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Set Your Imagination Free With Landscape Lighting in Cleveland, OH

You’re not imagining this; we’re seeing an increase in landscape lighting in Cleveland, OH. It may be contagious as people admire their neighbors’ and friends’ landscape lighting and want these beautiful effects for their own property as well. You’ve put time and effort into creating your own personal landscape; now it’s time to illuminate it.

landscape lighting Cleveland Ohio

Regardless of the size of your yard, landscape lighting can shift the view from lost in darkness to awash in a gentle glow. If you’re thinking about adding landscape lighting to your property, our professional lighting designer can walk through your yard with you and point out areas that could be lit with desirable effects. Your guidance will be part of the design process. Even though we’re the experts on how to use outdoor lighting, we look to you to tell us what functions you want landscape lighting to serve in your yard.

What would you like to accomplish with landscape lighting at your home? You can select more than one intention for your new lights.

Popular functions of landscape lighting in Cleveland, OH:

  • Adding safety and security for yourself, family and visitors
  • Increasing your home’s curb appeal
  • Accenting a special tree or plant group as a focal point
  • Welcoming guests as they arrive
  • Increase the usability of your outdoor living space
  • Creating a relaxing mood for your outdoor living space
  • Drawing guests to a certain area in your yard

Lighting designs for these functions frequently overlap. For example, path lighting designed for safety can also steer guests to the seating area where you want them to gather. Accent lighting on a favorite tree or flower bed near your front entrance can also serve to increase your home’s curb appeal and to welcome guests. Our lighting designer will point out these benefits to you during our free consultation at your home.

landscape lighting Cleveland OH

With a good idea of the purposes for your outdoor lighting, we can look at the specific points on your property where lighting will accomplish those purposes.

Objects frequently selected for landscape lighting:

  • Ornamental trees
  • Hedges, paths and walkways
  • Outdoor living structures such as decks, patios or pergolas
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Outdoor water features
  • Driveways and garage entrances
  • Swimming pools and cabanas

Once you establish your lighting’s functions and specific spots where lights will be installed, your designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® will show you different types of illumination we recommend for the desired effects. We offer a free landscape lighting design consultation that will help you to clearly iterate your goals and objectives and allow us to create a custom-tailored design that’s perfect for your property.

outdoor lighting in Cleveland Ohio

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio puts a professional spin on landscape lighting for your home. For the best results, we recommend that you steer away from do-it-yourself outdoor lighting. Our professionally designed and installed landscape lighting sets the standard in neighborhoods throughout the Cleveland area.

To schedule a free outdoor-lighting-design-consultation at your Cleveland-area home, give us a call at (440) 247-6300, drop us an email or fill out the form to the upper right and we will get right back to you.

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