features of your home or highlight selected features on your property.

Professional outdoor lighting is an art, much like the artistry of interior decorating. You rely on the talents and skills of a decorator, and you appreciate their artistic eye and their feeling for contrast, depth and dimension. Likewise, outdoors, our lighting designers display their talent and skill as they showcase your landscape and your home’s exterior at night.

outdoor lighting company Aurora OH

Appreciating Outdoor Lighting in Aurora, Ohio

What you may notice when you see your home illuminated for the first time, when the switch is flipped and the lights come on, is how much better it looks. What we mean is how much better it looks now that you can see it, compared to the appearance when it was engulfed in darkness and shadow. It’s not the difference between night and day, it’s the difference between seen and unseen.

If you take the time to look more closely, you will begin to notice more details about the effect the lighting has on your home’s architecture and landscape. The lighting picks up textures on your home’s façade that you may not notice in the daylight. Across your landscape, with your most beautiful trees and flowers gently illuminated, you notice a new dimension created where featured trees and plants are brought forward while others recede into shadow.

Combining a Variety of Outdoor Lighting Techniques

The best professional outdoor lighting is a confluence of architectural lighting and landscape lighting and includes lighting your outdoor living areas, too. Some people think outdoor lighting is only used in the front, but if your deck, patio and pool are in the back of the home, you need lighting there also. Let’s look at a few types of professional outdoor lighting for your Aurora, OH, home.

  • Architectural Lighting – We will carefully position gentle, not glaring, lights to illuminate the most interesting features of your home’s façade. The effect reveals texture not noticed in daylight.
  • Landscape Lighting – Subtle highlights focus on the most beautiful trees and other plantings, turning your property into a magical display of quiet beauty. We also illuminate water features, fire features and statues to increase your enjoyment of these treasures on your property.

Aurora Ohio outdoor lighting company

  • Path Lighting – As much for safety as beauty, we want to provide light for safe footing as people arrive at your home or walk about. Any pathways, walkways or steps are candidates for path lighting, especially stepping stones.
  • Pool Lighting – A bit of landscape lighting around your pool area will increase safety and create an ambiance to make anyone a fan of the midnight swim.
  • Deck and Patio Lighting – Decks offer unique opportunities for lighting: tiny lights on stair risers for safety, down-lights on posts at the top of the steps and a few lights placed at intervals under the deck railing. Patio lighting is more like pool lighting in that we work with the landscape that surrounds your patio to create the ambiance you desire.

landscape lighting Aurora OH

Is there no end to outdoor lighting in Aurora, Ohio? The list above does not cover every possible application of outdoor lighting at your home. When we visit your home for a design consultation, we’ll talk about all of the many benefits of professional outdoor lighting we can bring to your home.

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Show Your Neighbors What Outdoor LED Lighting in Medina, OH, Is All About

Do you believe outdoor lighting is under-appreciated in Medina, OH? How many homeowners in your immediate neighborhood have installed professional outdoor lighting around their home and yard? If you had outdoor lighting installed at your home today, would you be the first on your street to do so?

Medina Ohio outdoor lighting

It’s likely that you, and more of your neighbors, would hire a professional outdoor lighting company such as Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio if you knew more about the benefits of outdoor lighting. We would also like you to know more about our process, our superior lighting fixtures and our great customer service.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting in Medina, OH

There is a long list of benefits to having outdoor lighting professionally installed at your home, and most of them center around two things: beauty and safety. Some clients appreciate adding some safety with their beauty (think nighttime curb appeal) and some like adding beauty with their safety. Which group would you belong to?

  • Beauty: If you’ve worked hard or invested money making your yard and your home beautiful, you will really love being able to appreciate the results at night as well. Nighttime curb appeal is more dramatic than in daytime, so your friends and neighbors will appreciate it, too. Being able to sit out on your deck or patio at night for the pure enjoyment of gazing at your beautiful gardens is a special luxury more people should have. Landscape lighting is one of our specialties.
  • Safety and Security: If you’ve ever seen anyone trip over a stepping stone or uneven spot in a garden path, you know the increased safety offered by path lighting. We use path lighting to eliminate tripping hazards in your yard. We also believe that outdoor lighting can be used to deter potential intruders.
  • Increased enjoyment of outdoor living spaces: Would you use your deck, patio or pool more if outdoor lighting allowed you to see better outdoors at night? Our clients tell us they absolutely do get more enjoyment from their outdoor living spaces after we add landscape lighting and other outdoor lighting to the area.

outdoor lighting company Medina Ohio

What other possible benefits can you see coming from the professional installation of outdoor lighting at your home?

The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Process

We offer a free lighting design consultation at your home, and you are not obligated to purchase our services after we meet with you. (Of course, we hope you will.) Our lighting designer will meet you at your home at the appointed time and talk with you about the various kinds of outdoor lighting, our fixtures and our techniques. First we want to know about your goals for outdoor lighting at your home. Then we will make recommendations. Any professional lighting designer will tell you not to light every tree or shrub in your yard. We suggest being selective and lighting only the most beautiful objects to which you want the eye to be drawn. Sometimes that isn’t even a tree or plant; it may be a water feature, outdoor fireplace or a piece of outdoor art.

landscape lighting company in Medina Ohio

Outdoor LED lighting in Medina, OH

LED technology has improved over the last several years, and we now recommend using all LED bulbs for your outdoor lighting. While LED light looks beautiful and enhances the beauty of everything it touches, we also like LED because it is so amazingly energy efficient. LED lights use about 80% less of the energy used by halogen lights. If you have a halogen system in place now, we can retrofit your fixtures to use LED bulbs, saving you money on the next electricity bill and all of them in the future. We can convert your system to LED even if another company installed the lighting originally.

The lighting fixtures we use are handcrafted and beautiful enough that if any of them are visible around your trees or shrubs, you won’t mind. The fixtures are copper and brass and they are made to stand up to the elements. The fixtures develop a beautiful patina as they are exposed to weather over time.

outdoor lighting installation in Cuyahoga OH

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ Strong Customer Service Ethic

Customers are very important to us. Everything we do is dedicated to winning your trust. Our customer service representatives are responsive and they follow up to make sure your questions are answered.

If you’ve given some thought to adding professional outdoor lighting at your home, give us a call and take us up on the offer of a free lighting design consultation. We think you’ll be glad you did. We see outdoor LED lighting in Medina, OH, in your future.

To contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio for a no-obligation outdoor lighting design consultation, give us a call at (440) 247-6300 or drop us an email and we will get right back to you.

See Your Home and Landscape Through our Eyes with the Magic of Outdoor Lighting

Have you noticed that some Bainbridge, OH, homes have a couple of lights out front, maybe a porch light or two, while others are bathed in a subtle but elegant array of lighting? Not too bright, just enough light to bring the home and landscape into focus beautifully, maybe even dramatically? What you’re seeing is the difference professional outdoor lighting can make at your home.

Bainbridge OH outdoor lighting

Whether you live in a Bainbridge residential neighborhood or on your own acreage, professional outdoor lighting is more than just a trend spreading rapidly across Ohio. Outdoor lighting, done correctly and artistically, enhances your landscaping at night while also increasing safety and security for your family and your guests.

Leaving Outdoor Lighting in Bainbridge, OH, to the Professionals

The large chain home improvement stores may sell outdoor light fixtures and bulbs, but they don’t sell years of lighting design training and experience. Our professional lighting designers have worked with different types of lighting fixtures and know which fixtures produce what kinds of effects. They know which trees, shrubs and flowering plants give off the most dramatic results as focal points in a landscape at night. They offer technical expertise as well as an artistic eye. Walk around your property with our lighting designer and you’ll see your landscape through our eyes.

outdoor lighting Bainbridge OH

That’s the first thing our designer will do—walk around your property with you and talk about what goals you have for outdoor lighting at your home. Many people think outdoor lighting is only landscape lighting. We also provide architectural lighting, safety and security lighting and lighting that enhances your outdoor living spaces so you’ll be able to spend more time out there.

Picture Bainbridge, OH, Landscape Lighting

You can think of landscape lighting in broad, general terms, but to achieve the sweeping effects of a well-lit property, we break the job down into very specific tasks.

Tree lighting. Let’s select your most beautiful trees and highlight their best features. A grand tree trunk here, a wide tree canopy there … maybe even a touch of “moonlight” cascading through the branches as though there’s a full moon every night.

outdoor lighting in Bainbridge OH

Path lighting. Whether it’s a driveway or a trail of stepping stones leading from one area to another, wherever you and your guests will be walking can be illuminated for a combination of beauty and safety.

Garden lighting. Your prize roses or hydrangeas are a wonder to behold in the daylight, so why not at night, too? Landscape lighting will actually bring out colors, depth and texture that’s different from what you see in the daylight, and just as beautiful.

Focal lighting. What are your favorite sights in your yard—the front yard and/or the back yard? Let us aim a light, not too bright, angled just right to bring each one into focus at night. Maybe a water feature, an outdoor fireplace, a statue or another kind of outdoor art, a pergola, trellis or gazebo?

