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Four Understated Ways to Create Focal Elegance in Your Cleveland Area Outdoor Lighting Design

When building a Cleveland outdoor lighting system, the first stage of the design process is to choose focal points on your property where we can subtly concentrate our lighting efforts. While we offer custom recommendations after walking your property with you, it is ultimately up to you which elements of your home and property you would like to feature. Below you will find a few of the most popular ideas for choosing a focal point in your home’s architecture, landscape or even choosing a light fixture that can be the focal feature itself.

Highlight Your Cleveland Home’s Unique Character with Class

In an area as diverse as Northern Ohio, the array of home styles is absolutely a point of pride and part of the appeal. Identifying the architectural features of your home that make it unique, and illuminating them for nighttime viewing is one of the best ideas in outdoor lighting design. Is your home brand new with a lovely stone façade and front porch? Or do you reside in a 50’s Craftsman Bungalow with exposed rafter tails, wood clapboard and tapered columns? No matter the age or style, your home has many fabulous features to highlight. From dormers, turrets and peaks, to stone pillars, cornices and bay windows, we will be sure to make your home gleam. If your elegant home features an interesting exterior material such as stucco, brick, stone veneer or clay roof tiles, we’ll make sure your distinctive materials shine through the dark of night.

Stunning Focal Trees in Northern Ohio

If you have a beloved natural focal tree, we can add more attention to it with a brilliant but subtle focal light. If the tree is an ornamental such as a Japanese maple, we’ll wash a wide beam over the breadth of its canopy for a striking nighttime effect. Is your entire back yard too big to illuminate? We can paint a “scene” or two toward the back of your property by designating a few trees to create depth and intrigue, highlighting the beauty and size of your yard. If you are lucky enough to have an extra-large old Oak or Maple that is already the focal point of your property during the day, we can mount a light right in the tree. Its gorgeous branches will create dancing shadows on your lawn, drawing your eye up into the height of the tree’s lengthy history.

Exceptional Outdoor Elements in your Northern Ohio Yard

Everyone has a unique style which can be expressed with various accessories and decorations they add to their yard or home’s exterior. We can create a perfect focal point out of your unique outdoor features. An antique carriage wheel propped on a tree is a perfect item to highlight. A statue or fountain passed down through the generations deserves its due with gentle and elegant illumination. A prized hydrangea bush, stone pillars on each side of the driveway or a custom address sign near the road are perfect choices for outdoor focal lighting.

Decorative Outdoor Lights by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio

While our outdoor lighting design goal is to focus on your home and not the lighting fixtures, there are times where a decorative fixture becomes the focal feature. A unique decorative outdoor lighting fixture might be a perfect choice for you. Decorative attraction lights by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio are beautiful sculptures that emit spectacular light & shadows. These gorgeous fixtures are pieces of art in their own right. With the right design & placement you can create a stunning daytime and nighttime focal piece that illuminates your property as well. These stunning lights are a perfect choice for designating a transition in your landscape. Illuminate where a stepping stone path starts & finishes, a paver walkway meets the driveway, twin pillars at your front gate, the edge of an outdoor living structure or in the center of a landscaping bed that lacks a nighttime focal element. These lights are magnificent in their own right and have an endless number of dazzling application options.

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