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Top 3 reasons to add outdoor lighting your Cleveland-area outdoor fireplace

When you initially think of an outdoor fireplace, you probably think about the romantic soft light of a fire. Why would an outdoor fireplace need outdoor lighting? When we turn on our indoor fireplace in the evening, likely the first thing we do is reach for the lights to turn them off. This works well indoors as we know our way around and aren’t likely to trip over furniture or bump in to walls.

With an outdoor fireplace, there are 3 really good reasons to make sure you add outdoor lighting.

Getting to and from your outdoor fireplace

While it’s safe to turn off the lights when we turn on our indoor fireplace, it’s quite different outdoors. Whether the outdoor fireplace is part of the patio right outside your door or further out into your yard, you want to make sure everyone gets there safely. With a detached space, even walking over grass could create a tripping hazard.

Enjoying your outdoor fireplace structure

Today’s outdoor fireplaces come complete with stunning facades, often stone. The facades often include a beautiful hearth and likely areas for wood storage or other decorative elements. The decor of the outdoor fireplace is almost as charming as the warm crackling fire. Our goal in lighting the structure is to provide gentle and very soft lighting to the structure while not competing with the flames. As Cleveland outdoor lighting design specialists, this is what we enjoy most. Illuminating a stone facade brings out the texture and depth of the facade to ensure you enjoy the beauty long into the night.

Enjoying the space even when not using the fire

Most, if not all outdoor fireplaces are part of a larger outdoor living space. Most likely this includes a patio and may include other spaces such as a pergola, open porch, or outdoor kitchen. Outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy all of these aspects of your space in the evening. If you enjoy cooking your evening meal on the adjoining outdoor fireplace, you won’t want to turn on the fireplace very time. If you enjoy an evening refreshment on your patio, you again won’t want to turn on your fireplace every time. That’s why it’s critical to have patio lighting and outdoor lighting for your entire outdoor space.

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