Bainbridge OH outdoor lighting company

Architectural Lighting, Where Curb Appeal meets “Welcome!”

Architectural outdoor lighting in Bainbridge, OH, does more than show off your front doorway. It creates a pleasing first impression and welcomes your guests. We can bring out each nuance of your home’s architectural façade with a look that will make you proud to come home in the evening. At the same time, architectural lighting can deter intruders.

The Magic of Outdoor Living Space Lighting

Ah, the deck, patio, hot tub and pool areas deserve attention, too! Our clients tell us how much more time they spend using their outdoor living spaces after professional outdoor lighting has been installed. Minimal but skillfully-positioned lighting in these areas can increase your safety and set the mood you want, whether it’s festive or romantic. Never again will darkness chase you indoors. You should be able to use your outdoor spaces at night, too!

To find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio can bring your Bainbridge, OH, home and landscape to life after dark, give us a call at (440) 247-6300 or drop us an email and we will get right back to you.

North Coast Residents Know: An Investment in Outdoor Lighting Pays Well

If you live in Ohio’s North Coast area, you probably already know the value of residential outdoor lighting. To which group do you belong, homeowners who currently have outdoor lighting installed (and may need to upgrade their service) or those who haven’t yet invested in outdoor lighting?

Either way, it’s highly likely that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio can assist you with your outdoor lighting needs. Let’s take a look at the ways we might be able to provide you with beneficial outdoor lighting services.

North Coast OH Skyline

Your North Coast Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

Has it been more than a year since your outdoor lighting was installed? We service any professional outdoor lighting system regardless of who installed it. We highly recommend having your entire lighting installation serviced once a year. It’s possible your lighting fixtures have been knocked askew by a gardener, pets or children running through the yard. It’s also possible a year’s worth of weather has caused debris to block some of your lighting effects.

If you have halogen lights, you may have some bulbs that need to be replaced, too, but we have something better to suggest. We recommend a total upgrade to LED lighting, which is up to 80% more energy efficient than halogen systems. You will certainly see a decrease in your monthly electricity bills if you make the switch. What’s more, the LED bulbs will last over 5 years if you burn them around the clock or almost 18 years if you use them only 8 hours per night. That’s savings!

outdoor lighting North Coast Ohio

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, the most innovative outdoor lighting company in the North Coast area, can retrofit your older light fixtures to use LED bulbs. Or, our professional lighting designers can create a new outdoor lighting design for you based on your current goals for outdoor lighting at your home. We can freshen up your nighttime landscape with all new LED landscape lighting to show off your favorite trees and plantings and increase your home’s curb appeal. If you have updated your home’s façade in any way, you definitely want to update your architectural lighting as well.

Welcoming All Outdoor Lighting Newcomers!

If you haven’t installed outdoor lighting at your home yet, you may not be aware of the many benefits outdoor lighting offers. Here are several of the benefits of installing outdoor lighting:

  • Increases your home’s curb appeal
  • Increases security around your home
  • Projects a more welcoming ambience than simple porch lights
  • Increases safety along paths and steps
  • Showcases the distinct architectural features of your home
  • Highlights the beauty of your landscape
  • Provides focal lighting for your yard’s features including fountains and outdoor art
  • Increases the hours per day and night you might spend outside on your deck or patio
  • Sets the mood for outdoor parties and dining al fresco—festive or romantic, you decide!
  • Increases safety around your outdoor living spaces: patio, pool, deck stairs, outdoor kitchen, etc.

North Coast area of Ohio outdoor lighting

Look No Further For Your Outdoor Lighting Company in the North Coast Area

Outdoor lighting is a sound investment. Not only does it increase the beauty of your property at night, it can increase safety around your home and can deter crime. It can make outdoor entertaining more fun and can enhance your enjoyment of your home’s outdoor living spaces. If you have a pool, we have several ways to make your pool safer and more beautiful at night including underwater lighting. We also install landscape lighting in the pool area, especially among container gardens or around plants bordering the pool.

outdoor lighting near North Coast area of Ohio

Whether you consider outdoor lighting to be “old hat” or you’ve been hesitant to make the investment, we think you’ll be amazed at the effect our professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting can make. Instead of letting your landscape and outdoor living spaces go dark at night, light them up!

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is the most trusted outdoor lighting company in the North Coast area of Cleveland, give us a call at (440) 247-6300 or drop us an email and we will get right back to you.

With Elegant Deck Lighting in Lakewood, OH, You Can Be in a Deck State of Mind Any Time

In Lakewood, Ohio, we love our decks. After a long, cold winter, who doesn’t relish the feeling of sitting out in the fresh air on the deck late into the evening? If we have to throw on a sweater or jacket when the evening gets cooler, that’s alright. We’re just happy to be outside. We know summer is on the way and evenings will get warmer. All in good time, right? As long we have deck lighting, we’re good.

Lakewood OH outdoor lighting company

Decks are great for so many things. It’s not so much about different activities as it is different states of mind. Solitude on the deck is perfect for reading or just thinking. You don’t need a lot of light to think by, but you do need enough light to read by or you’ll be driven indoors—and then what’s the point of having a deck?

Laughter is more fun with subtle deck lighting

Girlfriends catching up is another deck state of mind. Put the kids to bed and retreat to the deck with a few of your best friends and a bottle of wine. If you have deck lighting, you can see the faces of the friends with whom you’re sharing good times. If you don’t have deck lighting, you might as well be blindfolded. A lot of laughter is based on facial expressions, whether we realize it or not. Candlelight can be fun, but it’s really not enough.

If your children are staying up past dark, enjoying the deck as a family is an excellent way of spending time together without sitting in front of the television. Family board games are fun on the deck if you have enough light to see the difference between Park Place and Pacific Avenue.

outdoor lighting Lakewood Ohio

Lakewood, OH, homeowners value deck safety

There’s another side of deck lighting, and it’s more about safety than fun. Your family is safer on the deck if the stairs are lit. You have less likelihood of a guest tripping and falling if you have a few lights strategically placed around the deck. It doesn’t take a lot of light to make a difference.

We’ll need to see your deck to make a firm recommendation, but we always suggest a downlight on each of the two posts at the top of the stairs. We also recommend a few more lights under the railing every few feet around the perimeter of the deck and a light installed on stair risers or along stair railings for safety on the stairs.

outdoor lighting near me Lakewood Ohio

Trust us to install elegant deck lighting in Lakewood, OH

Working with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is easy. Once you schedule your free design consultation, our lighting designer will come out and meet with you at your home. We’re interested in hearing how you would like to use outdoor lighting around your property, especially on your deck. We’ll make recommendations based on our years of experience designing outdoor lighting plans for other homeowners around the Cleveland area. The installation of elegant deck lighting in Lakewood, OH, goes a lot smoother with our technicians because they’ve had experience doing just that. This is not the time for the Do-It-Yourself approach!

To find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio can transform your deck or patio at night, give us a call at (440) 247-6300 or drop us an email and we will get right back to you.

Welcome to the Beautiful, Practical and Versatile World of Outdoor Lighting in Solon, Ohio

Solon, OH, is not only a great place to live, work and play, it’s a great place to show off your beautiful home with professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting! The office of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is located in Solon, and we absolutely love it here.

We’re frequently out and about, though, so our lighting designers and technicians tour the entire Northern Ohio/Cleveland metropolitan area as we drive through the neighborhoods installing landscape lighting everywhere we go. Everywhere from Highland Heights and Beachwood to Chagrin Falls, from Aurora, Streetsboro, Twinsburg and Akron to Lakewood, Westlake and Avon and points in-between.

outdoor lighting Solon Ohio

Outdoor lighting in Solon, Ohio, is much more than landscape lighting alone. In addition to that, we specialize in architectural lighting, path lighting, safety and security lighting as well as patio, deck and pool lighting. Basically, if you have it, we can light it.

While that last statement may make you chuckle, it reflects our design process because each of our outdoor lighting clients receives a custom-designed lighting plan specific to their home and property. We don’t decide in advance what kind of lighting plan or design we’re going to create for your home. We meet with you, walk your property and talk about your goals for outdoor lighting first. We may make suggestions based on our experience lighting homes and businesses all over Northern Ohio, but the decisions are yours. We want to design outdoor lighting that’s pleasing to you and garners compliments from your friends and neighbors.

Solon OH outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting in Solon, Ohio: Beautiful, Practical and Versatile

So yes, if you have it, and if you want to light it, we can light it. Does your landscape include a fire feature or a water feature? These are incredibly beautiful when held in a gentle pool of soft light. What about a statue or other piece of artwork? With outdoor lighting, you can show off your beautiful outdoor art pieces any time of day or night; they don’t have to disappear when the sun goes down.

The versatility of outdoor lighting allows us to achieve more than one goal at a time. For example, path lighting doubles as safety lighting by showing off your flower beds along the path. Landscape lighting can double as security lighting if we include some lights that focus on shrubs near your doors and windows. Never worry that you’ll have bright lights glaring through your windows and keeping you awake at night! Our outdoor lighting is more subtle than that. It’s amazing the difference a gentle wash of light can make when it comes to highlighting favorite elements of your landscape.

outdoor lighting in Solon Ohio

On the practical side, deck and patio lighting can be beautiful while they also exponentially increase the amount of time you are able to spend enjoying your outdoor living spaces. If you’re planning a party, ask us about installing professional-grade string lighting, a/k/a bistro lighting or market lighting. These lights are made to withstand weather so you can leave them up all year long, which is great, because once you put them up for a party, you won’t want to take them down again.

The Business and Technology of Outdoor Lighting

If you’ve had outdoor lighting before and found it too expensive, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that the LED lights we’re using now are much more energy efficient than the old halogen lights. How much more? Our state-of-the-art LED lights use about 80% less energy than the older lights.

If you have outdoor lighting that was installed by another company more than a year ago, it’s probably time to have it serviced, so give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio a call. We service lighting systems installed by other companies, and if we retrofit your fixtures to use LED lights instead of halogen, we can save you money on your electricity bill every month.

Speaking of technology, if you’re into smart home technology or lighting control automation, you’ll be pleased to know we’re right there with you.

To schedule a free outdoor-lighting-design consultation at your Solon, Ohio, home, give us a call at (440) 247-6300 or drop us an email and we will get right back to you.

Hello, Shaker Heights, OH! Is Your Home Ready for its Close-Up? Outdoor Lighting Can Help!

Imagine your Shaker Heights home ready for a photo shoot; while a person might apply make-up to accentuate their best features, for a home and lawn it’s all about the lighting. Elegant, beautiful, subtle but dramatic outdoor lighting can transform a home in so many ways. When you first look at a home that has been enhanced by outdoor lighting, it’s hard to put your finger on where the lights are or how they’re arranged — all you know is how beautiful and alluring it looks.

Shaker Heights OH outdoor lighting

If you would like to see — and show off — your home in its best light, join the wave of outdoor lighting in Shaker Heights, OH. While it’s possible to purchase individual light fixtures and bulbs at a home improvement store, those purchases will not give you the photo-ready effect you’re envisioning. Only lighting that has been designed and installed by a professional lighting firm like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio can deliver the stunning effect we’re talking about here.

A professional outdoor lighting designer brings talent, skill and training to the project, honed by years of experience. Professional installation means you will not have to be the person who climbs the ladder. Leave that work to someone who does it every day with finesse.

Shaker Heights outdoor lighting

The phrase “outdoor lighting” encompasses a variety of lighting styles and techniques, so before we settle on what kind of lights will best enhance your lawn and home, our designer will come out to your property to meet with you there. We’ll walk around your yard with you and talk about what your goals are for your outdoor lighting and how we could best achieve them. This design consultation is free.

Determining Your Outdoor Lighting Goals

Different types of outdoor lighting include architectural lighting, landscape lighting, pool lighting, deck lighting, patio lighting and, saving the best for last, outdoor holiday lighting. That’s right! We can design and install your holiday lighting each year, and we even store the holiday lighting equipment for you! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves now.

Architectural lighting accentuates the most visually interesting aspects of your home’s façade. We want to gently illuminate the structure so the lighting is balanced and attractive. Architectural lighting shows off your home while illuminating previously dark areas, so it can also serve as security lighting to ward off intruders.

To create landscape lighting, our designer will talk with you about which elements in your yard you would most like to feature. These might include trees, shrubs, flower gardens or even a fountain. We employ different lighting techniques to achieve different effects, so our designer will recommend those depending on your lighting goals. If you have ever seen light placed high up in a tree, shining down through the leaves in a pattern of light and shadow, you have seen the technique called moonlighting. Landscape lighting can also serve as safety lighting along walkways, for example from the driveway to the house or around the back of the house to the deck or porch stairs.

landscape lighting in Shaker Heights OH

Together, architectural and landscape lighting increase curb appeal and say “Welcome” to your guests. They also welcome you and your family home each time you return after dark. When you enjoy coming home to a well-lit yard and house, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to look into professional outdoor lighting.

Depending on what outdoor living spaces you have at your home, you’ll also want to consider lighting placed around your deck, patio or pool, making those areas more inviting and usable at night. You’ll be amazed at how much more often you’ll use your outdoor living spaces if you have the right outdoor lighting.

Save Money with Updated Outdoor Lighting in Shaker Heights, OH

If you assume outdoor lighting will double or triple your electricity bills, let us assure you that is not the case. We use LED lights now, and the bulbs last for years while the lighting uses at least 80% less energy than previous outdoor lighting technologies. If you currently have halogen lights installed by another company, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio can retrofit your existing lighting system to LED so you’ll save money on your electricity bill each month.

To schedule a free outdoor-lighting-design consultation at your Shaker Heights home, give us a call at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected].

How Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® Brings Your Chagrin Falls, OH, Landscape to Life at Night

Those of us who take pride in our lawns, gardens, and patios know that they are more than just pure aesthetics for our homes. They are our secret getaway, our ultimate project. We spend copious amounts of time and effort into perfecting them and relish in the glory that is the end product. We want to spend as much time as we can in these glorious places of our creation. Yet enjoying them without the proper lighting is only enjoying them part of the time. While the sun does an excellent job of showcasing your beautiful roses or your cobblestone pond, the night chases it away for hours on end. Are you doomed to only enjoy your entrancing landscape during daylight hours?

outdoor lighting Chagrin Falls OH

With the proper Chagrin Falls landscape lighting, you never are. All that hard work can be enjoyed throughout the night with help from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio. Our outdoor lighting is only topped by our superb attention to detail and unmatched customer service and communication. Your stunning Koi pond can be the centerpiece of a night time luau with our gorgeous underwater lighting. That shiny satin stained deck will be all anyone can talk about at your next barbeque as our perfect deck lighting keeps it highlighted well past sunset. Our garden lighting allows you to enjoy your backyard peonies, rudbeckias, and ornamental ginger whenever you desire. You do everything you can to make your landscape great and professional outdoor lighting can take it to amazing.

Trust a company that cares about making your landscape look stunning. We share your passion, we know how much hard work you put into it, and we will strive to reflect that in everything we do.

outdoor lighting professional Chagrin Falls OH

So, don’t limit that beauty from sunrise to sundown. Enjoy all your hard work whenever you please with the best Chagrin Falls landscape lighting available. Give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio a call and talk to one of our lighting experts today. We understand how much you care for your landscaping project and look forward to enhancing it with our high-quality outdoor lighting. Call us at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Why Do We Do It?

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, we are the experts in the outdoor lighting needs of Chagrin Falls. We’re doing things a little differently, going beyond simply finding a pretty fixture. What we want for you is an outdoor setting that highlights the best features of your home, and completely transforms the way your home looks by night. We know that homeowners take pride in their outdoor living, and our goal has always been to work with their vision and showcase the qualities they are most proud of.

outdoor lighting Northern Ohio

The community in Chagrin Falls is important to us, and we’re looking to do everything we can to provide for all of its outdoor lighting needs as the local experts. The most important feedback, of course, is that of our clients, and you can read here what we’re doing for the Cleveland area as a whole.

What Can Outdoor Lights Provide For Chagrin Falls Homeowners?

There are so many ways to highlight the best features of your Chagrin Falls home using outdoor lighting. We explore every possible option and work with you to come up with the best arrangement.

outdoor lighting Aurora OH

We prioritize creating aesthetically appealing illuminations rather than simply shining a bright light on your landscaping. Where other companies may direct a massive spotlight onto random trees or bushes, we seek to create a gentle glow that makes every carefully-selected tree and natural feature look stunning.

While our outdoor lighting can be used to highlight foliage and other natural features, it is also commonly used to accentuate architectural features. We can bring a beautiful glow to outside columns, pergolas, and many other outdoor living areas. You should be able to enjoy your well-built outdoor living spaces into the night, and our goal is to make that as pleasant and customized of an experience as possible.

outdoor lighting company near Cleveland OH

Do you have water features that you’d like to showcase? Our outdoor lighting offerings can gorgeously illuminate your fountains and create an enthralling experience for anyone observing it by night. Further, where pools and ponds are concerned, the right lighting creates both an aesthetically pleasing view and a safer environment. Incomplete or poor lighting for water features creates problems, and our goal is to eliminate all pain points from your outdoor experience.

We also specialize in lighting that is purely decorative, for occasional use or for year-round decor. We know how to pull together your outdoor setting with tasteful accents, and the beauty in your outdoor living space will make all of your Chagrin Falls neighbors feel right at home.

outdoor lighting company near me northern Ohio

Get In Touch With Us Now!

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is the most trusted name in Chagrin Falls, OH, outdoor lighting, call us today at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Winter Weather Can Potentially Wreak Havoc on Your Outdoor Lighting System. Sign Up For Our Annual Maintenance Plan For Protection.

As we enter the cold, snowy winter months ahead, your outdoor lighting system is going to be put under stress. Think about the snow shoveling, snow plows and other snow removal efforts that may knock fixtures out of alignment or sever wires. In addition to snow removal, think about the kids sledding into your fixtures and even the freezing and then thawing of the ground lifting fixtures upward. Salt that’s put down to eliminate ice patches on your sidewalk can obscure or even damage lenses. All of this sounds worrisome. However, with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio’s Annual Maintenance Plan, you won’t ever have to worry about it again. Keep an eye out for our springtime maintenance specials!

outdoor lighting system repair near me

Our Annual Maintenance Plan Services:

  • Perform visual inspection of fixture placement, design scheme, and recommend possible enhancements
  • Straighten and adjust fixtures to ensure design integrity
  • Remove mulch and debris that might be covering fixtures
  • Check all connections
  • Check for proper voltage delivery on each fixture
  • Clean lenses and fixtures to ensure longevity and correct light output
  • Tighten transformer terminal block connections
  • Conceal any exposed wire due to foot traffic or erosive conditions
  • Limited pruning (with your guidance as needed)
  • Check automatic timing and operational control system
  • Annual replacement of all halogen lamps where applicable

outdoor lighitng repair Solon OH

With the Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives®, we can ensure your outdoor lighting system stays looking like new because experience tells us nature, landscape and well, life can take its toll. Make sure your outdoor lighting system stays looking great and doesn’t become damaged from kids playing ball in your yard and knocking fixtures out of alignment, landscape overgrowth diminishing illumination effect, wire disruption from seasonal planting, lawn aeration severing wiring, pets or other animals digging and even mulch overload.

outdoor lighting near me in Cleveland OH

We will be offering Annual Maintenance Plan specials in the coming months, so stay tuned. If you ever have any questions about our Annual Maintenance Plan, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Outdoor Lighting Specialists in Solon, Ohio

Are you ready to add outdoor lighting to your Solon OH home?

Have you been thinking about adding outdoor lighting for your home, yard, pathways, driveway, deck, patio or landscaping? You’ve come to the right place. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio has been designing, installing and servicing outdoor lighting in the Cleveland area since 1997. Outdoor lighting is all we do and we’re passionate about designing the best outdoor lighting system for your home.

How we design outdoor lighting for your home

There are so many areas of your yard and landscaping that can be illuminated. Drive down residential streets at night and you’ll see numerous techniques from bold and harsh spotlighting to runway style solar lights. Professional outdoor lighting is designed to achieve the objective of illumination but to do so artfully with the correct amount of gentle, romantic illumination. Our goal is not to illuminate every tree, bush and furniture item in your yard. Our goal is to create a scene. Perhaps your goal is to have safe passage from the driveway to the front door and to ensure the front door is illuminated in such a way to be welcoming. We will design lighting to accomplish that goal.

Take a look at the image below. This home’s facade is gently illuminated with uplighting on the facade as well as lighting on the porch columns. A focal tree adjacent to the front porch is also illuminated providing a warm welcome to homeowners and guests alike.

outdoor lighting company Solon Ohio

Looking further at the home above, take a look at the light fixtures mounted atop the covered front porch. Those LED lights illuminate the home’s second-story facade that would otherwise be dark because ground level uplighting would not reach past the covered porch. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we take care and attention to ensure that your entire beautiful facade is illuminated.

Take a look at the broad driveway leading to the beautiful stucco house pictured below. You’ll notice that the stone pillar gracing the drive is illuminated to welcome guests and homeowners alike. The floral landscaping adorning the driveway is also gently illuminated. At the far end of the driveway, this stucco home’s facade is gently illuminated with soft romantic lighting accenting the majestic nature of this home. The lighting is designed to ensure safe passage down the driveway and welcome all who enter.

Solon Ohio outdoor lighting

Take a look at the stunning backyard lighting below.

Take a closer look at the landscaping bed above and you’ll see a couple different types of lights being utilized. LED copper path lights adorn both sides of the stone path at only necessary intervals to accomplish the task without over illuminating. A ground level well light is used to illuminate the small tree. Take a look at the detail that you can see in the focal tree as a result of the lighting technique utilized. Toward the back of the scene, you’ll see a gently illuminated outdoor living area including both a pergola and an outdoor fireplace.

Give us a call for a free LED outdoor lighting design consultation at (440) 247-6300 or drop us an email. We look forward to discussing lighting ideas for your Solon area home.

If You're Looking for Festive Patio String Lighting, Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Today!

Magical. Dreamy. Romantic. Take a look at these suspended strings of magical lights and those are just a few of the words you use to describe the feeling they provide. They are just as magical for residential installations as they are for commercial applications. No matter what you would call them, whether you call them “festive lights”, “party lights”, “cafe lighting” or “bistro lighting”, we can design and install string lighting that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them entirely.

string patio lighting northern ohio

What do you call these lights? Relatively new as an outdoor lighting technique, it seems the “common” name is up for grabs. You might have heard “party lighting”, “festoon lighting” or even “fiesta lighting”. It seems that “string lighting” may end up the common term as it harkens back to the string lights we wrap around our holiday trees. You’ve probably seen all sorts of indoor applications where teens will snag onto a set of the Christmas lights and drape them across their ceiling line. You’ve likely seen a few fun and whimsical uses of lights strung through trellises, across the slats of pergolas, or draping from an open porch ceiling.

There are, however, a couple fatal flaws of the home-grown use of string lighting.

outdoor lighting string lighting northern Ohio

Your string lighting, especially for outdoor applications, needs to be installed correctly and needs to be correctly attached to the power source in order to safely and effectively work in outdoor applications. In addition, outdoor string lighting needs to be of high quality and properly installed to work as desired and to stay installed. The last thing you want to do is worry whenever there’s a story or strong breeze that your string lights could easily become “uninstalled” or worry about any fire hazards. Those are the practical considerations. From an aesthetic and home improvement investment perspective, it’s important that you choose high-quality lights that don’t inflate your power bill. That’s why you should choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives for your outdoor string lighting. Take a look at the span in the image below. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, even spanning a gigantic patio like this is no problem.

festive patio lighting northern Ohio

If you’re thinking about adding outdoor lighting to your Cleveland-area home, give us a call for a free consultation. We do everything from string lighting to landscape lighting, deck lighting, architectural facade lighting, pool lighting, path lighting and so much more. Give us a call at (440) 247-6300 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

If an LED lighting upgrade makes sense for Progressive Field, does it make sense for you?

Progressive Field, home of the American League Champion Cleveland Indians, is joining many of our customers in upgrading their outdoor lighting to LED. LED lighting will be installed in time for the 2017 season making Progressive Field the eleventh Major League ballpark to go LED.

Homeowners and businesses alike are upgrading their outdoor lighting to LED systems. Often, the same fixtures can be used and retrofitted to LED. Let’s compare the average outdoor lighting system we’ve upgraded with Progressive Field’s outdoor lighting system. The rated life of our LEDs is 50,000 hours. If we program your lighting system to turn off at midnight, your lights will last 22 years or longer. Progressive field is banking on their new lighting system lasting 20 years. One run for residential retrofits!

LED outdoor lighting northern Ohio

Let’s look at reduction in energy consumption. Our average LED retro-fit reduces wattage (energy consumption) by 80+%. Progressive Field will realize 70% energy savings. Another run for residential LED outdoor lighting upgrades.

With an LED upgrade to your lighting system, we can adjust the brightness of your system to make your landscape and the architectural detail of your home look better. At Progressive Field the brighter LEDs will reduce glare and shadows and make the game look better. This one is a tie.

If an LED upgrade makes sense for Progressive Field, it makes even more sense when applied to a low voltage outdoor lighting system. It looks like it will be a home run for your home to install or retrofit your existing system to LED.

Call (440) 247-6300 now or email to schedule your free consultation. Read more about LED outdoor lighting

Tim Bickett, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio
Owner and huge Indians fan

Can you imagine the Cleveland Indians playing the World Series NOT under the lights?

Wahoo! The Cleveland Indians are in the World Series. It has been a long time since our win in 1948 but 2016 is going to be our year!

Cleveland Indians outdoor lighting
picture from photos.cleveland.com website

Back in 1948, Cleveland residents waited outside Cleveland Stadium for tickets paying $5 – $10 for tickets. Fast forward 68 long years when Cleveland fans and anytime residents are stuck clicking the refresh button on a number of ticket resale websites for the games at Progressive Field. As of this writing – our big day Oct 25th 2016, tickets for tonight are going for over $700. That doesn’t include the cost of parking passes, and of course the World Series memorabilia every devoted Indians fan will purchase at the stadium.

As Americans “under the lights” has very special significance. Say that phrase and Americans everywhere will think of regular Friday night games, fathers and sons attending ball games and big freaking huge awesome World Series baseball games! Can you imagine a World Series game not under the lights? We can all picture watching those gigantic towers of lights switch on. Sometimes it’s one after another as we watch from light tower to light tower. Sometimes they make an audible click as they switch on. Sometimes they hum as they come to life. Sometimes they ramp up slowly before hitting full illumination. But there’s one thing that never changes. Lights are as much a part of the experience as beer, dogs and popcorn.

If you weren’t lucky enough to score some tickets, you may be planning on watching from home and you certainly are not planning on doing it alone. If you have the ultimate setup, you are watching on your patio or deck. You’ve figured out how to roll out your gigantic screen TV. Your dogs are certainly not the same but they are a little bit less expensive. Beer will never taste the same as it does in those cheap plastic cups. Be heartened that you can ice your mugs in the freezer to make sure your home viewing experience has as much of the “experience” as you can possibly re-create.

If you already have outdoor lighting in your backyard, you are really enjoying that decision tonight! Imagine the memories you’ll have watching the next 6 games under your own lights. You will remember the next few nights for a long time. These memories will be burned into your mind along with the mental picture of your yard, your big TV, your outdoor lighting and your friends.

If you don’t have outdoor lighting already installed on your patio or deck area, now is the time to set up a consultation so you don’t miss the next opportunity to watch a huge Cleveland sports game under your own lights. There are no parking fees at your house. Your buddies don’t need to pay for the beer unless you’re a cheapskate and you can all purchase your World Series winner t-shirts after we win!

We provide a free outdoor lighting consultation so you can see what your ultimate outdoor stadium will look like. While we can’t have new lighting installed in the next week, we can install your new outdoor lighting in time for regular ball nights with your buddies at your friends top choice back yard – yours.

Call (440) 247-6300 now or email to schedule your free consultation.

Owner and huge Indians fan

It's October. Guess what time it is?

October is a transitional month. We finally give in to the fact that it’s time to put our summer furniture away for the winter. We start thinking about the string of holidays that are upcoming. We take care of any other outdoor maintenance to protect our home and yard before the first freeze settles in. That means it’s time to blow out your sprinkler system and we know just the right company to do your irrigation winterization – Conserva Irrigation of Northern Ohio

Conserva Irrigation of Northern Ohio
The Conserva Irrigation sprinkler blowout will get all the water out of your lines before the freeze

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives now offers irrigation services with its sister company – Conserva Irrigation. Conserva is founded on the principles of saving water used for irrigation. Just as we help save electricity used for lighting, we help our Cleveland area customers save water used for irrigation. How do we do that? Traditional sprinkler systems are programmed to water your yard at particular times to ensure your lawn and landscaping stay healthy and vibrant. The critical flaw with programmed irrigation is that it doesn’t take Mother Nature into account. Quite often Mother Nature will do a great job of watering for you! The problem is your traditional irrigation system still waters your yard come shine or rain. Conserva Irrigation works with Toro smart irrigation technology. The Toro EVOLUTION controller ensures that your system only waters your lawn when your lawn needs to be watered.

Blowing air through your irrigation system will make any standing water bubble up to help us find leaks and broken heads

Our environmentally conscious Northern Ohio homeowners invest in environmentally sound technology including LED outdoor lighting as well as smart irrigation. We also are careful to protect our investments by appropriately servicing our outdoor systems. Before the first freeze, Conserva Irrigation will blow out your sprinkler system for only $65. There’s no catch. It really is just $65. Not only do we blow out your irrigation system with air, we take that opportunity to check each head and your drip lines for any leaks or malfunctions that may not be evident when water is flowing through your system.

Give us a call now for your $65 irrigation winterization at (440) 686-1352 or email us. We look forward to your call.

If you could illuminate only one tree in your yard, which would it be?

tree lighting near me Cleveland Ohio

What if we challenged you to select only one tree in your yard for professional illumination. Which one would you choose? Many homeowners have a prized ornamental such as a Japanese Maple or a stately live oak that they would choose. Focal tree lighting makes a statement and creates a mood. Purposely intertwining light with darkness is one strong technique for lighting your landscaping.

In designing professional residential and commercial outdoor lighting, our goal is neither to limit lighting nor to illuminate everything. Our goal is to tell a story, to create a mood. Strong design should feature some of the focal elements within the landscaping but should also assist with tasks. These tasks can include anything from safe footing to being able to see your cutlery when eating under the pergola. For a commercial property, your outdoor lighting goals may be closely aligned with your safety and security plan. This could include illuminating the areas with most frequent foot traffic and illuminating areas that need more security.

tree uplighting near me Cleveland Ohio

Outdoor lighting is all we do. We design outdoor lighting to meet your needs and desires. Each and every residential and commercial landscaping lighting plan is designed for that particular home or that particular commercial property. If you are considering adding outdoor lighting to your Northern Ohio area home or business, give us a call for a free consultation.

To schedule a free outdoor lighting demonstration at your Cleveland-area home, give us a call at (440) 247-6300, drop us an email or fill out the form below and we will get right back to you.

Do you want to see the city or the trees? These Lakewood OH homeowners recently made this decision

We recently designed outdoor lighting for clients in Lakewood OH. These homeowners had a beautiful back yard overlooking Lake Erie with a view of the Cleveland skyline in the distance. In developing the outdoor lighting design, we made sure to incorporate lighting for the patio and the architectural facade on the back of the home. Normally our backyard lighting designs also include illuminating the outskirts of the yard or property. This Lakewood home had a beautiful line of trees traversing the back of the property.

In the lighting design plan, we originally envisioned some lighting along the treeline anchoring the rear of the property. Upon setting up a lighting demonstration, we realized that illuminating the trees shifted focus to the trees and eliminated the view of the Cleveland skyline. We discussed whether they wanted to see the city or the trees and the answer was clear.

Cleveland Skyline

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we believe that every customer should see their home with outdoor lighting before they purchase. We provide a free evening demonstration at which we set up temporary lighting according to a lighting design plan that’s customized for you. This plan is determined after walking the property with the homeowners and understanding their objectives. These objectives include both functional lighting and achieving aesthetic preferences. Functional lighting provides illumination to help with accomplishing tasks or achieving safety for utilizing an area at night. Aesthetic lighting preferences include utilizing lighting to create a particular mood in addition to illuminating favorite areas within the yard to allow the homeowners to enjoy those areas after the veil of darkness. For this family, the free evening demonstration unveiled what would have been a critical flaw.

To schedule a free outdoor lighting demonstration at your Cleveland-area home, give us a call at (440) 247-6300, drop us an email or fill out the form below and we will get right back to you.

What do you call those great string lights we see on East 4th St and the East Bank of the Flats?

If you have the pleasure to enjoy an evening out on East 4th Street or the East Bank of the flats, you’ve no doubt enjoyed some of the great overhead string lighting. This lighting turns a favorite Cleveland evening spot into a magical one. There’s something about light and the way it transforms a space. Creative and magical overhead lighting transforms a space even more.

festoon lighting Cleveland Ohio

Reminiscent of days gone by, these overhead string lights not only illuminate effectively over a larger area but they also create a festive atmosphere. If you’re considering adding some of these lights to your backyard patio, you’ve probably seen this type of lighting called many things including fiesta lights, party lights, string lights, and even festoon lights. This may lead you to speculate whether all outdoor corded light strings are the same. As you can imagine, the answer is no. Whether you’ve considered adding these lights to your home or to your commercial area, you realize the challenges in selecting, installing and providing power to the lighting. If the lights are going to cover a wide span, what ensures they will stay successfully suspended in rough weather? Do you need to worry about one particular bulb blowing out? Will they provide enough light to be functional?

With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you don’t need to worry about any of these questions. Leave the logistics, sourcing and professional installation to us.

We can illuminate large spans over residential or commercial patios or over commercial streets.

string lighting near me Cleveland Ohio

These lights are magical both from afar and from up close.

Illuminate smaller and simpler areas in addition to the larger ones.

For a free outdoor lighting demonstration at your Cleveland-area home, give us a call at (440) 247-6300, drop us an email or fill out the form below and we will get right back to you.

Radiant Cleveland Commercial & Hospitality Outdoor Lighting to Enhance Your Guests’ Experience

Do you have big goals for business growth in 2016? Is part of your plan to wow your guests & customers with an experience they will tell their friends about? Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio help you create a nighttime atmosphere that will provide an elevated guest experience. We’ll custom design an outdoor lighting system to illuminate your business for added curb appeal, increased safety & security and improved nighttime function.

commercial outdoor lighting Cleveland OH

Benefits of Commercial Outdoor Lighting

LED commercial outdoor lighting is a perfect solution to meet many hospitality business needs. Attracting clients and guests with stunning design, functional fun outdoor space & a cool vibe is just the beginning of the benefits of a professionally designed outdoor lighting system. Adding security, safety & awareness for patrons who may come and go after the sun sets can grow your revenue while lowering loss & liability risks — helping you sleep better at night.

commercial festoon lighting Cleveland Ohio

Our Hospitality Lighting is perfect for many industries & nighttime venues:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Nightclubs
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Bars
  • Country Clubs
  • Golf Courses
  • Conference, Banquet & Wedding Venues
  • Wineries
  • Churches
  • Parks & Playgrounds
  • Horse Stables
  • Coffee Shops & Bistros
  • Concert Venues & Amphitheaters

Your business does not have to fall into these categories to benefit from professional outdoor lighting. Professional lighting can enhance the entry of your commercial building, distinguish your unique building features, highlight business signage & landscaping and illuminate pathways & staircases.

Cleveland OH outdoor lighting

For a free outdoor lighting demonstration at your Cleveland-area home, give us a call at (440) 247-6300, drop us an email or fill out the form below and we will get right back to you.

2016 Resolution: I will not buy another bulb for at least 20 years

We’ve heard some really bold New Year’s resolutions but this may likely be the boldest one yet. Although this sounds downright ridiculous, it’s completely true. LED bulbs last approximately 50,000 hours. If you use those bulbs about 8 hours/day, they can last approximately 20 years.

We’re fortunate here in the Northern OH area that homeowners are adopting LED technology for outdoor lighting at a rapid rate. In fact, last year, almost all of the systems we installed were LED outdoor lighting systems for our Cleveland area customers. We also upgraded many old outdoor lighting systems to LED.

Sounds good, but how much does it cost?

Most of us have stood in the aisle of a big box store looking at the price comparison between traditional halogen bulbs and LED bulbs. Depending on the home improvement store, the comparable looking/function bulb in LED can be about 3 times the price of its halogen counterpart. But, given that the inexpensive halogen bulb will be lucky to still be working after one year, that’s quite a difference.

Now have you ever been at that big box store staring at the price difference between a long-lasting and short-lasting technology with a pragmatic person whispering in your ear? Worse yet if that pragmatic person is also an accountant and is performing multi-year computations and comparisons on the fly. That pragmatic person’s cost savings calculations will certainly show the dramatic savings of using a sound long-lasting technology over a technology designed to work for a short period of time.

After adding an LED outdoor lighting system to your yard or upgrading your existing outdoor lighting system, you can keep the resolution of not buying another bulb for about 20 years; and you’ll save a lot of money doing it.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern OH, we offer a free nighttime demonstration. Give us a call today to purchase a new LED outdoor lighting system or to upgrade your system today.

For a free outdoor lighting demonstration at your Cleveland-area home, give us a call at (440) 247-6300, drop us an email or fill out the form below and we will get right back to you.

Cleveland Decorative Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Decorative outdoor lights have become a popular item for Cleveland area homes. With the variety of decorative outdoor lighting fixtures expanding every day, it can be tempting to indulge in the trend. People can now choose from tulip lights to other decorative fixture designs. Hanging lanterns for path lights are becoming more common. Artistic colorful glass designs are also starting to show up on store shelves. While these lights are beautiful, we can’t recommend them for long lasting outdoor lighting systems.

Trends Come & Go

Decorative outdoor lighting fixtures are contrary to outdoor lighting design’s #1 rule: good outdoor lighting is about the light itself and not about the fixtures. The goal of outdoor lighting is to illuminate the beauty of your home and landscape for nighttime use & viewing. With decorative fixtures, all the focus goes to the fixture itself leaving the illuminated structure, path or landscape as an afterthought. Your home and landscape offer timeless beauty, whereas a novel designed lighting fixture will eventually go out of style.

decorative outdoor lighting Cleveland OH

Great Outdoor Lighting Design is Timeless

For a timeless outdoor lighting design, we recommend lighting fixtures that blend into their surroundings so that your home and landscape become the focus. Our gorgeous copper path lights and focal lights will weather perfectly for a finish that will go unnoticed amongst your lovely landscape. We intentionally tuck our lights in places where the only thing you’ll notice is the texture, depth and beauty of the illuminated structure or facade.

Caveat: Attraction Lights as a Focal Point

decorative outdoor lighting fixtures Cleveland Ohio

With every rule comes an exception. There are some areas of your landscape and grounds that demand a stellar centerpiece. And what better centerpiece is there than one that shares its shadows with all it illuminates? Their high-quality materials and Made in the U.S.A. craftsmanship make them perfect for long term enjoyment. With a variety of classic designs & sizes, these decorative outdoor lighting fixtures make a perfect substitute for garden sculptures or water features to add some daytime character as well. When the sun goes down, attraction lights offer further artistry with designer shadows and stunning beauty. We recommend using a singular attraction light in your garden or landscape to add focus and personality where needed.

For a free outdoor lighting demonstration at your Cleveland-area home, give us a call at (440) 247-6300, drop us an email or fill out the form below and we will get right back to you.

Top 3 reasons to add outdoor lighting your Cleveland-area outdoor fireplace

When you initially think of an outdoor fireplace, you probably think about the romantic soft light of a fire. Why would an outdoor fireplace need outdoor lighting? When we turn on our indoor fireplace in the evening, likely the first thing we do is reach for the lights to turn them off. This works well indoors as we know our way around and aren’t likely to trip over furniture or bump in to walls.

With an outdoor fireplace, there are 3 really good reasons to make sure you add outdoor lighting.

Getting to and from your outdoor fireplace

While it’s safe to turn off the lights when we turn on our indoor fireplace, it’s quite different outdoors. Whether the outdoor fireplace is part of the patio right outside your door or further out into your yard, you want to make sure everyone gets there safely. With a detached space, even walking over grass could create a tripping hazard.

Enjoying your outdoor fireplace structure

Today’s outdoor fireplaces come complete with stunning facades, often stone. The facades often include a beautiful hearth and likely areas for wood storage or other decorative elements. The decor of the outdoor fireplace is almost as charming as the warm crackling fire. Our goal in lighting the structure is to provide gentle and very soft lighting to the structure while not competing with the flames. As Cleveland outdoor lighting design specialists, this is what we enjoy most. Illuminating a stone facade brings out the texture and depth of the facade to ensure you enjoy the beauty long into the night.

Enjoying the space even when not using the fire

Most, if not all outdoor fireplaces are part of a larger outdoor living space. Most likely this includes a patio and may include other spaces such as a pergola, open porch, or outdoor kitchen. Outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy all of these aspects of your space in the evening. If you enjoy cooking your evening meal on the adjoining outdoor fireplace, you won’t want to turn on the fireplace very time. If you enjoy an evening refreshment on your patio, you again won’t want to turn on your fireplace every time. That’s why it’s critical to have patio lighting and outdoor lighting for your entire outdoor space.

For a free outdoor lighting demonstration at your Cleveland-area home, give us a call at (440) 247-6300, drop us an email or fill out the form below and we will get right back to you.

Cleveland Safety and Security Lighting: The Big Brothers of Outdoor Lighting

Different sides of the same coin, safety lighting & security lighting are important practical outcomes of a thought-full outdoor lighting design. Both are like the protective older sibling, one keeping you safe from the hazardous world at your feet and the other keeping you safe from would be intruders. Safety lighting is imperative for lowering risk for twisted ankles and falls. Security lighting is vital for deterring uninvited guests.

Outdoor Safety Lighting

In creating an outdoor lighting design that provides safety, we take the time and attention to walk your property identifying areas where you or your guests could lose footing. Common tripping hazards can be found in the front of the house with stairs, stone paths and landscape edging. By applying path lighting, we can gently illuminate every step you take.

The sides of your home can be the biggest risk for injury. Usually being darker than the front or back of your home, a small twig or change in terrain can cause an ankle to roll. A great solution for the side of your house is a gentle downlight mounted in a tree above an area you use at night. With proper lighting around the side of your home, taking the trash out after dark will no longer be a treacherous endeavor.

A unique environment, your backyard can have many areas where safety lighting is required. Deck lighting and patio lighting are imperative to ensure your guests can clearly see the perimeter of the space. With the addition of strategic tree lighting and garden lighting throughout your backyard, we can add the best light to make safe evening use a breeze.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Designing your outdoor lighting with security in mind means learning how you use your home. If you regularly use the side entrance instead of the front door, we will add entry lighting for fishing your keys out of your purse. By adding downlights or landscape lights around the corners of your home, we’ll eliminate hiding spots for anyone who might be looking to provide an unwanted surprise you or your family.

Deterring would-be intruders when you are not home is a key focus of security lighting. When we add outdoor lighting to doorways, windows and around the sides of your home, we effectively lower the ability of an intruder to enter your home unseen. Most home invasions are robbery attempts. If intruders see that your illuminated home doesn’t offer them easy entry, they are quite likely going to pick another home where they can lurk in the dark. We can deter robbers starting right at your driveway or at the back of your wooded lot too. With driveway lighting at the top of your driveway or strategic focal lighting around the back property line, we can help keep your property secure.

For a free outdoor lighting demonstration at your Cleveland-area home, give us a call at (440) 247-6300, drop us an email or fill out the form below and we will get right back to you.

Four Understated Ways to Create Focal Elegance in Your Cleveland Area Outdoor Lighting Design

When building a Cleveland outdoor lighting system, the first stage of the design process is to choose focal points on your property where we can subtly concentrate our lighting efforts. While we offer custom recommendations after walking your property with you, it is ultimately up to you which elements of your home and property you would like to feature. Below you will find a few of the most popular ideas for choosing a focal point in your home’s architecture, landscape or even choosing a light fixture that can be the focal feature itself.

Highlight Your Cleveland Home’s Unique Character with Class

In an area as diverse as Northern Ohio, the array of home styles is absolutely a point of pride and part of the appeal. Identifying the architectural features of your home that make it unique, and illuminating them for nighttime viewing is one of the best ideas in outdoor lighting design. Is your home brand new with a lovely stone façade and front porch? Or do you reside in a 50’s Craftsman Bungalow with exposed rafter tails, wood clapboard and tapered columns? No matter the age or style, your home has many fabulous features to highlight. From dormers, turrets and peaks, to stone pillars, cornices and bay windows, we will be sure to make your home gleam. If your elegant home features an interesting exterior material such as stucco, brick, stone veneer or clay roof tiles, we’ll make sure your distinctive materials shine through the dark of night.

outdoor lighting design Cleveland OH

Stunning Focal Trees in Northern Ohio

If you have a beloved natural focal tree, we can add more attention to it with a brilliant but subtle focal light. If the tree is an ornamental such as a Japanese maple, we’ll wash a wide beam over the breadth of its canopy for a striking nighttime effect. Is your entire back yard too big to illuminate? We can paint a “scene” or two toward the back of your property by designating a few trees to create depth and intrigue, highlighting the beauty and size of your yard. If you are lucky enough to have an extra-large old Oak or Maple that is already the focal point of your property during the day, we can mount a light right in the tree. Its gorgeous branches will create dancing shadows on your lawn, drawing your eye up into the height of the tree’s lengthy history.

Exceptional Outdoor Elements in your Northern Ohio Yard

Everyone has a unique style which can be expressed with various accessories and decorations they add to their yard or home’s exterior. We can create a perfect focal point out of your unique outdoor features. An antique carriage wheel propped on a tree is a perfect item to highlight. A statue or fountain passed down through the generations deserves its due with gentle and elegant illumination. A prized hydrangea bush, stone pillars on each side of the driveway or a custom address sign near the road are perfect choices for outdoor focal lighting.

outdoor lighting designers Cleveland OH

Decorative Outdoor Lights by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio

While our outdoor lighting design goal is to focus on your home and not the lighting fixtures, there are times where a decorative fixture becomes the focal feature. A unique decorative outdoor lighting fixture might be a perfect choice for you. Decorative attraction lights by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio are beautiful sculptures that emit spectacular light & shadows. These gorgeous fixtures are pieces of art in their own right. With the right design & placement you can create a stunning daytime and nighttime focal piece that illuminates your property as well. These stunning lights are a perfect choice for designating a transition in your landscape. Illuminate where a stepping stone path starts & finishes, a paver walkway meets the driveway, twin pillars at your front gate, the edge of an outdoor living structure or in the center of a landscaping bed that lacks a nighttime focal element. These lights are magnificent in their own right and have an endless number of dazzling application options.

For a free outdoor lighting demonstration at your Cleveland-area home, give us a call at (440) 247-6300, drop us an email or fill out the form below and we will get right back to you.

Call us Before Construction Begins on Your Cleveland Deck, Patio or Pool

What if I told you to dig up your brand new paver patio the week after it was installed? Would that stress you out? Me too. Going through the process of having an outdoor living space built in your backyard is lengthy & costly but worth every minute for improving outdoor living. When adding a patio, deck or pool to your backyard the last thing you want to do is dig up part of the completed work to add much needed landscaping and accessories such as Cleveland outdoor lighting or a Northern Ohio irrigation system. It is important to consider all of the accessories and equipment you are going to need in your yard and outdoor living space before construction, and call us first.

Cleveland Patio Lighting Preparation

deck lighting Cleveland Ohio

Whether you are adding a paver patio yourself or hiring the professionals, it is important to consider how you will be using the new space and what additional accessories or equipment you are going to need. Illuminating your new patio for outdoor living at night is a great way to get the most out of your new investment. When it comes to Cleveland patio lighting, planning ahead of time is essential. If you call us first, we can work with your patio designer & landscape designer to get you the best lighting for your patio. By allowing us to be involved in the design stage, we can be sure to lay ground wires under the patio for proper light placement that may not be possible after the patio is installed (without pulling up parts of it). Obstructing where outdoor lighting wires should be laid could cost more in either in additional wire or excavation costs.

Cleveland Deck Lighting Preparation

pool area lighting Cleveland Ohio

Whether you are building an elevated deck or a ground level deck, calling us before footers are poured is key to getting the best northern Ohio deck lighting possible. Laying wires for placing outdoor lights is best done before footers are placed in the ground or an entire deck is built. If you have a ground level deck, getting wires underneath is nearly impossible without taking up some deck boards, and if you have an elevated deck, many times the footers obstruct our path for optimal electrical wire placement. Call us before deck construction begins for the best deck lighting design possible.

Cleveland Pool Lighting Preparation

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Working with your pool installation team is essential for getting the best pool lighting in Cleveland. Most of the time if an in-ground pool is being installed you are also installing concrete or paver patio space around the pool. Both the pool and the patio around it can cause extreme difficulties in placing pool lights if we are not involved before installation to properly place ground wires. If you want lights in your pool for night swimming and entertaining, calling us first will speed up the process of going from no pool to swimming. We’ll work with the pool company so that every light is prepared for before and in tandem with the pool installation so you can have your lights the very first night your pool is open for swimming.

For a free outdoor lighting demonstration at your Cleveland-area home, give us a call at (440) 247-6300, drop us an email or fill out the form below and we will get right back to you.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio. We were LED Before LED was Cool.

Don’t sacrifice local service for national expertise or vice-versa. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio we won’t make you choose! We are your local experts in everything outdoor lighting. We come to your door as the neighbor and friend who cares about the community and the people in it, with the expert knowledge and passion for outdoor lighting design and technology. All backed by the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives brand – America’s #1 choice for custom outdoor lighting.

Locally Owned & Operated Cleveland Outdoor Lighting

We are proud to call Northern Ohio home. While the economy has not been easy on the Midwest as a whole, we’ve weathered the storm together! We love the Cleveland area and have never even entertained the idea of leaving. We care about the community and all of the people and businesses who make it great, molding our framework for excellent service you deserve.

LED outdoor lighting Cleveland Ohio

Staying Ahead of the Outdoor Lighting Curve

Our passion for outdoor lighting design and technology has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve in the industry. In the first days of our over 10 years in business, we made a conscious choice to always keep up with new technology and trends. We were one of the first in the area to offer and recommend LED outdoor lighting for saving energy, money & lowering your carbon footprint. We were LED before LED was cool and today it is what almost all of our customers are asking for.

Our commitment to design means we are passionate about the science behind lighting, like color temperature and beam spread, so that you can get the best effect for your outdoor lighting needs. Our passion for outdoor lighting design and cutting edge technology merges with our lighting automation system. Having your lighting automation created by the designer of your system means you’ll have optimal lighting control that takes design, budget and your lifestyle under consideration for the best outdoor lighting results. Our lighting control automation is so advanced you can set it and forget it. Even when the time changes or the days get shorter, you don’t have to do a thing.

Northern Ohio Staying Power

Being a locally owned and operated business we know that standing behind our work is key to supporting the Cleveland community and the people that make it. While others might install your system, they sometimes cannot be reached if a problem arises or a change is needed. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, we were here yesterday, we are here today and we will be here tomorrow to service your lighting system whether we installed it or not. We’ve been leading the way in Cleveland outdoor lighting for over 10 years and we are not going anywhere!

For a free outdoor lighting demonstration at your Cleveland-area home, give us a call at (440) 247-6300, drop us an email or fill out the form below and we will get right back to you.

- Tim Bickett, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio

Cleveland Area Landscape Lighting Design Becomes an Exquisite Outdoor Lighting Showpiece

“Thanks Tim but why did you send me a picture of somebody else’s house? This is a beautiful place but it can’t be my house. It’s waaaay too beautiful.
WAIT!!! It IS my house! Whoa! I live here? You gotta be kidding.
Seriously, thanks. This is excellent.”

professional outdoor lighting company Cleveland Ohio

Stunning Port Clinton landscape lighting became a reality for this lovely Lake in the Woods family, thanks to a collaborative creative effort during our complimentary nighttime demonstration. The family was referred to us by their landscaper who knew we could help illuminate their striking new landscaping for added beauty, safety and security as the nights grow longer this fall. While we knew the focus was the landscaping, once we arrived on site it was hard to dismiss the gorgeous Cape Cod architecture and fairy tale front porch. The demonstration became a collaborative art session as our outdoor lighting experts and the homeowners fed off each other’s creativity to land on this gorgeous hybrid lighting design that includes architectural lighting, path lighting, and landscape lighting with thoughtfully programmed lighting control.

Port Clinton Front Porch Lighting

porch lighting near me in Cleveland Ohio

The front porch is positively the center piece of this Cape Cod home. By lighting the five gorgeous columns that steal the show, we were able to draw their eye right to this architectural anchor. But the real magic comes from the depth created by the shadows of the porch columns, railings and gorgeous arched braces. Additional enchanting shadows dance along the ceiling of the porch from the hanging baskets and garden greenery. The effect is a magical retreat that is expertly illuminated from afar with designer shadows within.

A Decorative Outdoor Lighting Fixture Anchors this Cleveland Landscape

decorative lighting Cleveland Ohio

With so much to see, it became apparent that creating a single focal point within the landscape design would be beneficial for anchoring the whole project. Echoing the focus we placed on the porch, we were able to add a decorative light to the landscape to grab the attention of visitors with its intricate craftsmanship, designer shadows and unique style. Not only does this decorative light add interest and intrigue at night, it does the job of a garden sculpture or fountain during the day as it gives the landscape additional unique character.

landscape lighting Cleveland Ohio

With expert landscape design at this Lake in the Woods home, we were able to illuminate the dazzling variety of plants and the classic paver walkway with our classic copper path lights and flood lights. Notice the focus we create on the height and canopy of the ornamental trees, a gorgeous contrast to the wide wash of light that crawls across the individual bricks of the paver pathway.

Port Clinton Lighting Control

Port Clinton lighting control

When it comes to a multi-faceted outdoor lighting system, controlling the system is as important as the design itself. Having every light on one switch would limit the homeowner’s use of the lighting and create an all or none scenario. To make the lights as useful and flexible as possible we programmed automatic controls to allow for turning off the architectural lighting while leaving the path and landscape lighting on. This allows the homeowners to only use the lights they want, keeping their energy bill low. It also makes sure when they are away, that their arrival home will be greeted by the appropriate path lights for safe entry.

copper path lighting Cleveland Ohio

Considering landscape or architectural lighting for your Northern Ohio home? Take advantage of our free consultation and complimentary nighttime lighting demonstration. Call today! (440) 247-6300

- Tim Bickett, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio

Landscaping lighting for your Cleveland area home

Have you thought about landscaping lighting for your Cleveland and Northern Ohio area home? If you’re reading this blog, you’ve likely thought about adding lighting to your flower beds, hedge rows and focal trees. Here are some benefits of adding outdoor lighting to the landscaping around your property.

Create Focal Points with Cleveland Landscape Lighting
You love your landscaping! Whether you put in the blood sweat and tears yourself or you worked closely with a landscape designer and their team to get every detail just right, your landscaping is a reflection of you. Landscaping enhances curb appeal and interest to the front of your home and increases function and comfort to the back of your home. From retaining walls to ornamental trees and everything in between, it would be a shame to let the beauty and design of your landscape be covered by the veil of darkness.

Illuminate Unique and Interesting Details
You found that perfect fountain or water feature at the flea market for your landscape, a must have item for added tranquility. Enjoy it after dark with trickling water feature lighting. By illuminating your space after dark, you can enjoy the sound and sight any time, day or night. Other unique details make perfect candidates for evening illumination. You found a way to keep the hill at the back of your home from eroding with a gorgeous rock wall. With uplights shining on it, you’ll be able to see the details and texture of each and every stone as well as the depth between the stones.

Illuminate Trees & Flowers
You’ve chosen all the right flowers and all the right ornamental trees. Showcase them at night with gorgeous flower garden lighting. With custom designed landscape lighting we can use path lights to deepen the reds, brighten the pinks and bring truth to the green in your flower garden. Don’t forget the Japanese Maple that is the center of your landscape design. We’ll use uplighting with a wide wash to highlight the wide spread canopy and bring out the rich red of its leaves. We’ll add focal lighting to the trees throughout your landscape to draw the eye out and around your entire property while showing off the height and beauty of your favorite trees.

Illuminate for a Guiding Light
With the best quality Cleveland landscape lighting we can turn your hedges and pathways into inviting spaces to enjoy an evening walk through the garden. With hedge row lighting we’ll add safety and sure footing along your hedge lined path leading the way to your front door or around to the back of your home. The aesthetic appeal added with hedge row lighting makes seemingly ordinary hedges a sight to behold after dark. By adding path lighting to your sidewalks, paths and landscape we create a guiding light around the darkest parts of your property. Making your yard easy to navigate at night is a great way to be sure you’ll use your entire yard.

With landscape lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio you will have gorgeous high quality outdoor lighting to show off all of your favorite landscape features. Making your favorite features focal points after dark provides depth and expanse to your yard for you and your guests to enjoy after dark. Give us a call today at (440) 247-6300.

LED Outdoor Lighting in Cleveland

LED outdoor lighting is the must have outdoor living and home improvement in Cleveland. LED outdoor lighting has all of the key benefits of outdoor lighting including safety, security and beauty but uses only a fraction of the energy. LED lights make outdoor lighting in Cleveland greener and affordable to own and operate.

Environmentally Conscious Outdoor Lighting

The more energy you use, the more energy has to be made, which impacts the environment in negative ways. By having an LED outdoor lighting system installed you can have beautiful outdoor lighting with little increase in your home’s energy use. And if you are having your current outdoor lights retrofitted to LED, you can actually lower your energy use. By using 80% less energy than other outdoor lighting options, the savings to the environment in energy use is significant. Not only will you use less energy with LED lights but you will rarely replace your bulbs. By manufacturing fewer new bulbs and putting less waste in our landfills, LED lights are the responsible choice for your outdoor lighting needs.

Save Green by Being Green

LED lighting has become the first choice in Cleveland outdoor lighting systems. Making it easy for everyone to be green is the best way to affect change. Seeing savings in your monthly electric bill is even better. Owning an LED outdoor lighting system hassle free while saving you money.

Innovative Cleveland LED Outdoor Lighting

In days of old we had to accept some downsides to being more energy efficient including LED lights with shades of blue or yellow. Today’s LED lights offer a beautiful warm color making them indistinguishable from their incandescent counterparts.

LED Outdoor Lighting Installation and Retrofitting

If you’re looking to install a new outdoor lighting system at your Cleveland area home, LED outdoor lighting is the only way to go. You’ll gain safety, security and beautifully illuminated outdoor living and curb appeal with very little increase on your overall electric bill. If you already have outdoor lighting there is a great chance we can retrofit it to LED. You’ll save money on your electric bill with the added benefit of freeing up some transformer space. Meaning we could install a few new lights that you’ve been wanting, without the hassle and cost of adding an additional transformer.

With LED outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio you will have gorgeous outdoor lighting at a fraction of the energy use and energy cost of traditional outdoor lighting. Give us a call today at (440) 247-6300.

Embrace the shadows!

Illuminating your home with the perfect outdoor lighting system is not only about the light. The true magic comes when shadows are strategically created allowing the light to really shine. After all you can’t have light without dark.

Designer Shadows

Decorative outdoor lighting fixtures by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio take the benefit of shadows to a whole new level. With a variety of artistic designs deftly carved right into the fixture design, the light fixture itself becomes a piece of fine art. Not only that, but each unique sculpture projects designer shadows on your patio, pathway or landscaping creating a magical romantic ambiance for your outdoor living.

Add texture with shade

Cleveland outdoor lighting is all about subtlety. Illuminating all of your favorite features on the exterior of your home might feel like the best approach, but at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio we find that using restraint when lighting focal points results in the best effects. When your home has cedar shake siding, it takes just the right shadow between and under the shakes to show off the beautiful siding at night. By aiming the light up and under the shakes we use shade to show-off texture that you just can’t see with a spotlight. With our strategic outdoor lighting design the texture of a cedar shake house is often more detailed at night than in the brightness of a sunny day.

Add depth with shadow

Homes with multiple reliefs in their architecture rely heavily on shadows to highlight the dimension. By spacing our lights and adjusting the width of the wash, we accentuate the depth of the varying architectural reliefs. In the light of the day, the sun creates shadows, as should your outdoor lighting.

Natural Color

If you’ve ever seen a picture that was taken with a flash that is too bright you know the color results are unnatural and unsightly. Human skin tones and light colors will turn bright white. Rich primary colors will appear muted. The same idea applies to outdoor lighting. Whether it’s your garden, favorite tree or your home’s exterior, a too bright light, too direct light, or too many lights will wash out the colors making them look unnatural and overwhelming. By using just the right brightness, shining at just the right angle and creating shadow between and behind the highlighted items, we allow your eye to render the natural color of your landscape and home.


While all of the practical effects of shadowing in outdoor lighting are important and lovely, nothing beats the romantic ambiance created by the use of shadowing. When we are lighting a pool, spa, patio or gazebo, we make sure that a romantic atmosphere can be achieved with the use of just the right amount of light, but equally as important, just the right amount of shadow.

With the use of shadows, we can create a lovely natural three dimensional effect for your home and outdoor living areas. Embrace the shadow with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio. Give us a call today at (440) 247-6300.

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